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2013 Northwest Folklife Souvenir Festival Guide


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The official 2013 Northwest Folklife Festival guide. Join us May 24-27 at Seattle Center!

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2013 Northwest Folklife Souvenir Festival Guide

  1. 1. Wyncote Foundation NWSeattle Office ofText FOLK to 20222 to donate $10to Folklife! See page 11 for details.Full schedule and FREE mobile app onlineat
  2. 2. 2 3Welcome! festival informationAccessibilityand AssistanceAll buildings in Seattle Center are wheelchairaccessible. A limited number of wheelchairsare available at Festival Services on the thirdfloor of the Armory (#19 on map). Disabledparking is available at all lots (check with theattendant if spaces are full) and on the streeton 2nd Avenue North, south of Thomas Street.Emergencies• Go to any Festival Information Booth and ask for assistance• Ask for help from a radio-equipped Festival Staff member• Dial 9-1-1 (free at any pay phone or via cell)• Alert the nearest Seattle Police Officer• Go to First Aid on the north side of theArmory. It is staffed by American MedicalResponse and Seattle Fire DepartmentParamedics. (Look at the back of this guide for the red cross on the Festival map.)Lost and FoundFound items are turned over to SeattleCenter Customer Service on the third floorbalcony of the Armory, (206) 684-7200.PetsPlease leave all pets except service animalsat home. Exotic animals are not allowed onthe Seattle Center grounds. Noise levels atSeattle Center are high; please leave youranimals at home.Public CheckroomA public checkroom is available foryour convenience in the Fisher PavilionRoadhouse. Hours are Friday throughSunday, 11am to 10pm and Monday,11am to 9pm. The cost is $2 for a one-timecheck and $5 for unlimited daily access.Purchasing PerformerRecordingsThis year Folklife performers withrecordings will be selling CDs at theirstages, during and after their performances.Look for the round umbrellas next tooutdoor stages or tables at indoor venues.See page 19 for more information.Street PerformingThis year, Folklife will be registering streetperformers at the Festival Services deskon the third floor of the Armory. Pleasecheck our website ( for a full listof guidelines for street performing.Sign upfor eNews!Northwest Folklife is an independentyear-round nonprofit organizationdedicated to creating opportunitiesfor all people to appreciate, share, andparticipate in the evolving folk and ethnictraditions of the Pacific Northwest. Everyyear since 1972 we have presented theNorthwest Folklife Festival in SeattleCenter on Memorial Day Weekend.The Pacific Northwest is home to anextraordinary group of communities—ethnic, familial, occupational, religious, andregional—and we believe it is importantto celebrate and help sustain the traditionsof all of those groups. Doing so revitalizespeople and communities and helps preservecultural heritage for years to come. Webelieve that when people share their wayof life, opportunities are created to dissolvemisunderstandings, break down stereotypesand increase respect for one another.The Northwest Folklife Festival is justone way Northwest Folklife brings thiscelebration of diversity and tradition to theheart of Seattle. Find out more about us byvisiting our website,, or bystopping by a Festival Information Booth.About Northwest FolklifePhoto by Ben Shaevitz.It is our pleasure to welcome you to your42nd annual Northwest Folklife FestivalThis weekend’s celebration of folklife is the celebration of all that we do in the Pacific Northwest. And as we gathertogether for the forty-second consecutive year to share and participate in our traditions, we do so only because of you!It is a special gift to be able to experience the arts and cultures of our region this holiday weekend. The Festival hasattracted many of you from across our country here to the Northwest. We invite you all to take part, not simply listenor watch. Whether you pick up an instrument, learn something new, dance and sing or try a new food, the FolklifeFestival is a perfect chance to enjoy what you already know and appreciate, and also a great opportunityto experience something new. Special this year: watch for programming around our Cultural Focus: WashingtonWorks, featuring exhibits, films, demonstrations, storytelling and performances that explore various aspects ofoccupational folklore and the ever-changing workplaces in Washington State.Northwest Folklife is committed to keeping this celebration free. In doing so, we continue to encourage theparticipation of everyone without a fiscal barrier to the many opportunities here. By encouraging arts andcelebrating cultures together we enrich our communities and improve the quality of life all around us.Maintaining this goal takes the effort and support from so many, and we offer grateful thanks to all of you whodonate money, time and expertise to this endeavor. We’ll ask all of you who can to join us in “owning” the FolklifeFestival—donate this weekend to the cause of keeping our Festival free and encouraging this work to continue. Youcan participate in other ways, too. In fact, Northwest Folklife is recruiting new members for our board of directorsto help us plan the future of the organization. Look for more information and a link on page 22 of this guide.There is great news for our future: we have renewed our continuous relationship with our host and presentingpartner Seattle Center through 2018! We will continue to recognize and celebrate the evolving cultural traditionsand practices of our region in our longtime home, just as Seattle Center itself continues to evolve and change. Comewith us! Be a partner in our work – donate your support and enjoy our annual rite of spring for years to come!We hope you enjoy your Festival!Luther F. BlackPresident, Board of DirectorsRobert TownsendExecutive DirectorContentsFestival Info.....................................3Become a Friend of Folklife.............3Cultural Focus:Washington Works........................4-7Youth