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                       October 2009    Happy Halloween
                   Volume 1, Issue...

We travel between the locations by bus      Stories 2 and 3 available on the website.   experience. The mete...

There may be other talks added and
we’ll have those on the website and
send out notices via email as w...

It’s of course the time of year more        dinner, drinks or live entertainment. It    man, with a beard, w...
October’s Events                                                                                       OCTOBER NEWSLETTER

                                                skeptical. If you catch them on the tours

                                       Well, that’s about it for this
Newsletter  October 2009a
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Newsletter October 2009a


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Newsletter October 2009a

  1. 1. ChaosHaunted &Historical Tours October 2009 Happy Halloween Volume 1, Issue 1 from your friends at Chaos Haunted & Historical Tours ! Inside this Issue This is our first newsletter. It’s been a long time coming but there is a lot of exciting news about the ghost tours this 1 Introduction and new year. website information Firstly, we have a new website. The site 1 New Tours! is at the same address ( It’s been completely overhauled. It has 2 Videos, Facebook & Twitter , Testimonials much more in content and breaks down the available tours nicely with a New Tour Packages! calendar. Unfortunately settling in We have some NEW tour packages 2 Ghost Stories!, Upcoming hasn’t been easy and my domain talks. worth checking out too! YEA! The hosting provider hasn’t been doing a Dark Shores tour was added in 2006 and very good job so if that website doesn’t visits the Northern area of Porter 3 Ghost Classes, Chicago come up, put in County and along the Dunes area. One Conference, Halloween Meanwhile of the key places of that tour is a trip to Party, Channel 56 I’ll be working diligently to get that the last known residence of Diana of the problem fixed and switch over to 3 A Haunting in Hobart Dunes (Alice Mable Grey). Last year another domain hosting provider. we began running some “Midnight Tours” so our guests who wanted more The website has a survey, some ghost of the ghost hunting experience, would 5 Upcoming Events tour pictures, ghostly pictures of have ample opportunity to investigate haunted locations that we visit, some of some haunted locations with us. Right our favorite EVP (Electronic Voice now we offer Midnight Specials of both Phenomena), and much more. I’ll be 5 ORBS! the Kaske home in Munster and the Old adding more pictures and EVP to check Jail Museum in Valparaiso. Both are out over the next week. I plan to extremely active haunted locations. We change the EVP about once a week 6 Questions and Answers, limit the group sizes to the locations as during the tour season so you’ll be able Ghost Jokes well. Other overnight and Midnight tour to hear some different recordings over locations are in the works yet this year. the next couple months. EVP is the Some of these may be brand new recording we get at haunted places with Chaos Haunted & Historical Tours locations worth checking out that we the ghostly voices caught on recording. PO Box 1831, Highland, IN 46322 don’t normally visit on our tours! My goal is to provide some that are Phone: 219-714-3761 clear and easy to hear but a few may The Haunted Pub Crawls have also require you to turn up the volume. I hear taken off since their introduction. Many Happy Halloween! turning down the lights adds to the effect and makes it easier to hear too. guests enjoy the opportunity to sip their favorite beverages at 4 haunted bars I’m not sure about that but it certainly By Mike McDowell with great ghost stories behind them. makes them spookier. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  2. 2. OCTOBER 2009 We travel between the locations by bus Stories 2 and 3 available on the website. experience. The meter returned to the and hear other ghost stories along the Ghost Stories 2 is available now. The pleasant green color as the figure way. I imagine that the ghosts find our investigations run very much like you vanished from sight. The poor antics as amusing as we find theirs as see on the regular TV ghost shows gentleman was pretty shaken up after we visit these fine drinking investigation EXCEPT that we actually his ordeal. He shared his experience establishments. I wrote briefly about come up with some decent evidence on with me on recording and I hope to have one of them in this past months our investigations. The videos detail that up on the website shortly. I won’t Panorama Now magazine. That is haunted places all around the state of forget his words to me as he returned to Drena’s Bar and Grill of Hobart. Indiana. Don’t miss them! the bus. He said “That’s the last time I ever go out in a cemetery at night!” We Brand new for this year is our La Porte Of course Dead Whisper and Mystic just never know when it’s going to County Tours as we visit such haunted Indiana are still available for purchase happen on these tours. Sometimes it’s spots as the 10th and I street hauntings, too. those cold and rainy nights that seem to the haunting that have resulted due to bring the ghosts out of hiding. the serial murders that happened 100 years ago by the notorious killer Bell Gunness, spooky theaters, and many Facebook and other eerie locations. The spookiest places that I can find will be included Twitter into this tour. Chaos Haunted & Historical Tours has For those that want to help support the made the leap to Facebook and Twitter local Animal Shelter of Porter County, so that our fans can keep up with our Chaos Haunted & Historical Tours is news on those websites. I myself have doing 2 benefit tours for them where been drawn into this great tool to ALL proceeds go to benefit the local connect with people over this past year shelters. Those tours are October 16th and have become a big fan of Facebook. and November 7th. They are the Porter Look us up today! County route with a bit of a twist for flavor. More details and information on this tour can be found on the website. Testimonials We are plugging in testimonials to the Chaos Tours website so if you would like to send us your testimonial or review of our tours, you can email it to me or post it to our guestbook on the Upcoming Talks website. I’ll be doing a few talks this Halloween Ghost Stories! as I often do. One of my scheduled talks is at the Kanakee Valley Historical Society on October 13th. On the 22nd of “It was a dark, cold and rainy October, I’ll be speaking at the Munster October night when …” Historical Society. I’m speaking on the 21st of October at an assisted living How many ghost stories have you heard home at 2 PM. that start with “it was a dark, cold and rainy October night when …..”. It was The Munster Historical Society talk is New Video! just such a ghost tour last year that we had one of our cool tour experiences. open to the public and is at the Kaske Home in Munster on Ridge road and One of our guests came face to face Columbia. Feel free to come on out! I I’m in the process of completing “Ghost think the other talks are open to the with “something” or “someone” , in a Stories 3” a video by Vizmo films and public as well and those details will be local cemetery, that appeared to be a awesome producer Dan Hall. The video on the website very soon. ghostly manifestation. The guest was will feature Drena’s Bar and Grill of using one of our EMF meters at the time Hobart as one of the investigations! and it had “spiked” to and angry red Don’t miss it! I’ll have copies of Ghost color, at maximum, when he had his 2 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  3. 3. OCTOBER NEWSLETTER There may be other talks added and we’ll have those on the website and send out notices via email as well. Purdue University Ghost Hunting classes! This is my second year of teaching paranormal studies at Purdue University Valparaiso. The Ghosts and Ghost Tracking class still has a few openings left I believe. It’s a 3 week course on The Indiana Ghost paranormal investigations. We meet Wednesdays October 7th, 14th and 21st Trackers with our last class to visit a haunted location to research it’s paranormal Halloween party! activity. The Indiana Ghost Trackers Halloween Party is happening this year on October In November I’m teaching an EVP or 24th at the Haunted Halls of Justice Electronic Voice Phenomena studies (next to the Old Jail) in downtown course. Last year we had some success a Crown Point Indiana. 8PM – 1 AM. capturing EVP at an immigrant train The Chicago Ghost Conference is This is the 8th Annual Halloween party accident location from 100 years ago. happening this coming weekend. For for the Indiana Ghost Trackers. It’s $15 more information go to: per person with tons of great prizes for More information is available from the best costumes, a DJ, lots of giveaways, website or at erence.html EVPs, snacks and so much more. I hope to see you there! This is co-hosted with Ursula Bielski, The Chicago myself and the Indiana Ghost Trackers. Ghost Conference! There are awesome speakers coming to this and cool events on both Friday and Channel 56 Saturday. Joshua Warren, Jeff Belanger, Lorraine Warren, Fredrick Stonehouse Appearance in and many more awesome and entertaining speakers will be there. October! Svengoolie, the Chicago movie horror host will be appearing as well! This is Watch for us on Lakeshore Public conference is certainly not to be missed! Television in October (channel 56). A new ghost program was filmed by Paul If you are a paranormal enthusiast, you Nelson featuring myself and the Indiana will definitely want to attend this event! Ghost Trackers. A Haunting in Hobart This was an article that I wrote for Panorama Magazine for the September issue. Ahhh, it’s that time of year again. Fall. With fall of course comes that fun and spooky holiday known as Halloween. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
  4. 4. OCTOBER 2009 It’s of course the time of year more dinner, drinks or live entertainment. It man, with a beard, who was dressed in people begin to think about Ghosts and wasn’t uncommon for visitors to black farmers type clothing dating to the Ghost Stories. Some people like myself Drenas’ to feel someone standing early 1900’s. The ghostly apparition have taken an interest in ghosts a step behind them or feel someone tap them vanished as quickly as he had appeared. further. on the shoulder or neck, only to turn and find no one there. The best way to One of the most interesting occurrences I’m a paranormal investigator. I also run describe this feeling is the uncanny though took place in the summer of the Indiana Ghost Trackers (a group of sense of feeling someone standing very 2008. A deliveryman had come and put paranormal investigators) and Chaos close to you, close enough to invade away some items in the back storage Haunted & Historical Tours. your personal space followed by a faint room off of the kitchen. After he left, I personally have visited and “touch”. Definitely enough to make Gail found 2 expensive heating lamps investigated countless haunted locations anyone jump should this happen to him lying broken on the floor. They had across the country and right here in our or her. been securely stowed on a top shelf in Hoosier state over the 12 years that I’ve the room. Gail immediately assumed been ghost hunting. Being that I was There was also the sense of being that the deliveryman had broken the born and raised here in the region, some watched, as if eyes were peering at them heat lamps and didn’t bother to tell of my favorite haunted locations are from across the room. If course people anyone. No one else had been in or out none other than right here in Northwest feeling as if they were being watched, of the storage room before or after he Indiana. I’m going to take a moment to turned to find nothing there and had left so it was a logical assumption tell you of one such spooky haunt of our summed up the feeling as their own to make. region. imaginations or their minds playing tricks on them. Gail made an angry phone call to the Last year my friend Tom Lounges of company the deliveryman worked at. XRock told me about a “new” haunted Workers were not immune to coming in Her daughter, Alexe, interrupted her location that sounded like it might be a contact with a ghostly presence at during the phone call. She said “Mom, good place to visit. Apparently a Drena’s. Sue, a chef working in the stop!” “He didn’t do it, you need to see surveillance video captured some kitchen, had the distinct feeling of this!”. Gail turned to where her daughter interesting ghostly phenomena. someone grabbing her right thigh on had been reviewing the motion activated one occasion. Sue continues to see him surveillance video’s and watched as the Obviously I was immediately intrigued. all the time out of the corner of her heavy and secured heat lamp was Not only was it a chance for the Indiana while working in the kitchen. wrenched off the shelf by an unseen Ghost Trackers could do an The Bar has mirrors that reflect the force and dropped to the floor with no investigation in hopes of capturing some stage at Drena’s where the live one in the room. Gail simply said to the ghostly evidence, but I also knew that performances take place. One night company “I’m sorry, I made a mistake” this might also turn out to be a great after closing, Gail and her soundman and ended the phone call. location to add to the Chaos Tours Stretch, were sitting up at the bar and Haunted Pub Crawls. both became transfixed at something in Further review of the video showed, the mirror. They both witnessed a black without a shadow of a doubt, that no I gave the owner Gail (known as Drena shadowy figure run across the stage one was there to pull the heavy and to many of her friends) a call and found near the microphone stand. Although secure lamp off of that top shelf. The her very open to sharing her experiences the mic stand didn’t fall, it did start deliveryman had come and gone at Drena’s Bar and Grill of Hobart. shaking. They quickly turned around without incident and was clearly seen The building itself wasn’t very old. In only to find no one nearby. on the video going about his business. It fact it was only built in 1995. It was was about 5 minutes after he had left built on the foundation of an old It’s a common occurrence for workers that the lamp had come crashing down. farmhouse though which dated back to to hear chairs being dragged across the He hadn’t bumped anything or jarred 1903. floor when no one is in the dining room anything during his visit. area. The dart machines have even come Gail had only recently taken it over and on by themselves while unplugged. On The shelf was a very solidly built shelf started up operations at Drena’s when one occasion a glass lifted up off the and there seemed to be no explanation some unusual activity started taking bar, while customers and workers for what had just taken place. Another place. watched. The glass then smashed itself interesting fact is that when the lamps on the floor as if thrown by someone in were pulled down, the second lamp to Customers began noticing strange anger. fall levitated in the air after the first had things happening. Sometimes people fallen and then fell to the floor. would feel something lightly touching Stretch saw a ghostly figure one night. them as they sat at their tables enjoying What he saw appeared to be an older 4 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  5. 5. October’s Events OCTOBER NEWSLETTER (all tours listed below are 7PM – 11PM As we know, lamps falling off of “Orbs”. Orbs are these balls of light unless noted) shelving don’t normally levitate. If Gail captured by photograph or video. wasn’t convinced that her building was Sometimes these are captured at places 2nd & 3rd - Chicago ghost Conference haunted before, she surely believed it at thought to be haunted. Sometimes the this point. Gail also realized that the orbs are solid, sometimes faint. They 9th (Friday) - Lake County Tour storage room was located directly over are often white in color but can the foundation of the old farmhouse. sometimes be other colors too. It’s a lot 9th/10th (Friday) - Midnight There are many more stories to tell of of fun for people to see if they can Special 11:59PM - 4 AM, Location Old Drena’s in Hobart and the initial capture pictures of orbs at haunted Valpo Jail investigation of the Indiana Ghost places. The question arises though “Are Trackers, but I’ll save those for another these orbs an actual ghost?” 10th (Saturday) - Porter County Tour time. 13th – Kakakee Valley Historical Society Drena’s is definitely a place of warm talk 7 PM hospitality, great food and wonderful entertainment. It leaves us wondering 15th (Thursday) - Lake County Tour who is visiting Drena - Gail, her staff and the customers and what exactly 16th (Friday) - Dark Shores Tour their purpose might be. 17th (Saturday) - Haunted Pub Crawl Hopefully we’ll see you this season at the Chaos Haunted & Historical Tours. My first trip to Gypsies Cemetery. 17th/18th (Saturday) - Midnight Special If not, please have a wonderful and safe 11:59PM - 4 AM, Location Old Valpo Jail Halloween. The problem starts with flash photography or bright lights that stream 22nd – Munster Historical Society Talk 7 PM Visit us online at into a room or place. Dust, moisture and and air particles of any kind can create a 22nd (Thursday) - Porter County Tour bounce back of light effect creating an Check the video out at: orb when we take that picture or video. 23rd (Friday) - Lake County Tour You can try this at home with a tissue andgrill paper. Turn off the lights, crinkle that 23rd (Friday) - Haunted Pub Crawl Tour tissue in the air above your camera and whalla! You’ve got yourself an orb! 23rd (Friday) - Dark Shores Tour You can spray some water into the air for a similar effect. Well that certainly 24th - Come Celebtate Halloween with the isn’t a ghost now is it? Indiana Ghost Trackers at the Haunted Halls of Justice, 8th Annual Halloween bash! We don’t normally see these “dust Only $10 per person, DJ, Prizes, snacks, bunnies” or fine mists floating through contests, and much more! the air but they are there! That’s the problem with ghost hunting and looking 27th - Lake County Tour ORBS!!! for orbs. It’s very nearly impossible to prove that an orb is a representation in 28th - Porter County Tour It’s that time of the year is here again! any way of a ghost because there are air The pumpkins are at the fruit stands and particles that float around us all the time the nights are getting a little cooler that will look the same, or very similar 29th – Lake County Tour, Haunted Pub Crawl Tour & LaPorte Tour all run. again. Fall. And with fall comes one of on camera to what people would say is a the nations leading holidays, classic “ghost orb”. The closer it is to Halloween. With Halloween, ghost and the lenses, the bigger and more solid it 30th - (Friday, Devils Night!) Dark Shores Tours, Porter County and Lake County all hauntings seems to grab the attention of is. run. many people, especially with the many new ghost hunting television shows on Continued on page 6 the air. One of the topics of conversations that I hear most from people, during my ghost tours or at IGT meetings, are that on . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
  6. 6. OCTOBER 2009 skeptical. If you catch them on the tours Continued from Page 5 (and I hope that you do) there’s always the chance that they are! 30th/31st Midnight Special - location TBA The Ghost Jokes Happy Halloween! 31st - Halloween DAYTIME trip TBA! (more details to come!) for October Mike McDowell is the President/CEO of the Indiana Ghost Trackers and also November Q: Where do ghosts go on the owner of Chaos Haunted & vacation? Historical Tours. You can find out more online atEerie canal, Lake Eerie and at A: The ! I 1st (Sunday, All Saintsthis picture but it don’t remember who got Day) Porter or Mali-Boo shows a niceLake county both run this County & solid orb. He can be night 7 -11 PM emailed at Can a ghost be an orb? Why certainly it could. -I (Friday) LaPorte and Porter 6th have visited hundreds and Q. What's a ghosts favorite ride at hundreds of haunted placesnighton just a County both run this and the carnival? few occasions I have witnessed the A: The roller ghoster. Questions and Answers spectacular. I’ve seen “orbs” moving on 7th - (Saturday) Lake County & their own violation with the naked eye. haunted Pub Crawl both run this night 7 Send me your favorite! Q:Can I send you my picture? The stories are -too long and there isn’t 11 PM room for them here, but I have A: Please do! Ghost pictures and witnessed this incredible experience people pictures from tours are all FRIDAY THE 13th !!! - Porter County first hand. Does my experience provide very cool. Yes you can send me your Tour, Haunted Pub Crawl and Lake evidence that an orb is a ghost? No, but orb pictures. I’ll be happy to look at County Tour all run this night 7 - 11 them! Pictures may end up on the it does seem probable that what I PM website though unless you tell me experienced was supernatural in nature. otherwise. A nice picture by Carol Farkas from a Friday thethat if energy exists Special Assuming 13th - Midnight after couple years back. Q: Will you post EVPs from your death and that energyTBA moved on location hasn’t tours online? to the hereafter, what would the easiest Questions and Answers form for that “energy” to take? A A: I’ll do my best to post any EVP For more information on these triangle? A square? A trapezoid? recordings we capture during the Q: I have a house that is haunted. Probablyand much more could the tours not! But a circle visit be a midnight tours on the website for Would you come out to take a look website: reasonable form of the energy that may everyone to hear. You can then and do you charge anything? download these EVPS to save for be left behind. So if orbs can be some your own personal files. They will sort ofOr call: representation, how can ghostly 219-714-3761 only Ibe available for ato line or so A: would be happy week up an we tell our own orb photos from investigation. It will most likely be though so get them while they are up there! Right now there are 6 Trackers. something that might just be a ghost? through the Indiana Ghost EVP on That’s a good question and many ghost the website from our for this service. There is no charge last Kaske home Midnight special. Check call hunters have their own answers for what If you would just like a social them they BELIEVE is a true “ghost orb”. out! These werebeer, that’s fine too. over coffee or analyzed on the site There is still no way to prove it though. and the team that was there with me stayed and tours are full? Q: Which helped me listen to the So my answer to those inquiring minds, recordings for the EVP. A: I’ll try to post this information who email me their ghost orbs this Q:Where do tours pickup from? are online as they fill up. Most tours Hallowen, is; “Perhaps”. There is not still wide open but the calls are A: Lake County – East side ofand get proof that the orb between aunt Mildred starting to come in so hurry the and aunt Bonnie is your uncle Ed, but Crownreservations in! your Point OLD courthouse in the maybe it is. We can’t prove that it is square. (1 Court St) (continued from page 5) Porter County– 153 Franklin Street, from an “orb picture” but if you believe the Valparaiso Historical Museum that uncle Ed stopped by to say hello, Dark Shores – In Chesterton at the brand new visitors Center on route who am I to say that you’re mistaken? 49. It’s just north of Indian Boundary  Road and 80/94. Pub Crawls – Franklin House in -- So orbs can be ghosts but as a downtown Valparaiso. 68 S. paranormal investigator, I must be Campbell St. (Unless noted otherwise). Midnight Tours – Depends on 6 location. Check the website . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . LaPorte- TBA Should have that ironed out this week. Private tours can pickup from a specified location.
  7. 7. OCTOBER NEWSLETTER Well, that’s about it for this newsletter. I’ll see you at the tours of via email with the next one! Please let me know if you do not wish to be a part of this email list and I will remove you from future mailings. Thanks! Mike McDowell . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7