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Search engine optimization expert

  1. 1. Presents: Effective SEO Services Outsource Search Engine Optimization NIMBLE Web solutions SERVICES Effective SEO Services
  2. 2. NIMBLE Web solutions SERVICES What Is SEO? What Is SEO? Search engine optimization is a method of getting your website to rank higher in search engines—such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. Effective SEO Services
  3. 3. NIMBLE Web solutions SERVICES SEO Types? How many type of search engine optimization? In web marketing basically two types of SEO is available 1. On-Page Optimization 2. Off-Page Optimization Effective SEO Services
  4. 4. NIMBLE Web solutions SERVICES On-Page Optimization? On-Page Optimization: - On-Page Optimization includes those who make your web page. search engine friendly. This includes 1. Use text link rather than graphics link. 2 . You must use good internal linking navigation system. 3. You must include a sitemap 4. Select perfect keyword for your website 5. Must use alt tag with your graphics Effective SEO Services
  5. 5. NIMBLE Web solutions SERVICES Off–Page Optimization? Off–Page Optimization: - Off–Page Optimization include all kinds of ranking factor which must be available in your web page. Following factor must be including in the web page. if you want to batter search engine ranking. 1. How many website give link to you? 2. Which website gives link to you? 3. What is Google page rank who gives link to your site? 4. What is page title of the website which gives link to you? 5. Total number of link on the website who gives link to your site Effective SEO Services
  6. 6. NIMBLE Web solutions SERVICES The # 1 SEO Company? We (Nimble Web realize that adequate Internet visibility is immensely important for your business. We offer efficient, inexpensive SEO services adjusted specifically to your own needs. Effective SEO Services
  7. 7. NIMBLE Web solutions SERVICES Unlike other SEO companies We (Nimble Web are fully able to provide great results in a short time. Thanks to our unique methods, your website can reach top search engine rankings in a time far shorter than the six months required by our competitors. With our services, you can already expect increased search engine traffic in 6-7 weeks! Effective SEO Services
  8. 8. NIMBLE Web solutions SERVICES Our Results: The following charts represent authentic results of our SEO services at work: Outsource Search Engine Optimization Effective SEO Services
  9. 9. For more information please Visit For Boost Your Traffic & Sales Director: Sohail Safder Website: Email: Add To Skype: msohailsafdar Contact Us: Search Engine Optimization Expert