Literal and metaphoric


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Part one of my slidedeck from a lesson on answering questions.

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Literal and metaphoric

  1. 1. OLD WOMANStating The Obvious…
  2. 2. What Is Going On?Original Video at
  3. 3. •  The central theme(s) or idea(s) of Old Woman: •  Old age •  Religion •  Death •  Escape•  NB: Death is recognised as a UNIVERSAL THEME… can you think of a reason why?Central Theme
  4. 4. •  What is the subject matter of: •  Section 1 •  Section 2 •  Section 3•  What is the unifying thread that runs through all three sections?The Power Of Three
  5. 5. •  Every image has two aspects: •  The reality – what is actually there/being described/the literal meaning of what is said, and; •  The metaphorical – what it represents/symbolises/ stands for/alludes to…Real vs Imaginary
  6. 6. •  In order to make sure you answer the question, you should start by considering the following:•  Your answer MUST have two parts: •  An explanation of the LITERAL ROOT of the image, and; •  An explanation of the METPHOR.Answering the Question…
  7. 7. •  When answering, you should follow this (very) simplistic format: •  The author’s image is effective because ________ literally means ________, but it is also a metaphor/symbol/etc for __________ ...Answering the Question…