Wingate Policy Handbook


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Wingate Policy Handbook

  1. 1. Mary “Nicole” Wingate Policy Strong Points ***** Last Acceptable Needs Needs to Suggested Changes BOE Updated Updating be Adopted Added Policy Committees System and School -Definition of X 4-11-05 X Media Committees Committee Purpose – Purpose and -Directly states who Makeup will comprise committee Materials Lost or Damaged -Fines will be charged X 4-11-05 X Policy does not give criteria for assessing fines. Material for media materials or This should be included so there are not textbooks that are lost discrepancies about how much a student owes. or damaged -Person in charge of charging fines is established Weeding of -Gives criteria for X 4-11-05 X Policy should provide a detailed process that Materials disposing resources should be followed for disposing of outdated materials. This policy is not specific enough. A good, detailed policy can be found on the following site: /selection.html Reconsideration of -Materials accepted by X 4-11-05 X Policy should give more detail about criteria and Materials school personal for process for community members to question adoption can be accepted materials. questioned by community members The following website gives a process for reconsideration of materials, along with a form to be filled out by the person filing the complaint. /selection.html Materials Returned X No written policy could be found on this issue. Late The following website gives a detailed description of late fees charged for various items checked out
  2. 2. from a college library. Though the amounts would have to be modified to fit a high school student income, the overall idea would be the same. late_fee_return_policy.shtml I would also suggest offering incentives to students who return their materials on time. Access To Media Center Scheduling -Media centers should X 4-11-05 X have flexible scheduling throughout the school day Hours of Operation -High School Media X Spring 08 X Center open 7:30 – 3:30 daily Student Access -Students must have X Spring 08 X pass and student ID to use media center Construction of -Media centers follow X 4-11-05 X Media Center guidelines for their construction from A Guide for Planning and Construction of Public School Facilities in Georgia: Media Center Facilities Media Specialist Duties Collaboration -Responsibility of X 4-11-05 X Skills are still being referred to as “information media specialist to access skills.” Terminology should be updated to work with teacher to ensure all teachers and staff are “on the same insure students learn page.” information literacy skills and practice them Student Instruction -Media Specialist’s X 4-11-05 X Skills are still being referred to as “information responsibility to teach access skills.” Terminology should be updated to students information ensure all teachers and staff are “on the same
  3. 3. literacy skills page.” Teacher Instruction -Media Specialist’s X 4-11-05 X Skills are still being referred to as “information responsibility to make access skills.” Terminology should be updated to sure staff are current ensure all teachers and staff are “on the same with information page.” literacy skills Professional X Professional Development for the media specialist Development is important in order to ensure that instruction stays current. This policy is needed to ensure that the media specialist is able to fulfill policy expectations for teacher and student instruction. The following website gives a detailed description of professional development goals and procedures for a school media specialist. /profdev/LMS.pdf Collection & Development Basis for Selection -Criteria for selecting X 4-11-05 X Policy does not state the process followed for material is clearly selection of media center materials. stated The following website has a very detailed selection policy that is based on ideas from several credible sources, like Information Power. /selection.html Use of Materials Copyright Issues - Media centers abide X 4-11-05 X by Copyright law of US (Title 17) - Policy also references Copyright: A Guide to Information and Resources Non-school Owned - Any materials used at X 4-11-05 X Materials school that are not school property must abide by copyright policy and selection
