What’s changed? – mapping the impact of participation activity
Name of organisation: Hampshire County Council - Care Actio...
the Supporting People Local Area
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Whats Changed For Young People In Care C A T


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Whats Changed For Young People In Care C A T

  1. 1. What’s changed? – mapping the impact of participation activity Name of organisation: Hampshire County Council - Care Action Team - Passport to Success Contact: Morag Currie, email: morag.currie@hants.gov.uk The issue raised by children and young people: Appropriate Accommodation Evidence from Evidence of listening Evidence of planning Evidence of change The Care Action Team (CAT) is a A multi-agency steering group was Where appropriate, HCC now group of young people in and set up, chaired by one of the maintains foster care placements Organisation leaving care who work alongside Children’s Services county until young people reach the age of Hampshire County Council (HCC) managers. There is a care leaver 21. to develop services for children & on the group. families. Young people staying at foster Issues raised have been fed into placements until they are 21 tend They have worked together with the Departmental Management to be in further and/ or higher others to develop the ‘Passport to Team and the Children’s Strategic education. CAT and the Passport Success’. This is based on the Partnership – the Standing to Success highlighted that young premise that the County Council is Conference. people need a secure base to a corporate parent to the young return to, and being able to go people who they have looked after. back to their foster parents has Many issues were raised by the been of huge benefit. So where Care Action Team. possible we try and accommodate this. Young people definitely say One of the issues that CAT raised that this adds to them being more was about appropriate successful in their studies and accommodation. takes the pressure off them. In partnership with local housing agencies, HCC has developed supported lodging schemes. The Department is represented on
  2. 2. the Supporting People Local Area Panels and has helped to place care leavers higher on the agenda. ‘In a consultation event – Big ‘I presented my ideas to the ‘Staying with the same foster Brother leaves care - we said that Departmental Management Team carers enabled me to maintain my Specific children the accommodation in which we and they’ve really taken on board place at university.’ and young were placed was often what I said.’ people inappropriate. Many of us were ‘If it wasn’t for my Personal Advisor exposed to crime and drugs and (PA), I wouldn’t know how to go we did not have access to quality about getting a flat and all the other washing and cooking facilities. support I’m now getting.’ Furthermore, there weren’t enough staff around to support us when we ‘My PA put me in touch with two needed it.’ hostels and came to interviews with me. I feel she did everything Many young people wanted to be that she could to help me.’ able to live semi-independently before full independent living. The young people received a Wavemakers Award in recognition Other children of their achievements. and young people and the Judges said, wider community ‘The breadth of good ideas in their entirety showed how much this project can benefit young people in care – it is to be applauded.’ Improved outcomes for children and young people: making a positive contribution; enjoying and achieving; economic wellbeing; staying safe