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Greenlight royal integrated

  1. 1. GREENLIGHT ROYAL INTEGRATED LTD Providing Safe Workplace Environment
  2. 2. Greenlight Royal Integrated Limited is a Human development, Procurement, Risk assessment, Process Safety, Environmental auditing and Consultant firm based in Lagos. Our company is presently one of the known leading companies in the HSE Management sector. Our Core Service Strength are: • Consultancy and Operational Process Safety • Procurement and Sales of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) • Safety Trainings ( NEBOSH,IOSH,IIRSM and Tailor made trainings) • Installation and Auditing of Fire Fighting Equipment • HSE Management Documentation and Audit • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Environmental Audit • Risk Assessment of Facilities. We are determined to achieve the highest standards in health, safety and environmental ("HSE") performance and intend to continue strengthening our position as a leader in safe and compliant operational System. About us
  3. 3. Vision and Mission Vision  To provide information and evidence needed for developing a safe workplace environment.  To identify and evaluate the potential impact of the proposed project on the ecological, health and social- economics of communities within the area. Mission  To Train Professions in Occupational Health, Safety and Environment Management  To Satisfy regulations from Federal, State, Local Government authorities and DPR on Environmental and Safety matters.
  4. 4. Consultancy Our company is presently one of the known leading companies in the Environmental and Safety Management sector with collaboration with local and foreign companies. It is a Statutory requirement under the Health and safety law that all Organisation Should complete a hazard assessment for new or modified equipment. We offer consultancy services for Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Oil and gas Companies, providing solutions on Emergency and disaster Control in prone Environment. Services on offer include Environmental Auditing, Risk assessment, Quality assurance policies manual, health and safety policies manuals, Safety equipment installation, annual retainer contracts, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) implementation and much more…
  5. 5. Safety Training GREENLIGHT Royal Integrated Limited has been successfully running the UK NEBOSH, IOSH, IIRSM, OSHA Certification over years and, as a result of our high standard we work with an Accredited centers' in UK. Over the years we have maintained an excellent relationship with NEBOSH and we are extremely proud of the outstanding level of success achieved by our candidates. All of our tutors are UK safety professionals with experience in the requirements of the qualification awarding body base in UK. GREENLIGHT currently offers;  NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational safety and Health  NEBOSH Technical Certificate in Oil and gas Operational Safety  NEBOSH Health and Safety at Workplace Certificate  IOSH (Institute of Occupational Safety and Health) Working Safely  IOSH (Institute of Occupational Safety and Health) Managing Safety  International Institute Of Risk and Safety Management (IIRSM) We also run tailored made trainings in-house of organisations
  6. 6. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Environmental Auditing. We carry out Environmental impact Assessment (EIA) and Environmental Auditing drafting and implementation to:  Identify and evaluate the potential impact of the proposed project or investment on the ecological, health and social-economics of Communities within the area.  Information and evidence needed for developing an Environmental impact statement (EIS) for the Proposed Project or investment that is identifying, evaluating, monitoring and mitigating risk.  Satisfy regulations from Federal, State and Local Government authorities on environmental matters.  Generate the necessary data for establishing the environmental baseline conditions of the area (that is identifying the geographical, hydrological, watersea level, soil porosity and necessary component of the environment.  Establish cost effective Strategies, Procedures and control practices to be followed during design, construction, operation and alternative analysis.  Develop an Environmental management Plan (EMP) for the proposed activity.
  7. 7. Procurement Services As an indigenous company who is poised to increase Safety Management in Africa, we have introduced high standard equipment and coupling facilities to aid our installation and provide safe working environment. We supply safety materials for industries and Production companies. GREENLIGHT Royal Integrated Limited supply variety of personal protective equipment (PPEs) and other safety materials to clients. We also provides a wide range of atmospheric condition detection and monitoring systems that help organizations ensure the health and safety of workers, equipment protection and integrity and preservation of the environment We provide sales for various PPEs, ranging from; work wear with high visibility, work wear with flame retardant, hearing protection, face protection, eye protection, fall arrestor, safety foot wear, gloves and variety of others.  Personal Protective Equipment (Hearing Protection)  Personal Protective Equipment (Eye Protection)  Personal Protective Equipment (Face Protection)  Personal Protective Equipment (Fall Arrest)  Personal Protective Equipment (Gloves)  Personal Protective Equipment (Head Protection)  Personal Protective Equipment (Respiratory)  Personal Protective Equipment (Safety Footwear)
  8. 8. We also have safety corporate wears:  Corporate Wear ( Safety Shirts)  Corporate Wear (Rucksacks & Bags)  Corporate Wear (helmet)  Profile & Promotional Products (Leisure & Promotional)  Work Wear (High visibility)  Work Wear (Industrial)  Work Wear (Flame Retardant)  Work Wear (Thermal Wear & Hosiery)  Work Wear (Winter)  Work Wear (Accessories) Procurement of all PPEs over local competitors and facilitates, timely and speedy deliveries of all products with the cheapest possible price.
  9. 9. Fire Safety Equipment We provide placement, maintenance and inspection of portable fire Equipment and stationary fire suppression or fire extinguishing system. DCP fire extinguisher  CO2 fire extinguisher  Smoke detector We also have all fire Safety gadget and equipment. Emergency Escape Breathing Device Safety Signs We supply a range of health and safety signs to assist employers meet their Health and Safety obligations. All of our safety signs are supplied in accordance with Nigerian Quality Standards and European Quality Standards. With the exception of general use signs and those signs which comply with international legislation.
  10. 10. Safety Signs
  11. 11. Why GREENLIGHT Royal Integrated Limited For High Quality International Safety Services. We presently have a track record which is unbeatable. As an indigenous company who is poised to increase Safety Management in our country we have introduced high standard equipment and coupling facilities to aid our installation. After Sales Service with Committed Client Relations Management & Operational Quality Audits. Our Associate Partners are both local and Foreign Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Professionals:  UK NEBOSH  Crystal Safety Training  TRUSCOTT Crisis Leaders Australia
  12. 12. Our Clients
  13. 13. Our Presence Head Office: Lagos, Nigeria
  14. 14. We Believe Our work reflects our Core Values  Passion  Integrity  Excellence  Respect  Entrepreneurship Experience our services today! Email Us at: Call The Business Development Initiator:+2347033022937,08024290716 Visit our website: