How To Win a Hackaton - My thoughts on the WebGeek Devcup


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My thoughts and plan of execution for the WebGeek Devcup

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How To Win a Hackaton - My thoughts on the WebGeek Devcup

  1. 1. WebGeekDevCup Thoughts about the WebGeek DevCup Nikko Bautista, Web Application Developer @nikkobautista /
  2. 2. WebGeekDevCup Nikko Bautista (@nikkobautista)- Team APPNimbus- Bukas Palad
  3. 3. WebGeekDevCup Palad Bukas Palad is a Donation andResources Management System forRelief and Donation Centers here in thePhilippines
  4. 4. WebGeekDevCup Bukas Palad 1: Idea- Thought about my family and friend’sstories about their experiencesvolunteering at Donation Centers
  5. 5. WebGeekDevCup Bukas Palad 2: Brand- Thought about a good name to use- Once I had a name (“Bukas Palad”), Ideveloped a logo. - You can purchase design/logo elements on GraphicRiver ( for a very cheap price (e.g. Bukas Palad logo template is $4 USD)
  6. 6. WebGeekDevCup Bukas Palad 3: Minimum Viable Product- Wrote down all the features I wanted, orderedby priority- Erase bottom 50%- From the remaining, I determined which featuresare ABSOLUTELY and UNEQUIVOCALLY required.- Implement those features
  7. 7. WebGeekDevCup Bukas Palad 4: Schedule- Determined a deadline for each feature on mylist (e.g. Feature #1 should be done by 11:30AM,Feature #2 should be done by 12:00NN- WORK!
  8. 8. WebGeekDevCup Bukas Palad 5: WORK- By 3PM, I was finished with Step 1 to Step 3-WORK- WORK- Finished MVP by 6PM
  9. 9. WebGeekDevCup Bukas Palad 6: Improvements- Picked improvements from my list of featuresthat did not make the second feature cut. - “Transportation” feature - “Update Feed” feature- Implement in a separate Git branch- Launch each feature one at a time
  10. 10. WebGeekDevCup Bukas Palad 1: Idea- Always choose to do something that you are veryfamiliar with or have experienced yourself. Thisway, you are knowledgeable with the problem youare trying to solve. This cuts out a lot of researchtime.
  11. 11. WebGeekDevCup Bukas Palad 2: Brand- The Brand should be something quite easy toremember and related to your idea. Your branddistinguishes your app from the otherapplications, so make sure you have a good one.
  12. 12. WebGeekDevCup Bukas Palad 3: Minimum Viable Product- If your time is limited, always go for the MVP, butmake sure to keep a list of all the features youwant to implement. This gives you a clearroadmap on where your application is going.
  13. 13. WebGeekDevCup Bukas Palad 4: Schedule- Scheduling is critical in a situation where time islimited. DO NOT FORCE YOURSELF TO FOLLOWAN UNREALISTIC SCHEDULE. Create one that suitsyour skills and stick to it as best as you can.- The schedule is there to be your guide; it is notthere to be your master.
  14. 14. WebGeekDevCup Bukas Palad 5: WORK- Be smart about working. If you find yourselfdoing something for more time than it’s worth,find a faster way to do it or drop it.- Stay Focused and Keep Shipping
  15. 15. WebGeekDevCup Bukas Palad 6: Improvements- If you can, always use a VCS – it makes it easy tocreate a stable and a improvements branch.- If there is not enough time for theimprovements branch, then just switch to thestable branch
  16. 16. WebGeekDevCup Taghuddle
  17. 17. WebGeekDevCup is Taghuddle?Taghuddle aggregates updates fromdifferent social networking sites basedon hashtag
  18. 18. taghuddle ( iPhone5)
  19. 19. WebGeekDevCup use it?- Automatically retrieves your updates from your socialnetworking accounts as long as it has the hashtag- Let’s you see other people’s updates about a specifictopic.- Let’s you create a private huddle for retrieving updatesand showing them to a specific group of people- Provides an easy, real-time way to discuss the updateswith other people
  20. 20. WebGeekDevCup Study: Photobooth- Photobooth photos are taken at an event- All photos are posted in a Facebook album – the albumis hashtagged EventName- Visit the huddle for the event( Watch as your photos are automatically retrieved- Provide the link to the event attendees
  21. 21. WebGeekDevCup Study: Wedding- Wedding Planner creates a private huddle for thewedding ( Notify all wedding guests that when posting pictures onFacebook/Twitter/Instagram to use the hashtag DelaCruzSantosWedding- Once the wedding is done, notify the wedding guests ofthe private huddle URL, tell them to make sure toconnect their accounts
  22. 22. WebGeekDevCup Study: Wedding- While the guests visit the site, all their personal updatesare retrieved- Guests who are not friends onFacebook/Twitter/Instagram will be able to see eachothers updates!- Bride and Groom will be able to see photos from all theguests, from their point of view!- Better Service Provided = More Referrals for you!
  23. 23. WebGeekDevCup••••••