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  • This hospital alone serve a population of over 250.000, reopened in 2009- after the civil war. A group of Norwegians had the pleasure to visit Bayalpata hospital during Oct 2010. We were so impressed! What an activity, thousands patients served and also a steadily expanding CHW-program. Thank you Dan for the posting!
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Progress with Time

  1. 1. Progress with Time By Dan Schwarz
  2. 2. Bayalpata Hospital has opened a new inpatient building, complete with a male ward, female ward, maternity ward, and an attached delivery suite.
  3. 3. The clinical team, compose of doctors, mid-level practitioners, andnurses, round on all inpatients each morning and evening, and on-call staff are available 24 hours a day.
  4. 4. The maternity ward offers a dedicated space for pregnant and laboringwomen, staffed by 24 hour on-call nurses and midwives, with an attached delivery suite.
  5. 5. Bayalpata Hospital’sOutpatient Department has been substantially renovated, with the construction of four newexamination rooms, which are staffed by doctors andmid-level practitioners each day during office hours.
  6. 6. Each outpatient examination room is complete with all necessary medical equipment, but some rooms are dedicated to particular clinical programs, such as tuberculosis care, antiretroviral therapy (for HIV/AIDS), or pediatric malnutrition.
  7. 7. Bayalpata Hospital’s Emergency Room has been renovated aswell, including new beds, and an improved clinician’s area with an on-call room for the mid-level practitioners who staff the ER around the clock.
  8. 8. Newly-paved paths between the various clinical buildings, coupled with flower beds and tree planting, not only improve our patient transportcapabilities, but also improve the overall aesthetic and morale of our patients, staff, and community members.
  9. 9. In collaboration with local NGO Gangotri, a new television and DVDplayer were installed in the outpatient waiting area, for educational health videos to be viewed as patients queue to be seen by our staff.
  10. 10. A new administrative office has been opened, along with separate officesfor other departments such as community health and data management.
  11. 11. A large new store room for pharmaceuticals and other supplies has been opened, in conjunction with new online stock databases which help to streamline procurement and supply distribution.
  12. 12. Consequent to the influx of patient flow over the past two years, the roadside business industry around the hospital has blossomed, withnumerous shops, cafes, and small hotels opening to support the patients and their families as they come for care at Bayalpata Hospital.