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Mesh Goes to the Marathon


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Using mesh networking to support family reunification and Amateur Radio medical communications at the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon

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Mesh Goes to the Marathon

  1. 1. Mesh Goes to the Marathon Erik Westgard, NY9D 2/8/20 Volunteer Medical Communications Coordinator, Medtronic Twin Cites Marathon Red White and Boom Half Marathon
  2. 2. The Most Beautiful Urban Marathon in America® 12,000 Marathon starters, 10,000 Ten Mile starters, 200,000 spectators Biggest Marathons in the U.S. 1. TCS New York City Marathon 49,365 finishers in 2015 #1 in the world in 2014 2. Bank of America Chicago Marathon 37,395 finishers in 2015 #2 in the world in 2014 3. Boston Marathon 26,612 finishers in 2015 #6 in the world in 2014 4. Marine Corps Marathon 23,184 finishers in 2015 #12 in the world in 2014. 5. Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon 21,940 finishers in 2015 #10 in the world in 2014. 6. Honolulu Marathon 21,551 finishers in 2015 #9 in the world in 2014 7. Walt Disney World Marathon 19,074 finishers in 2015 #13 in the world in 2014 8. GORE-TEX Philadelphia Marathon 9,161 finishers in 2015 9. Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon 8,543 finishers in 2015 10. Chevron Houston Marathon 7,145 finishers in 2015 americas-20-biggest-marathons-in-2016/ Accessed 5/7/18
  3. 3. Medical Personnel on the Course The marathon has one of the best medical teams in the industry and is led by Medical Director, Dr. Bill Roberts. On average, one to three percent of every 1,000 entrants will seek medical assistance along the course or at the finish line. With that in mind, 300 medical personnel are positioned along the course and at the finish line. All medical personnel can be identified by their orange vests and all are trained to assist in medical care. A medical team will be assigned to each aid station along the course. There are also medical volunteers stationed at many of the mile and half-mile marks of the race course. Communications personnel in yellow shirts are paired with the medical volunteers to provide access to mobile medical teams and ambulance services. Seriously injured or ill runners will be transported to the nearest hospital from any of the Medical Aid Stations on the course, and well runners who drop out of the race will be taken to the finish area. Medical volunteers will have first aid supplies at every medical location. What is our Job? eekend/marathon/medical_information/ Accessed 8/13/2013
  4. 4. Simplified TCM Event Communication Structure 2019 Race Director (ROC) Incident Commander* Race Operations Medical Director Medical EMS Course Marshals Other race officials Public safety agencies Race Operations Center Medical Volunteers Amateur Radio Medical Command Center EMS, Fire Etc. Normal Reporting In a declared emergency the Incident Commander takes over Under normal operations, the Race Operations Center and Medical Command Center provide radio channels and coordination to support the event. In a declared emergency, all resources are available to the Incident Commander * St Paul Fire/EMS Deputy Chief – Matt Simpson usually Best practice: An Incident Action Plan (IAP) is on file The marathon has a 10 channel rented radio system and a few hundred radios Four Amateur radio repeaters and cell phone are the backups ARMER radio connections are via Medical Command Erik Westgard, TCM Med Comms 9/27/18
  5. 5. Hams as third backup system SAG wagon dispatching Injured runner tracking- packet Vehicle position reporting (APRS(r)) Family Medical Database Med Tent Admit/Discharge MTCM Medical Team Amateur Radio Project Evolution 1985 1995 2005 2015 Irunsafe Tablets Ham dispatchers Hospital tracking > NIMS/ICS 9/7/2019 Dstar® and 802.11 > Mesh > Video
  6. 6. Aid Stations Amateur Radio Assets Net1 Data + 22 Water Stops/ 100 Yellow Shirts 5 + 4 voice 5+1 D-Star Repeaters 911 service Rented UHF Radios 5G Mesh backbone Net Controls- distributed D-Star/Mesh data entry/query On-Course Med Director RaceSafe Finish Line EMS Dispatch Database Net 4 (course inter-tie) Medical Ch.1 Control Medical Director Family Medical Info Tent Bus Drop-off iPads IP phones TCM Medical Communications 2019 Race Weekend General Principles: Yellow shirts (hams) backstop 911 /ARMER medical communications - report and notify using independent systems* Injured /dropped out runner location data flows to the server Course tactical operations are autonomous (ICS) “Runner Down” protocol is always 911 * Best practice- metro wide lights out scaled MCI simulation 200-300+ actual patients Finish Line 802.11a/n protocol 2-3 D-Star Uplinks 802.11a/OLSR mesh link (Finish line to St Paul EOC) Net2 Net3 Medical Tent Family Medical Race Operations Center Internet RaceSafe Finish Data Net 1: (Miles 1-18) Minneapolis (Maple Grove Fire) Net 2: (Miles 18-22) Hennepin County ICC Truck (ARMER) Net 3: (Miles 23-26) St. Paul Dispatch Center (911) Net 4: Finish
  7. 7. 2016+ New Interagency – Race Operations Center
  8. 8. News for 2010- iPads for check in – hospital tent New for 2011 – IP Phones New for 2012- Mobile devices New for 2015- Mesh Family Medical Information
  9. 9. Our Open SourceTracking Software: Trivnetdb Missing /dropped out/ill runner web runner lookup and update Runner location only- non HIPAA Can be used for family reunification, vaccine stations
  10. 10. Recent requests- TCM • Drive the adoption of RaceSafe – A cloud/mobile based medical records system – Dashboard /map – Volunteer management – assignment to stations • Missing persons – Family reunification – Family medical tent • Live video over mesh - start line to finish line (10 miles) • Asset location tracking /live map • Information booth staffing
  11. 11. RaceSafe Commercial Software trivnetdb in the TCM data trailer API Amateur Family Medical Information Tent agents (6-8) Either a single integrated view or windows to both/all apps TCM Race Timing Web MDs Medical admissions Command centers Query + updates Events + Timestamps Part 97 Requirements: Non HIPAA event view, API feed to trivnetdb EMR PHR data Mobile devices
  12. 12. Ubiquiti Inventory 4X 8X 14X The older units support the OpenWRT firmware
  13. 13. Network Architecture - 2018 Hub Hub Hub Hub Dish-Dish 5Ghz Native Ubiquiti R R R Omnidirectional mesh nodes seem to have a range of at least a mile or two Dish to dish links use the native software and are rated for line of sight 10 miles 5 miles 1.5 miles – mesh Dish-Dish 5Ghz Native Ubiquiti Mesh Routers connect dish links to the mesh Mesh R Mesh omni antenna 5Ghz Remote sites can also run (mesh) dish to omni using mesh software WAN addresses (mesh) LAN addresses (local PCs etc)) The network routers can “see” all the remote LAN subnets
  14. 14. Twin Cities Mesh Network 7/19 New 5Ghz Mesh High Speed All Hazard Network Supports live HD video, voice and family reunification Encryption is supported for medical records, patient tracking as needed in disasters Hennepin County command vehicles, Regions Hospital, St Paul Fire are already operational
  15. 15. The St Paul End of the Dish Link Note Minneapolis in the distance- 9 miles
  16. 16. HC Command Truck Mesh Upgrades • We have had excellent results for ten years borrowing a communications vehicle (ICC) and volunteer team from the Hennepin County Sherriff. The primary mission is missing runner tracking and family reunification. They run one of the four injured runner tracking radio nets. The vehicle is the interface between the medical volunteers (mostly Amateur Radio) and Marathon rented radio system and the Statewide ARMER radio network. • At the recent Red White and Boom Half Marathon (7/4/19) the volunteer team was directed by Hennepin Healthcare to coordinate EMS dispatch for the event. We also tested a new mesh live video system that can cover downtown Minneapolis or St Paul, using new rooftop antennas. • We just added mesh antennas and radios to a second Hennepin Country vehicle (ICP), for similar role
  17. 17. Project List 02/20 • Add more mesh stations – Metro counties (Bloomington), Hennepin Healthcare, Dakota County • Packet link upgrade- Rush City (Duluth) + Rochester • FM/(Fusion -DARC) Repeaters St Paul, Minneapolis • One more D-Star repeater • More county command trucks on Mesh • New home for MAPLE packet node • New generator/tower trailer commissioning • DMR repeater coverage - Duluth • New served agencies/events (Klondike /Loppet) • Hospital Compact support
  18. 18. New Trailer 2/20 – 6KW Diesel /30’ Tower