  4. 4. policy -Materials must be approved by administrator for instructional use if not school material Information Use -Community Resources X 4-11-05 X Policy is unclear and confusing. Outside of School Guide made available -Principal must approve Availability of -Materials Available X 4-11-05 X Policy should address who can use these materials Materials through media center (students, teachers, community members). Loaning of -Principal considers X 4-11-05 X This policy should be combined with the above Resources request of outside stated policy to create one full, complete policy. sources to borrow media or equipment Use of Materials -Materials made X 4-11-05 X Outside of available to media Instructional Time specialist when instruction is GBOE approved and outside of normal instructional hours Circulation X A circulation policy is crucial in every school to ensure that students and teachers are aware of the ways in which they are to checkout materials, and what materials are available for checkout. The following website is a circulation policy for a college in New Jersey. It gives very detailed criteria for circulation for students, teachers, and student teachers. Though the policy would have to be tweaked to work for a high school media center, it is very in depth and well-organized. page.cfm? siteID=62&pageID=6 Technology Web Page -Detailed policy that X 4-11-05 X states criteria for creating and publishing
  5. 5. a web page in the Long Co. School System Internet Usage -Technology must be X 4-11-05 X used in support of education -Lists criteria for acceptable use and student supervision Technology X This policy is needed to ensure all other policies Problems can be met regarding the technology needs of students. The following website states that anyone who finds a problem with school software or hardware should report it immediately. aspx?sid=669&gid=1&pgid=1090 I also want to suggest using an online technology problem report service. At Wayne County High School, all technology problems have to be reported by teachers using this service. The problems will then be addressed by the media specialist and technology specialist. There is no URL to link to because WCHS does not have their policies online. Policy Issues Implementation of -Long Co. School Board X 4-11-05 X Policy and Superintendent have final say in implementation of policies Policy Revisions -Policy is reviewed X 4-11-05 X yearly and revised when needed -Policy is filed with GA DOE at least once every three years, or after revision Policy Development -Board of Education in X 3-14-05 X charge of policy development
  6. 6. -Detailed description of procedures for policy development Faculty Volunteers X A policy on volunteers is needed to ensure that parent and community volunteers are aware of the other policies in the media center, and exactly what is expected of them. The following website is an in-depth policy addressing volunteers in the school system. The website also has a link to the “Volunteer Handbook” which supplies a very detailed account of how people can volunteer, what volunteers can do, and other basic guidelines for volunteering. /volpolicy.htm Staffing of Media -Policy references X 4-11-05 X Policy does not give specific criteria for staffing. Centers Roles in Media Program Development: School and Community -Staffing according to BOE Policy GBB Media Para-Pro X All policies mention the media specialist, but her Duties paraprofessional is not mentioned at all. The following website gives the job description for a media center paraprofessional, as well as job qualifications. This could be modified to best meet the needs of a policy outlining the duties of a media paraprofessional. 09/library_media_p.shtml Budget Spending -Annual budget is X 3-14-05 X approved by Long BOE, no changes can be made without their approval Other Policies Media Center -To provide a learning X 4-11-05 X
  7. 7. Mission Statement environment that helps all students reach their full potential. Evaluation of Media X It is crucial that a policy for evaluation the media Specialist specialist is established and understood so that she knows exactly what is expected of her and how those expectations will be “graded.” The following website gives a detailed description of evaluations for school library media specialists, both tenured and non-tenured. /profdev/LMS.pdf Confidentiality -General X 5-9-05 X Confidentiality that is specific to media center Policy Confidentiality is records is not addressed in the school’s policy. addressed through the This should be directly addressed. A good mention of FERPA and example of a policy concerning library PPRA confidentiality can be found at the following website: confidentiality.shtml
  8. 8. References Archbishop Prendergast High School. (2008). Acceptable Use Policy for Technology. Retrieved November 25, 2008, from: Baltimore County Public Schools. (2008). Selection Criteria for School Library Media Center Collections. Retrieved November 24, 2008, from: Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. (2000). Guidelines for Performance-Based Library Media Specialist Evaluation. Retrieved November 24, 2008, from: My Simmons. (2008). Library Media Para-Professional – Boston Latin Academy (Dorchester, MA). Retrieved November 29, 2008, from: Richard Stockton College Center for Instructional Media & Technology. (2008). Circulation Policy. Retrieved November 25, 2008, from: School District of Black River Falls. (2008). Volunteer Policy. Retrieved November 24, 2008, from: Valdosta State University. (2008). New Late Fee and Return Policy Implemented. Retrieved November 25, 2008, from: Vanderbilt. (2006). Confidentiality of Library Records. Retrieved November 30, 2008, from: