The Tipping Point 2012


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Here's the slides that helped me along at the December Brighton Social Media meet up where I spoke publicly for the first time :) If you came along - I hope you liked it! Connect with me on Twitter @digitaldabbler

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  • Malcolm Gladwell – wrote blink, outliers and The Tipping Point (Gladderz)The reason I’m talking about this is to help you with approaching your audience with your marketing strategy
  • Tipping Point discusses inexplicable social movements and dwindles them down so they’re not so inexplicable. Hush Puppies, Fall of NYC crime.Epidemics
  • Yawns
  • Small things cause big effects
  • Law of the fewSuperheroes of your campaign80/20, “a tiny percentage of people do the majority of the work” “Social epidemics work in exactly the same way. They are also driven by the efforts of a handful of exceptional people”
  • If you’re lucky your guys won’t wear spandex
  • Strict ArchetypesMavens: do their thing with information, love for helping people, data banks, provide the messageConnectors: do their thing with their social presence, thrive on acquaintances, glue: they spread itSalesmen: do their thing with persuasion, persuade us when we are unconvinced of what we are hearingWordle.netdiscover, information, social, specialists, specialists, information, helped, intelligence, knowledge, information, information, information, fun, fun, fun, collectors, collectors, information, information, initiate, discussions, helpers, helpers, helpers, know, know, know, know, know, social, socially motivated, help, helpful, solve, solving, people, people, solves, solving, unselfish, saved, save, saved saved, helped, deal, deal, deal, deal, important, important, knowledge, social,
  • gift, together, bringing, people, know, know, lots, everyone, know, friends, acquaintances, social, people, people, knew, knowing, skill, connections, connections, people, social, connections, people, acquaintanceship, interaction, people, friend, social, collects, collect, people, friend, person, acquaintances, cultivation, friends, acquaintances, people, acquaintance, person, friend, connection, impulse, impulse, people, know, together, bringing, weak ties, weak ties, social connections, acquaintances,
  • persuaded, doubted, persuade, persuasion, persuasive, personality, personality, natural, you, help, people, helping, people, helping, people, people, relationship, persuasiveness, people, persuasive, persuasive, trait, energy, enthusiasm, charm, likability, persuasive, rhythm, micromovements, gesture, harmonised, persuade, movement, speech, speech, speech, movement, pwoerful, persuasive, personality, rhythm, interaction
  • Firstly,wtf.
  • Fairly straight forward
  • Not always so straight forwardMaven-salesperson - I’m all about this big idea, and I’m going to make sure everyone knows and can access itConnector-salesperson: Brody – knows them all and needs them all to believe his cover to get to his goalSalesperson-connector: Nazir – this is what I’m going to do, you should follow me
  • 3 to 6But don’t worry, more birds and still one stone
  • Help them do their job Need to attract them not target them:Target is a bit offensive, asked a connector how they’d feel about it being obvious that a company was to target them, they said they’d be even more put off Content should be constructed to target all 3, well, 6:6 birds with 1 stoneAim to help them do their job as part of your campaignMaven:Include percentages, statistics of growth, comparison, performanceProvide accurate sourcesConnectors:Excellent sharabilityAllow content to be shared with plugins etc if you use WordPressCopy and paste is the most common Then email linkOutside of the box content is more likely to be shared, not always articlesSalespeople:Effective copywritingPersuasive, confident, arm twisting tone
  • Think about your social platforms Manage profiles with archetype specific content%, £+1, Tweet, SharePersonal, Connective, Sympathetic ultimately Persuasive
  • Salesmen – all about the idea, see the people and the information as secondary, see the hole of doubt in a person and fill it- Links in with innovative content, explain your product via a video maybe?
  • The Tipping Point 2012

    1. 1. The Tipping Point: 2012 By @digitaldabbler
    2. 2. 1. What are Tipping Points?2. What causes Tipping Points?3. How can you work towards a Tipping Point?
    3. 3. @digitaldabbler
    4. 4. Small things big difference
    5. 5. Dramatic moment where everything can change all at once
    6. 6. “Epidemics are a function of thepeople who transmit infectious agents, the infectious agent itself and the environment in which the infectious agent is operating.”
    7. 7. Tipping Point Occurs When…“change has occurred in one (or two or three) of those areas”
    8. 8. “Epidemics are a function of the people who transmit infectiousagents, the infectious agent itself and the environment in which the infectious agent is operating.”
    9. 9. Law of the Few
    10. 10. Superheroes of your campaign
    11. 11. Mavens
    12. 12. Connectors
    13. 13. Salesmen
    14. 14. Maven Connector SalesmenKnows it all Knows them all Persuades them all
    15. 15. Maven Connector SalesmenKnows it all Knows them all Persuades them all
    16. 16. Maven-Connector Maven-Salesperson Connector-MavenConnector-Salesperson Salesperson-MavenSalesperson-Connector
    17. 17. What do I do?
    18. 18. Content that targets all 3 • Include figures, statistics, Maven growth rates, comparisonsConnector • Make it sharableSalesperson • Effective copywriting
    19. 19. Social that targets all 3 • Include figures, statistics, growth Maven rates, comparisonsConnector • +1, tweet, share • Personal, connective, sympathetiSalesperson c, ultimately persuasive
    20. 20. Marketing that targets all 3 • Email Marketing Maven • Referral Bonuses • Innovative, unique contentConnector • Interactive infographic • Present and describe your idea asSalesperson well as you possibly can • Bulleted list / innovative content
    21. 21. Thanks For Listening!@digitaldabbler