NorthWest MRA Topline - Summer 2012


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NorthWest MRA Topline - Summer 2012

  1. 1. Topline- Summer 2012 Newsletter of the NorthWest MRAIN THIS ISSUE Message from the President - Jeff Spitzer Editor’s Note - Brian Parker Feature - Updates from NorthWest MRA Scholarship Winners Upcoming Events - National MRA Conference - Professional Development Program Past Events - NorthWest MRA Educational Conference - Tri-City Event: The Gamification of Research Financial News & Notes Contact InformationThe NorthWest Marketing Research Association
  2. 2. Topline- Summer 2012 Newsletter of the NorthWest MRAMessage from the PresidentJeff SpitzerH as it been a year already? The last twelve months have been quite a whirlwind and I’m very proud of the things this board hasaccomplished. I hope that you were able to take advantage of some ofthe exciting events of this past year. In case you weren’t keeping track,here are some of the highlights from this year.Along with Oregon State University and University of Washington, thisyear we partnered with a third school, Golden Gate University, andawarded $1000 scholarships to students at all three schools. We still havethe Professional Development Fund as well, reimbursing MRA membersfor expenses related to continuing education and upgrading skills.We have begun offering local meet-and-greet events at no charge to members in Portland, Seattleand San Francisco, which has been very well received. Thank you for coming out and supporting ourevents! We will continue to offer them as long as you continue to support and enjoy them.Don’t forget about education. Our annual educational conference moved to Portland this year and itwas a great success yet again. Teaming up with The Research Club for the after-hours mixer proved tobe a ton of fun as well. Continuing with educational content, many of you made the trek down to ourannual Joint Chapter conference in Las Vegas again this year. If you missed it, then you missed out ona great conference and a great time. Mark your calendars now for early March next year as I thinkyou will be in for an even bigger treat when you see what we are planning for next year’s conference.Finally, we held a Tri-City event on The Gamification of Research in Portland, Seattle and SanFrancisco which proved to be a very engaging and relevant topic. Pictures from most of these eventscan be found on our website and Facebook page.We can only offer these events because you, our members, support our Chapter; so THANK YOU. Butwe want to continue to offer content and events that are relevant to you. So please let us know whatyou would like to see from your Chapter in the upcoming board year that starts July 1. Drop me anote and let me know your thoughts. As always, I’d love to hear from you.Jeff SpitzerUniversal SurveyPresident, NorthWest MRAjspitzer@universalsurvey.comP.S. In case you werent already aware, the NorthWest Chapter now has a presence on Facebook,Twitter and LinkedIn. Take a moment and connect with us!The NorthWest Marketing Research AssociationPage |2
  3. 3. Topline- Summer 2012 Newsletter of the NorthWest MRAEditor’s NoteBrian ParkerIn the last Edition of Topline for this chapter year, I’d like to take a minute and thank all thevolunteers from the Northwest MRA board, as well as those people not on the board. We had a greatyear! Jeff has done a tremendous job of building on a fantastic 2011 under Amanda Durkee.The upcoming year is something to look forward to as well. I’m very excited to work with ChrisRobson as the incoming President along with quite a few new faces on the board. We are continuallystriving to branch out and get feedback, volunteers, and participation from a wider variety of people,and I think the new board is a great step in that direction.Along with Jeff’s piece, we have a couple thank you notes from our scholarship winners. We thoughtit would be nice to get a chance to see where some of the hard work goes and how it affects others.We had a busy spring full of events and you can catch up on many of them with the pictures andsummaries included in this edition of Topline. We also have some nice events coming up in the nearfuture.Here’s to a great 2011-2012 chapter year!Brian ParkerCo-founder, watchLAB StudiosEditor of ToplineIf you would like to submit something for consideration, orwould like to help out in any way, feel free to contact me NorthWest Marketing Research AssociationPage |3
  4. 4. Topline- Summer 2012 Newsletter of the NorthWest MRANorthWest MRA Scholarship WinnersUpdates from Anna Marie Tallariti and Mikaela InmanAnna Marie TallaritiUniversity of Washington, Michael G. Foster School of Business, Seattle, WAI would like to take this opportunity to thank the NorthWest MRA for awarding me the 2012 NorthWestMRA Scholarship. It is an honor to have received thisscholarship during my senior year at the University ofWashington.During the past four years of college, I have conducted andutilized marketing research to drive marketingrecommendations for multiple companies in the Seattlearea. I have also been fortunate enough to take bothMarketing Research and Consumer Behavior while attendingthe Foster School of Business. Collectively, theseopportunities have led me to have a passion for marketingresearch. I highly enjoy conducting focus groups, and diggingdeep into data sets from secondary research engines to determine demographics and productinformation. Post graduation, my ideal career would to either become a market researcher orcontinue to utilize marketing research to drive marketing recommendations. I am currently lookingforward to my next internship as a Media Planner at Razorfish, where I will utilize marketing researchto place advertisements onto online platforms.Since beginning my journey at the University of Washington, I’ve been constantly immersing myself inthe marketing industry through experiential coursework, involvement in professional organizations,and internships at nationally-recognized corporations. I’ve had the opportunity to gain pragmaticexperience in the professional world through internships at Starbucks, Hearst Media Services, and 4thAvenue Media. At each organization I made a lasting impact through the planning andimplementation of key projects. As a Category Specialist Intern at Starbucks I conducted competitiveanalysis and market research to develop product and brand messaging recommendations forStarbucks Iced Coffee. I also interpreted statistical information on the Starbucks Reserve – CloverBrewed business to drive sales, identify trends, and inform strategy. While at Hearst Media Servicesas a Market Research Analyst Intern I leveraged market research platforms such as comScore andScarborough to complete a sales deck with the Marketing Manager to showcase the “value story” ofthe company. Most recently at 4th Avenue Media, I was a Marketing Specialist intern, and in thatcapacity I wrote and implemented the company’s current Marketing Plan.The NorthWest Marketing Research AssociationPage |4
  5. 5. Topline- Summer 2012 Newsletter of the NorthWest MRAI have gained additional marketing and branding experience through my involvement in the AmericanMarketing Association. This year I had the distinguished honor of serving as President. Together,myself and 7 other board members proactively executed many deliverables and celebrated manymilestones, including applying for and receiving a Target grant and being featured on the front pageof our school newspaper, The Daily, for our Business Etiquette Dinner. Most recently we werehonored with the Dean’s Award at the annual Foster Spotlight Dinner.If you are interested, I encourage you to look at my website ( There you can find myresume, additional information on my professional development, and a few interesting facts aboutme. Also, if you are interested in looking at my Twitter account, my handle is @AMTallariti. Thank youagain for selecting me for this prestigious scholarship.Mikaela InmanOregon State, College of Business, Corvallis, ORMy junior year here at Oregon State University has beenan important year of academic and professional growth.Embarking on my classes in the College of BusinessMarketing program has been exciting and has ignited mypassion for the field of Marketing.Having the support of my professors and classmates hasbeen critical to my success – and the NorthWestMarketing Research scholarship has literally opened thedoor to my future career.Working with C2C staff has already been a positiveexperience that I anticipate will improve next year as Ilearn the systems and gain necessary skills through hardwork and dedication. I am very grateful to the membersof the NWMRA and to C2C for providing me with theopportunity to make important contributions to futuremarket research projects.The NorthWest Marketing Research AssociationPage |5
  6. 6. Topline- Summer 2012 Newsletter of the NorthWest MRAUpcoming EventChapter Endowment Fund - Professional Development ProgramDeadline: June 30, 2012L ooking to upgrade your skills or the skills of your employees? Don’t have the budget to make it happen? The NorthWest Chapter of the MRA offersits Professional Development Program, designed to increase excellence in themarket research industry and offer participants assistance in their educationalendeavors.The NorthWest MRA Professional Development Program allows recipients to pursue a course that willimprove skills used in their current position or prepare them for additional responsibilities throughtraditional schooling or specialized training sessions. This opportunity is commonly used to help fundcourses in statistics, computer applications, marketing research skills, market research ethics, andmany others.Any member may apply for an award for him or herself, or for one of their full- or part-timeemployees. Each applicant is permitted to apply for one scholarship per quarterly program period.The NorthWest MRA Professional Development Program approved program/course must becompleted within four months of award date. If the applicant is not a member of the NorthWestMRA, a letter of recommendation from the employer member needs to accompany the application.The NorthWest MRA Professional Development Committee selects recipients based on the strengthof their application, appropriateness of the desired educational program/course, applicant’sinvolvement in marketing research, and personal desire to succeed.Award recipients will be notified within 30 days after the end of the application period and the list ofaward winners shall be published in this newsletter and placed on the website. Funds are dispersedat the satisfactory completion of the designated program/course.Individual awards are provided on the basis of personal criteria and needs and may not cover theentire cost of the course, seminar, specialized training, etc. Awards typically range from $250 to $500.Applications are processed quarterly and the next submission deadline is June 30th, 2012. For information about presentation proposal submissions, contact Amanda Durkee, Senior Research Consultant, Zanthus, 971-404-0275 ext. 104, NorthWest Marketing Research AssociationPage |6
  7. 7. Topline- Summer 2012 Newsletter of the NorthWest MRAUpcoming EventMRA 2012 Annual Conference in San Diego, CaliforniaJune 4 – 6, 2012G et ready for three motivating days of high- level content in an energetic, warm andwelcoming environment. Its a genuine peer-to-peer event where life experience merges withlearning. You are guaranteed to collaborate andconnect with a community of MR professionals"who do what you do," share your interests andcan help you succeed. Its also a lot of fun.Whats NewMRA’s Annual Conference & Expo has grown into a unique event that promotes learning andcommunity. Our 2012 event will bring together expert practitioners as presenters who are shapingthe future of marketing research. To provide attendees with even more value, this year we’re addingseveral new features:  Seven additional education sessions in four new tracks covering business management, trends and technology, data integration and real world research.  Two networking receptions open to all attendees at no additional charge, with one at the famed SeaWorld San Diego.  Speed Learning – Connect with peers who are speaking, interact with colleagues in the audience, and learn about a wildly diverse number of topics.  CEO Symposium with an exclusive dinner and educational program.  Expo Grand Opening reception for extra time to network.We know you’ll be impressed with the 30+ cutting-edge educational opportunities that are designedto provoke new thinking, challenge the status quo and help you advance as a practitioner and leader.See you in San Diego! Visit for more information, or visit to register.The NorthWest Marketing Research AssociationPage |7
  8. 8. Topline- Summer 2012 Newsletter of the NorthWest MRAPast EventNorthWest MRA Educational Conference in Portland, OregonMay 8, 2012T his year’s Northwest MRA Educational Conference in Portland saw the gathering of more than 45 attendees andsix fantastic speakers.Coming together to discuss a great mix of topics during a seriesof presentations, attendees and speaker also had ample timeto mingle, enjoy a delicious meal, and relax at the ResearchClub after party at nearby Boke Bowl.Feedback from attendees as overwhelmingly positive, with onereporting that it was one of the better conferences they hadbeen to, especially in terms of content and crowd.Special thanks must go out to Meegan—the fearless leader—for putting together another fantasticevent. Thanks also to Jeff, Jackie, Betsy, Kelle and Chris for all of their help on site.For those of you who didn’t make it, we hope to see you next year!The NorthWest Marketing Research AssociationPage |8
  9. 9. Topline- Summer 2012 Newsletter of the NorthWest MRAPast EventTri-City Event: The Gamification of ResearchSan Francisco, Portland and SeattleApril 27, 2012W ith the goal of gaining a greater understanding of impact of gamification of market research the NorthWest MRA hosted a Tri-City Networking event last month in San Francisco, Seattleand Portland.Researchers from over 20 firms congregated for presentations in each city and enjoyed presentationsfrom a variety of speakers. In Seattle, participants heard form Carrie Peters (Marketing VP, BigDoor)and Steve Alter (Director of Social Business Strategy, Ant’s Eye View). In Portland, we heard fromMarshall Kirkpatrick (CEO, Plexus Engine) and Manny Acevedo (Business Analyst, Intel), while in SanFrancisco, the keynote presentation was from Noman Ali (CEO, Peanut Labs).Participants learned from gamification’svanguard about opportunities for marketersand researchers to utilize this new approach tostrengthen a brand’s relationship with theironline community and influencers. Increasingonline engagement with consumers viagamification can offer new metrics for surveysand even inspire the creation of entire newbehavioral research methods to captureconsumer insights. Gamification provides challenges to the industry’s online research status quo, but also offers opportunities for adroit research firms that harness it. For more information, individual presentations and photos have been uploaded to the Northwest Marketing Research website. Thank you to our presenters, Consumer Opinion Services,watchLAB and all of the attendees for a fascinating conversation about the research industry’sgamification.The NorthWest Marketing Research AssociationPage |9
  10. 10. Topline- Summer 2012 Newsletter of the NorthWest MRAThe NorthWest Marketing Research AssociationP a g e | 10
  11. 11. Topline- Summer 2012 Newsletter of the NorthWest MRAFinancial News & NotesProfit & Loss Marketing Research Association, NorthWest Chapter July - April 2012 Total Income Annual Sponsorship $6,250.00 Event Attendees $2,605.60 Event Sponsors $700.00 Membership Dues $2,535.00 Total Income $12,090.60 Expenses Bank Charges $90.00 Dues & Subscriptions $ 108.50 Event Expenses $ 5,578.13 Event Expenses - Facility $ 1,425.30 Legal & Professional Fees $500.00 Meals and Entertainment $ 332.40 PayPal Fees $410.24 Recognition/Awards $50.81 Scholarship Contribution $2,000.00 Taxes & Licenses $20.00 Travel $332.64 Website $ 318.02 Total Expenses $ 11,166.04 Net Operating Income $ 924.56 Other Income Interest Earned $5.53 Total Other Income $5.53 Net Other Income $5.53 Net Income $930.09The NorthWest Marketing Research AssociationP a g e | 11
  12. 12. Topline- Summer 2012 Newsletter of the NorthWest MRAFinancial News & NotesBalance Sheet Marketing Research Association, NorthWest Chapter As of April 30, 2012 Total ASSETS Current Assets Banks Accounts $47,891.49 Total Current Assets $47,891.49 TOTAL ASSETS $47,891.49 LIABILITIES AND EQUITY Liabilities Total Liabilities Equity $47,891.49 TOTAL LIABILITIES AND EQUITY $47,891.49The NorthWest Marketing Research AssociationP a g e | 12
  13. 13. Topline- Summer 2012 Newsletter of the NorthWest MRAContact InformationNorthWest Marketing Research AssociationMailing Address NorthWest MRA c/o CfMC 547 Howard Street San Francisco, CA 94501General Enquiries info@northwestmra.orgWebsite www.northwestmra.orgAbout The NorthWest Chapter of the Marketing Research Association promotes excellence in the opinion and marketing research profession by providing members with a variety of opportunities for advancing and expanding their marketing research and related business skills.Mission Statement The NorthWest Chapter of the Marketing Research Association advocates for professionalism and ethical practices within the opinion and marketing research community, serves to inform the public of the purpose, integrity and benefits of opinion and marketing research, and provides members the opportunity to enhance their business and research skills while creating an environment conducive to the open exchange of information among all members.States Covered Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Northern California, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming, Northern NevadaThe NorthWest Marketing Research AssociationP a g e | 13