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Review sheet

  1. 1. Honors/Accelerated Novel/Play Review Name_________________________ Title of Work: Author: Protagonist: Antagonist: Other important characters: Setting: Important places: Symbols: Recurring motifs: Genre/Literary Movement: General quote from the text (to be memorized): TOPICS: Check off all of the topics that would work for the above-named book. On the back of this sheet or on a separate sheet of paper make notes for each of the topics.  Journey as force  Transformation (literal/figurative)  Descent into madness/hell  Reversal of beliefs or ideas  Ceremony or ritual (wedding, funeral, religious service, social gathering) and its significance  Use of fool or comic character and purpose  Opening scene establishes character, conflict or theme of work  Minor characters used to develop major characters, theme or other important idea in work  Author’s use of violence and reason for doing so  How time is used/manipulated in novel/play  Parent/child or sibling relationships and their significance  Analysis of villain or morally ambiguous character w/ regard to entire work  Use of unrealistic character or element (i.e. magical realism) and its effect on the work  Relevance of non-modern work to present day  Passion vs. responsibility  Character vs. society  Contrasts (settings, ideas, characters)  Use and effect of humor or comedy  Role of confidante