Programming.........................8Family Activities..............................9Schedule Grid...........................10-17Living Green Courtyard & CD Sales.....19Festival Vendors............................21Volunteer Info...............................22Thank Yous and Sponsors..............23Grounds @nwfolklife / #folklifeAccept the Challenge – Make yourdonation go further than ever before!Are you a Friendof Folklife donor?For 42 years, Folklife has createdopportunities that strengthen our communityand bring cultures together. With grass-rootscommunity support, Folklife has grown intoan organization that makes it possible forall in our community to experience andparticipate in the cultures of the world righthere in Seattle. Take a minute today to stopby one of our Info Booths or the Friends ofFolklife donation booths (SW Corner of theInternational Fountain or SE Corner of theFisher Pavilion) to learn more about howyou can make your annual gift to Folklife gofurther than ever by taking advantage of avery special Challenge Giving Opportunity.Your gift will help us:• Increase our capacity to work directlywith new and growing culturalcommunities in our region• Finalize planning for new culturalofferings that help build our year-roundpresence in the Pacific Northwest• Program and present the annualNorthwest Folklife Festival!Ways You CanSupport Folklifen At the Entrances:Talk to one of our friendly greeters and donate what you can as you enter or leave our Festival.Every donation counts andevery donation gets you one of our daily buttons.n Become a Friends of FolklifeDonor at the Info Booths:Visit any entrance, Festival Services, or oneof two Friends of Folklife booths on grounds(SW corner of the Int’l Fountain or SE cornerof the Fisher Pavilion) to learn more aboutbecoming a Friend of Folklife. Step up andask the attendant any questions you mayhave! Credit/Debit gladly accepted!n At Any Donation Box:At every entrance and in select venues!n With a Festival Fundraiser:You’ll see a few volunteers with signs asking you to make a donation. Talk to oneof these nice folks to make a donation and receive a button!2013 Friend of Folklife BenefitsAll Friends of Folklife donations made during the Festival will entitle you to benefits duringthe 2013 Festival with the exception of the Festival guide—we’ll mail you the 2014 guide next May!Contributor ($50)($40 students or seniors)• Official guide mailed to you in mid-Mayprior to the Festival• Option to receive our eNewsletter• Two Friend of Folklife buttons• Special Friend of Folklife deal at selectlocations at the FestivalAdvocate ($100)All of the above, PLUS:• One Hospitality button for admission to a special insider access area ANDadmission to the Saturday Night Party• One official Northwest Folklife Festival T-shirt or your choice of a vintage Folklife T-shirt• Copy of the latest Roots & Branches: Live from the Festival CDSupporter ($250)All of the above, PLUS:• One additional Hospitality Button foradmission to a special insider access areaAND admission to the Saturday Night Party• One Official Northwest Folklife Festival Poster• One Northwest Folklife Tote BagFolklife Hero: Investor ($500)All of the above, PLUS:• One Northwest Folklife Goody Bag• Recognition for your donation in the FestivalGuide and year-round on our websiteFolklife Hero: Benefactor ($1,000)All of the above, PLUS:• Exclusive tour of the Festival with theExecutive Director and a Board Member• Signed Northwest Folklife Festival limited edition hand-screened posterFolklife Hero: Sustainer ($2,500)All of the above, PLUS:• Complimentary parking during the Festival• Exclusive dinner with the Executive DirectorFolklife Hero:Visionary Circle($5,000+)All of the above, PLUS:• Naming opportunities at the FestivalThank you for all you do tosupport Northwest Folklife!Text FOLK to 20222 to donate $10 to Northwest Folklife! See page 11 for details.Visit for more details about this year’s Northwest Folklife FestivalKing County Metro ShuttleWe are pleased to offer two festival shuttlesthis year, in partnership with King CountyMetro Transit. Shuttles leave from Rentonand Northgate through the day on Saturday,Sunday, and Monday. Shuttles cost $2.50per person each way (cash only) and droppassengers off at 3rd and Mercer. Please for more details andbus schedules. Spot What’s New at Metro!Visit their booth at the Fisher Plaza at theFestival on May 25 and 26.New at Seattle Center• The Center House has been reinvigoratedand is now named The Armory. After recentrenovations, the interior has been updatedto reveal its historic roots. The “Center ofthe Center” now features fresh, local foods and beverages.• Welcome KEXP! The radio station is inthe process of moving into the NorthwestRooms at Seattle Center. We look forwardto KEXP beginning broadcasting from thislocation in 2014.• Family Hands-On Activities are now onthe Fisher Terrace (#18 on the map). Readmore about our family activities on page 9.• New beer garden next to the Fisher Green Stage (#16 on map)• Indie Roots programming is now expandedacross several stages! Look for the Indie Rootsicon on our schedule grid (pages 10-17).There is no longer a stage at Broad Street.Mobile AppDownload the Festival mobile app forschedule and performer info on the go! Youcan get directions on how to download the2013 app to your iPhone or Android deviceat More Information?For additional information on food, craft,Uncommon Market and Living GreenCourtyard vendors, as well as on CulturalFocus highlights, hotels, bus routes andmore, please visit, download our Festival app foryour iPhone and Android, or head to anyof our Festival Information Booths. Youmay also visit Festival Services (located onthe third floor of the Armory [#19 on themap]) between the hours of 9am and 10pmon Friday, 8am and 10pm on Saturday andSunday and 8am to 8pm on Monday.SmokingNorthwest Folklife encourages all attendeesto abide by all laws and regulations andreminds you that smoking or consumingmarijuana in public is still illegal. Smokingtobacco within 25 feet of buildings, foodor craft vendors or people in lines isalso prohibited.
  3. 3. 4Visit for more details about this year’s Northwest Folklife Festival5Cultural Focus:Washingtonworks Cultural Focus:WashingtonworksWashington State has always been ahotbed of labor activity. In the early1900s, the timber industry broughtwealth to the Northwest, and timberworkers began to band together toform unions and go after benefitsthe better economy could provide.Many joined the Industrial Workersof the World (IWW), a radical labororganization whose aim was to “put thesupervision of industry in the hands ofthose that do the work.” People calledmembers of the IWW “Wobblies,” andthe Wobblies supported a new tacticcalled the “strike,” where workerswalked off the job when their requestswere denied.The influence of the Wobblies reachedits peak in 1919. World War I hadended, and Seattle shipyard workerswere expecting a pay raise to make upfor years of strict governmental wagecontrols. They did not get their raise. Soin February 1919, shipyard workers madeinternational headlines when they led theSeattle General Strike. To show solidaritywith the shipyard workers, most of thecity’s 110 local unions took part. In all,more than 65,000 people participated—almost a quarter of the workforce. Thestrike lasted three days and garneredworldwide headlines. The issues centeredon workplace rights and the importanceof maintaining the unions. Though itwas unsuccessful in getting the raise, theSeattle General Strike is recognized asone of the most extreme labor actions inAmerican history.Other unions flourished in the decadesfollowing as the importance of tradeincreased in the region. The workerswho first drove teams of horses, thentrucks, to deliver goods organized as theTeamsters. The longshoremen and dockworkers organized as the InternationalLongshoremen and Workers Union,the ILWU. World War II furtherexpanded Washington’s economy withshipbuilding and airplane construction.But with all the union building, therewas also segregation. ThroughoutWashington’s history, people of colorhave faced many barriers in theworkplace. Labor unions excludedthem, and employers gave them themost disagreeable jobs. Many workersof color formed their own unions:Filipinos in Alaskan canneries, AfricanAmerican tradespeople on constructionsites of Seattle, and Latinos in westernWashington vineyards. Those civil rightsvictories set national precedents andserved as models for unions in otherparts of the United States.Women also experienced discriminationat work, and they fought back. In1936, Elsie Parrish, an underpaidfemale employee in Wenatchee, wona Supreme Court case that establishedminimum wage laws for women. Later,efforts in the Northwest were at theforefront of the movement for payequity in the 1970s and 1980s.With changes to the Northwest’seconomy, working people and unionmembers have continued to takethe lead in promoting equality andwell-being. In 1999, the WashingtonState Labor Council, AFL-CIO, led thelabor movement protests against theWorld Trade Organization (WTO)in opposing trade policies thatbenefited multinational corporationsat the expense of workers and theenvironment. That event amplified theglobal call for fair trade policies andmade international headlines, just likethe 1919 General Strike. Shortly afterthe WTO protest, Boeing engineersparticipated in the largest white-collarstrike in United States history.Labor unions continue to be animportant part of Washington life.There are unions in the building tradesand the service industry, in educationand in the public sector. Washington,at 15%, has one of the largest unionworkforces in the country.No wonder—union roots run deep here.– Andrew Hedden, Program Coordinator,Harry Bridges Center for Labor Studies,University of Washington– Deborah Fant, Deputy Director,Northwest FolklifeA Brief Workers’ Historyof the Pacific NorthwestLabor & Immigration Timeline for the Pacific Northwest1900 German immigrant FrederickWeyerhaeuser buys timberlandand founds Weyerhaeuser Timber Company,bringing thousands of European immigrants to work in Washington.1905 IndustrialWorkers of theWorld (IWW) founded.1906 Japanese Labor Unionin Seattle has 600 members.1907 Several hundred white workersin Bellingham drive 700 AsianIndians out of the community and acrossthe border into Canada.1910 U.S. population about 92million. In Washington State,21% of the population is foreign-born.1910-1920 Mexicannationalsrecruited to work on railroads andin agricultural fields in the PacificNorthwest.1914-1918 World War I.Sharp decrease inimmigration combined with 15,000 menleaving for military servicecreates a labor shortage. Shipbuilding for the governmentbrings tens of thousands ofworkers to Seattle from theEast and Midwest. Most jobsstill closed to Japanese.1919 Racism on therise in Seattle. Restaurantsthat previously served African Americansrefuse service to non-whites. Labor unionsgrowing. Of 60,000 AFL members, 6,000 are women.1919 Refugees from WorldWar I arrive in PacificNorthwest: Armenians, Russians,Bulgarians, and Romanians. Many work in logging camps and mines1919 February: General Strikedeclared in Seattle in supportof shipyard workers. 65,000walk out for fourdays. Shipyardworkers don’t windemands, but workersare energized by theorganization andmanagement of the strike.1919 November 11, thevery first Armistice Day:American Legionnaires on paradein Centralia attack an IWW hall.Four Legionnaires fatally shot, one IWW organizer lynched,others rounded up, jailed, tried for murder.1920 5.1 million Americans aremembers of trade unions. InSeattle, racial exclusion policies preventAfrican Americans and Asian Americansfrom joining most AFL unions.1923 U.S. Supreme Courtrules AsianIndians ineligible forcitizenship, decidingthat although they are“Caucasian,” they are not “white.”1928 150 white workers stop 60Filipinos on their way to pickapples in the Yakima Valley and force themto leave the area.1934 Tydings-McDuffe Act grantsPhilippines independence but cuts Filipino immigration to 50 persons a year. Longshore workers strike on entire Pacific Coast.1935 Lumber workersstrike in camps and sawmills of Washingtonand Oregon. Machinists atBoeing organize.1937 Railroad Waiters’ Union formedto address grievances of AfricanAmerican railroad waiters in Washington State.1941 U.S. enters thewar afterJapanese attack on PearlHarbor. Main populationof white males goes towar; women and AfricanAmericans enter work forcein large numbers.1945-on Armenian, Lebanese,Turkish and Iranianimmigration to U.S. and Washington State.1945-1980 Seattle’s Jewishpopulation doublesto almost 20,000 as survivors of the Holocaust join existingJewish communities.1948 Boeing machinistsstrike in Seattle.1950-presentCzechoslovakian, Balkan, Hungarian andPolish peoples immigrate, establish orjoin existing communities in WA State.Increasing immigration from Korea, Guam,and Samoa.1952 Basque immigrationto Washington increases,supported by WashingtonWool GrowersAssociation. Most work as herders.1960-onLatin American political refugeesarrive in region along with immigrants fromCentral and South Americanimmigrants: Cubans, PuertoRicans, Chileans, Hondurans,Colombians, Nicaraguans,El Salvadorans, Peruvians,Guatemalans, Bolivians1960 Tibetan immigrantsarrive in Seattle,establish one of the oldestTibetan-American communities in the U.S.1975-on Southeast Asiansbegin to settle in Pacific Northwest at the end of the VietnamWar. Vietnamese, Laotian, Hmong, Lao,Cham, Cambodian, and ethnic Chinese,facing language and employmentbarriers like earlierAsian immigrants, findwork in restaurants andstores within their owncommunities. 1990 In Seattle, peopleof European descent are 75%of the population;African Americans 10%;Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders11.74%; Latin American descent 3.6%;Native American 1.42%.1990s Union membership in U.S.decreases. Fourteen millionmembers, 15% of all those employed. Shift inlabor force to white collar and service sectors,areas less organized by unions.1997 Of 47,000students in Seattle Public Schools, over20% are bilingual. Caucasianstudents, 40.7%; AfricanAmerican, 22.8%; AsianAmerican and Pacific Islander,24.8%; Native American,3.1%; Latino, 8.6%. The studentsserved by Seattle Public Schools speak 77 different native languages.2001 85% entering the work forcefor the first time in King Countyare people of color, women, and foreign-born men and women– Courtesy Pacific Northwest Labor History Association time staff who were machinists, firefighters, teachers, teamsters,carpenters, stage and theatrical workers, and airline pilots.Learn more about other people’s jobs through panels andpresentations on the Narrative Stage at SIFF Cinema, throughthe art exhibit in the Lopez Room, through demonstrations andstorytelling sessions in the Olympic Room, and through thediscussions and exchanges you’ll see and hear all weekend.Washington Works The 2013 festivalcelebrates our work. For many of us, our work not only pays thebills, it gives meaning to our lives. Washington Works explores theways people in our state make a living, with a special emphasison union jobs. This region has a long history of labor organizing,and Washington state has one of the largest union workforcesin the country. When we polled the Northwest Folklife staff, wefound mothers, fathers, brothers, uncles, grandfathers, and partDid you know? Northwest Folklife will be producing short video documentaries as part of the Washington Works program.Work. It’s what we all do every day . . .and sometimes it feels like it consumes us.But work also gives us our identity, andthe kinds of work people do gives rise toinspiration in the form of art, music, andculture. In the words of poet and folksingerCharlie King, “Our life is more than ourwork, and our work is more than our job.”The Washington State Labor Council,AFL-CIO, and its coalition partners believethat “work is more than a job.” For the second year in a row, theentire month of May has been dedicated to the celebration of workthrough MayWorks, a four-week-long series of art exhibits, musicalperformances, film competitions, lectures and parades that celebratesthe culture of work from the last century through today.MayWorks is dedicated to honoring the struggles of the past whileinspiring those who are struggling right now. It gives voice to workersthrough music, art, books, and poetry—through the celebrationof the culture of working people.The Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO, is proud to be involvedin Washington Works events at the 2013 Northwest Folklife Festival asthe finale to the MayWorks celebration. See the complete calendar ofMayWorks events on– Lynne Dodson, Secretary/Treasurer,Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIOMayWorks: An AnnualCelebration of the Culture of WorkHere’s where to find Washington Works programs:Cannery workers in Alitak,Alaska, 1937. Photo courtesy UW Libraries. Special Collections Division.Olympic RoomSaturday,May 25, 2:00 PMThe Bed Making Contest!Bagley WrightTheatreSaturday, May 25,7:00-10:00 PMThe Labor ShowcaseThe Lopez RoomSunday, May 26,2:00 PMA panel withWashington StateRosie the Riveters!Lopez Room forart exhibits – allweekendSIFF Cinema(Narrative Stage)Panels andpresentations – allweekendOrcas RoomLabor-relatedfilms – all weekend
  4. 4. 6Visit for more details about this year’s Northwest Folklife Festival7Cultural Focus:WashingtonWorks Cultural Focus:WashingtonWorksRosie the Riveter:A World War II Icon andPart of Washington History“Rosie the Riveter” was a genericname given to women who workednon-traditional jobs in factories andshipyards during WWII while menwere away at war. The nicknamecame from a song by that namewritten in 1942. There were “Rosies”all over the country workingin factories that manufacturedmunitions and war supplies. In thePacific Northwest, Rosie the Riveterscould be found at Todd Shipyardsand Kaiser Shipyards building ships,Indian Island making submarine nets,Fort Lewis working as mechanics, andat many Boeing plants throughoutthe region constructing airplanes. Formost of the Rosies, their jobs endedwhen the war did—when the menreturned. But the Rosies marked aturning point in labor history: theywere women who successfully heldjobs that, until then, only men hadheld. Rosies opened the door forwomen to work in the trades—in construction, manufacturing,and transportation.Six years ago, Washington Womenin Trades (WWIT) embarked on aproject to interview and photographall of the Rosies they could locatein the state in order to create acalendar that commemorated theirwork. Since WWIT was foundedby and for women working in thetrades, it made sense to recognizethe women in the region who werethe foremothers of the moderntradeswomen. The WWIT membersdiscovered that the project went farbeyond what they had anticipated.Each Rosie’s story is compelling; eachgoes beyond building airplanes orwelding ships. They are stories thatspan a century of living.Most Rosies were just teenagerswhen they hired on. Many had neverleft home. They were risk-takerswho rode crowded trains across thecountry with empty pockets andpaper bags full of lunch, seekingadventure and decent paychecks.They lived in boarding houses, theytrained and they worked. Theyslogged through exhaustive hours,split shifts, interminable bus andferry rides, and sexual and racialoppression. And seventy years agothey paved the way for otherwomen to follow.Since 2008, WWIT has beenproducing a calendar that featuresWashington State Rosies. Everyyear it gets harder and harderto find “calendar girls”--thesewomen are national treasures with,unfortunately, an expiration date.The Washington Women in Tradesare proud to introduce you to someof the most important womenin labor in the region.Washington Women in Trades isa non-profit organization whosemission is to improve women’seconomic equity and self-sufficiencythrough access and success in high-wage, high-skilled careers in theconstruction, manufacturing andtransportation sector.Josie Dunn (right), with unknown woman. Photo courtesy of Washington Women in Trades.Please come and meet someof Washington State’s Rosies onSunday, May 26, at 2:00 PMin the Olympic Room, whereWashington Works will presenta panel on “Puget Sound Rosies:Riveting History.”Northwest Folklife is working on a project with the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress. Read more at Festival guide was designedand printed by members of thePacific Northwest NewspaperGuild, which representsjournalists, sales professionals,production staff, and circulationworkers at newspapers and printbusinesses across Washington state. The largestmembership is at The Seattle Times. The guild’shistory dates to 1933, when columnist HeywoodBroun and a small group of colleagues formedthe American Newspaper Guild to fight for betterpay and working conditions in Depression-eranewsrooms. Today the guild is a local affiliate ofthe Communications Workers of America and isallied with over 700,000 other union members.Labor Art Exhibits in the Lopez RoomExplore the rich labor history of Washington state and the Pacific Northwest through the eyes of its labor groups, past and present, in five exhibits mounted in the Lopez Room.Journey for Justice: 223Years of APA Labor Historyin the Puget SoundThis exhibit tells a workers’ epic story of theAsian Pacific American (APA) labor communitiesin the Pacific Northwest from the 1850s to theSeattle General Strike of 1919 up to the presentday APA Islander communities in Washingtonstate. Journey for Justice captures the frequentlyoverlooked story of APA workers in this regionthrough a photographic narrative, historicaltimeline and portraits of contemporary APAworkers.This exhibit sends a powerful messageby recalling the Pacific Northwest region’stroubled past of discrimination against APAworkers and the efforts of solidarity by theIWW and ILWU against racism.This exhibitunderscores the point that, for APA laborcommunities, the journey for justice continues.Men Along the Shoreand the Legacy of 1934The International Longshore Worker’s Union(ILWU) was one of the unions in solidarity withAPA workers in the 1920s.Through photographs,graphics and newspapers, this historical exhibitby the Longshore Division of the ILWU chroniclesthe story of how longshoremen, consideredlittle more than transients at the time, stood upand made history.The Pacific Coast MaritimeStrike and the subsequent San Francisco GeneralStrike are two of the most significant events inthe labor history of both San Francisco and theUnited States.The exhibit’s chronicling of thepast provides a mirror of events occurring with workers of today.Voices from theTidelands: A portraitof geoduck farmers fromSouth Puget SoundThe exhibit by independent folklorist ElaineVradenburgh provides a glimpse into theexperience of geoduck farming in the SouthPuget Sound from the perspectives of a few localgrowers.Through stories and photographs, theexhibit explores how shellfish farmers develop apersonal connection with both the tidelands andthe community of people who engage in thistradition through their daily work on the Sound.Using Art to Awaken:Posters about Labor andGlobalization issuesSelected works by students enrolled in the “Labor, Globalization and Art” class at theUniversity of Washington,Tacoma, under thedirection of Dr. Beverly Naidus.Images of Labor andSocial Justice: The Artof Richard V. CorrellRichard V. (Dick) Correll (1904-1990) was oneof the leading masters of printmaking in theWest. For most of his life he earned a livingas a commercial artist in the book publishingand advertising fields. But he is best knownfor the powerful black-and-white linoleumcuts, etchings, and woodblock prints that heproduced while working on his own time.Correll’s themes ranged widely: fromlandscapes, agricultural scenes, and harbors and ships to animals and music and dance. Most of his work reflected his lifelong concern with political and social issues.This exhibit features selections from several core areas of Correll’s recently donated collection,housed at the Labor Archives of Washington, University of Washington Libraries SpecialCollections.The entire collection includes images of labor, social justice, civil rights, anti-warthemes, work he did for the Great Depression-era Federal Art Project, and his work for theprogressive Depression-era newspaper the Voice of Action.Cargo Loading in the 1950s, Richard V. Correll. Prints and Papers, University of Washington Special CollectionsThe Lopez Room is open dailyfrom 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM.The Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO represents over450 unions and 400,000 union workers.It is the voice—the political,policy, and solidarity focus—for the labor movement in Washington state.The Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO (WSLC) works with and throughunions that voluntarily join or affiliate and Central Labor Councils that workon regional issues throughout the state. We represent workers in industry,education, agriculture, the building and construction trades, federal, state, andlocal government, health care, transportation, grocery stores, the maritime trades,hotels and restaurants, the arts and entertainment, and so much more…Unionworkers are everywhere! The primary function of the WSLC is to advocatefor laws and policies that promote economic and social justice for all workingpeople and their families.About the WashingtonState Labor CouncilFind Out More About LaborFounded in 1992 following an unprecedented grassroots fundraising campaignin the labor community, the Harry Bridges Center for Labor Studies honors thememory of legendary leader Harry Bridges, former president of the InternationalLongshore and Warehouse Union. Based at the University of Washington (UW),the Center promotes the study of work, workers, and their organization providesa meeting place where people from the academic world, the labor movement,and the community can exchange ideas and insights.The Labor Archives of Washington (LAW) was founded to preserve the records ofworking people and their unions and to serve as a center for historical research,ensuring that new generations have access to the rich labor history of the region.A unit of the Special Collections Department of UW, the Labor Archives is acollaborative project of the Harry Bridges Center for Labor Studies and theUW Libraries. Visit: laborarchives.orgThe Labor Education and Research Center (LERC) at the South Seattle CommunityCollege provides direct training and education to unions and other groupsinterested in workplace rights and classes in labor history, popular economics,leadership development and union skills like collective bargaining.Visit: at the MoviesEach of the following films dealswith a different aspect of laboror labor history. The films will beshown in the Orcas Room, and eachfilm will be shown daily at thesame time.12:00 NoonInterviews with Washington State’sAfrican American Rosie the Riveters(2000) – 60 min. MOHAI’s Speakingof Seattle collection.1:30 PMExcerpt from The History Channel’s”America on the Move” series – 5 min.A brief history of longshore work inthe United States, featuring retiredILWU 23 president Philip Lelli.1:45 PMILWU 23: In Unity There is Strength(2011) – 20 min. The story of theInternational Longshoremen WorkersUnion 23 in Tacoma.2:30 PMWorthy Work, Worthless Wages(1991) – 14 min. Low salaries forchild care workers provoked a staffingcrisis that the Seattle Worthy WagesTask Force organized to address.Aired on 32 PBS stations in the seriesWe Do the Work.3:00 PMPilebutts: Working Under the Hammer(2003) – 28 min. “Pilebutt” is anick-name for pile-driving men in thebuilding, construction and maritimetrades. This video was produced byPile Drivers, Divers, Bridge, Wharf andDock Builders Local Union Number 34,Oakland, CA.4:00 PMPullman Porters: Ordinary Men,Extraordinary History (2009) – 5 min.An AARP Bulletin Today productioncelebrating the history of AfricanAmerican train workers.4:30 PM1,000 People in the Street [1996] –17 min. When 18 members of theAmerican Federation of MusiciansLocal 76-493 went on strike for betterpay at the Fifth Avenue Theatre,they inspired a wave of solidarityunseen in years.5:00 PMWill You Stand? [1998] – 11 min.This upbeat short featuring culturalworkers and labor leaders was filmedprimarily at the 1997 NorthwestFolklife Festival, which celebratedthe heritage of the American labormovement in Arts and Music.Sleeping in Seattle:A Bed-Making Contest!Who taught you how to make a bed?Your mother? Your father? Your drillsergeant? Can you make a nice, crispcorner? You may have thought youcould make a bed, but there are tricksto making a bed the professional way!Watch members of Unite Here! 8,the union representing workers in thehos-pitality industry, make a bed likenobody’s business, then you try yourhand at it! It’s not as easy as you think.Saturday, May 25, at 2:00 PMin the Olympic RoomChris Harnish, a dive tender on a geoduck boat inthe South Puget Sound, processes the day’s harvest.Photo by Elaine VradenburghLook on the cover ofthis guide to find theunion “bug,” whichindicates this guidewas printed by unionworkers! The bug alsoguarantees that the menand women who work onyour printed materialsreceive decent wagesand benefits in plantsthat practice responsiblelabor-managementrelations.
  5. 5. 8Visit for more details about this year’s Northwest Folklife Festival9youthprogramming Family Hands-on activitiesHands-On Activities on the Fisher TerraceAll Ages | All DayFolklife celebrates youth voices from around the Northwestwith the All Ages | All Day programming inside of the EMP’sSky Church on Sunday, May 26th. Kicking off the morningis the All Ages Alternative Showcase featuring Phyllis Payne,Mts. & Tunnels, The Hoot Hoots and the runners up in theEMP’s Sound Off!, SHEBEAR!The VERA Project will be stepping outside of its venue and intothe Sky Church to present some of the best up-and-coming all-ages artists. Ver(a)city Showcase is organized by the Ver(a)cityCommittee at the VERA Project. Ver(a)city is a free all-ages monthly show series for new, young bandsin the Seattle area – a great first stop on their way up the charts, booked by VERA Project membersand volunteers! The Ver(a)city Showcase presents Chastity Belt, Youryoungbody and the Fame Riot3:00PM-6:00PM. To get involved at The VERA Project & Ver(a)city, contact out the evening with a hop in your step at the You Can’t Fake Fresh Showcase featuring GlobalHeat, The Sharp Five, Eastern Sunz and Irujanji Physics of Fusion from 7:00PM-10:00PM.SHEBEAR, photo courtesy of EMP Museum.Indie RootsExtendsIts ReachThis year, all acrossfestival grounds, BECUis proud to present the best Northwestindependent artists actively rebuildingtraditional and folk influences intoa new indie sound.Visit the Indie Roots programmingon your favorite stages including theFountain Lawn, Alki Court, VERA Project/Gallery, KBCS Fisher Green and XfinityMural Ampitheatre. Check out theshowcases we’ve put together withour Indie Roots communities, includingAmerican Standard Time, Ball of Wax,and Olympia’s K Records. We’re honoredto be working with the Fin Recordscommunity in their Festival debut. Makesure to welcome them at their showcase,Friday, May 24th from 6:00-9:00PM onthe Fountain Lawn Stage. Look for theIndie Roots icon , on the schedule gridand take yourself on a tour of allIndie Roots has to offer.Among the many awesome showcases,make sure to check out these:Folk, Redefined: Sunday, 12:45-3:30PM,on the Xfinity Mural AmphitheatreFeaturing The Local Strangers, WashoverFans, Grand Hallway, Adam Foley andThe Overtones (previously The Deep Wake)Giddy Up: County Roots, Sunday,6:00-9:00PM on the Fountain Lawn StageFeaturing the Annie Ford Band, Ganges RiverBand, OleTinder, and Country LipsAmerican Standard Timeon Monday, 4:00-7:00PM,the Fountain Lawn StageThe Sojourners,The Sumner Brothers, CrowQuill Night Owls andThe Slide Brothers.Sponsored by No Depression.The Local Strangers, photo courtesy Piper Hanson.Play games, sing songs, and make crafts inthe Family Hands-On Activities area! Centrallylocated this year on the Fisher Terrace,the Family Hands-On Activities Area offersthings that are fun for all—children, teens,parents, and grandparents. Pacific Northwestorganizations and community membershost a variety of games and crafts.Seafair Milk Carton Derby(Friday & Saturday)Come visit to see how to build a boat frommilk cartons! You can build any size from aTom Sawyer Raft, to a full size boat to race atthe Seafair Milk Carton Derby!Active Art & Science: CreateYour Own Mosaic Art withRecycled, Finger-safe Glass(Friday–Monday)Unleash your creativity! Make and take homeyour own piece of mosaic art using finger-safe,recycled, local stained glass. Create trivets,coasters, mirrors and other beautiful pieces ofart. Come be inspired by the dazzling colors ofthis fun local resource. ($4-$7 materials fee)Planet of the PuppetsSeafair Milk Carton Derby(Friday–Monday)Make and take home a pop-up puppet thatopens its mouth with just a thumbs-up fromyou! Let the experts from Planet of thePuppets help you create an out of this worldpuppet pal so you can perform for all yourfriends! ($3 materials fee)Global Crafts for Kids withSponge (Sunday & Monday)Join Sponge on a global adventure with handson crafts and projects that children will love.Create Chinese calligraphy masterpieces andbeautiful piñatas to take home, and learnsome words in a new language! Sponge offerslanguage classes for children in Mandarin,Spanish, Japanese and French throughout thegreater Seattle area. ($2 materials fee)FIUTS – Foundation forInternational UnderstandingThrough Students(Sunday & Monday)Help bring to life the world of Hanuman, Ram,Sita and other characters from the story ofthe Ramayana! Artists of all ages can join aninteractive activity to color a life-sized illustrationof scenes from this epic legend, which is well-known in South and Southeast Asia.Toy Boat & Knot Tying(Friday–Monday)Join The Center for Wooden Boats for hands-on toy boat building. Use traditional handtools to build and decorate your boat. Newthis year: knot-tying and traditional rope sailorbracelets! Fun for all ages! ($2 materials fee)Folklife FamilyDance Tent(Friday & Saturday)Our tent is the place for the Festival’s youngestvisitors to be active participants in dances, storiesand songs. Artists from a wide range of cultures willshare interactive songs, dances and stories with livemusical accompaniment. Expect to sing along,dance along and engage your voice and bodywith music from many cultures.Friday11:00-12:00: Kid and Family Jam! Hosted by Hot Cider String Band and Small Time String Band 12:00-1:00: Alay ng Kultura: Philipino hip-hop and spoken word 1:00-2:00: Bruce and Bonnie: Fun Songs & Dances 2:00-3:00: David Kaynor: Dances from all times for kids of all ages 3:00-3:30: Dejah Léger: The Crankie Frog Show 3:30-4:30: Dina Blade and the Canotes: Simple circles, lines, squares and singing games 4:30-5:00: Valerie Cohen and friends: Dulcimer Songs and Play Party Games 5:00-6:00: Che’Oke Ten: Native flute and storiesSaturday 1 1:00-12:00: Sandy Buchner: Interactive Folksongs 4 Kids with Sandy12:00-12:30: Canotes: Twins sing fun songs 12:30-1:00: Podorhythmie: French Canadian tunes and crankies 1:00-2:00: Amy and Skip: Play Parties and Fiddle Tunes 2:00 -2:30: Betsy Dischel Music and movement in English and Spanish with American Sign Language! 2:30- 3:00: Kevin Carr: LOUD & quiet bagpipes and Stories 3:00-4:00: Sherry Nevins: Games + singing = singing games! Fun!!! 4:00-5:00: Barneleikarringen: Nordic folk dancing for children and families 5:00-6:00: Mistral: Simple circle dances from Celtic France!Seafair Milk Carton Derby, Green Lake; photo courtesy SeaFair.Navigatingthe FestivalSchedulen We’ve highlighted Indie Roots ,and Cultural Focus programmingwith new icons for at-a-glancelocation.n We’ve highlighted Familyprogramming to make it easy for eventhe little ones to find.n Workshop, jams and panel program-ming now join the Festival grid to giveyou a complete schedule organized by day.n Please note that stage schedulesare best read from top to bottom astimes do not line up across the page.n We’ve made our online scheduleeven easier to use with on-the-goupdates. Download it once and you’llbe ready to go: to find what you arelooking for...and discoverthings you never knew youwanted to see!We revamped the schedulegrid this year and added somethings to make navigating themusic, dance, stories, panels,and workshops as easyas possible.Did you know? Hollow Earth Radio is broadcasting live from The VERA Project during the Festival! Visit for details.Folklife Teams Up with The VERA ProjectSince 2007, The VERA Project has been a Folklifevenue, giving a home to some of the best up-and-coming indie bands, hip-hop groups and othertrailblazers for the arts. This year, Folklife is thrilledto expand our partnership. We’re happy to sharewith Folklife festivalgoers what the all-agesorganization has to offer!Recording Studio 101Whether it’s learning how to set up a basicportable PA for small shows or running a 32channel mixing board, VERA is opening its studiofor people with little or no-hands on experiencein audio engineering and event production to learn the basics of studio recording.Saturday and Sunday from2:00-2:45PM and 3:00-3:45PM. *Thisclass is limited to 8 people. Sign-up for thisopportunity from 11:00 AM– 1:45PMin The VERA Project!Bring It, Screen ItBring your favorite t-shirt ortote bag to be screen printedwith a one-of-a kind design! TheVERA Project’s silkscreen lab is takingits talents outside to the festivalgrounds this year, offering a selectednumber of free silkscreens. Visit theirtable by the Alki Court Stage andsee silkscreening in action!Roots of Hip Hop Showcase in The VERA Project, photo courtesy of Piper Hanson.Young Artists Showcaseat the Ver(A)rt GalleryWhen Your Work Speaksfor Itself, Don’t InterruptFor this year’s young artistshowcase at the Ver(A)rtGallery, we are showcasinga youth perspective on howpeople work in connectionwith our Cultural Focus:Washington Works. Allartwork has been created byteen and young adult artists. Youare invited to attend the Ver(A)rtGallery reception on Monday,May 27 from 6:00-8:00pm!northwest Folklife & The VeraProject2013
  6. 6. 10 11Visit for themost current schedule informationFriday schedulePhoto courtesy of Piper Hanson.Workshops andjams offer ataste of music,dance, and storiesfrom around theNorthwest andthe world. Taughtby skilled artists,they are for allaudiences - frombeginners to moreexperienced folk.= Washington Works Programs= Family Friendly Programs= Indie Roots ProgramsPERFORMANCES/PRESENTATIONSworkshops/jamsPERFORMANCES/PRESENTATIONSCome visit us inthe Lopez RoomExplore the rich labor history ofWashington state and the PacificNorthwest through the eyes of itslabor groups, past and present,in five exhibits mounted in theLopez Room (#7 on the Map).Create and share yourpersonal scheduleusing our online tool Earth Radio isstreaming live from TheVERA Project all weekend!www.hollowearthradio.orgJam Tent at the Boeing GreenIntiman Choral Courtyard Rhythm TentBagley WrightTheatreSPONSORED BY SEATTLE CHANNELArmoryCenterTheatreFisherGreen StageSPONSORED BY KBCS 91.3FMFolklife CaféFisher Pavilion(Warren’s Roadhouse)FountainLawn StageExhibition Hall(International Dance Stage) Xfinity Mural AmphiteathreNorthwestCourt StageThe VERAProject/GallerySIFF Cinema(Narrative Stage)SPONSORED BY KUOW 94.9FMAlki CourtStage3:00-3:30 PMTai ShanSeamstressof Melodies3:40-4:10 PMChris RoeFrom the Heartof History4:20-4:50 PMMolly & DanTenenbaumOld-Time Harmoniesand Tunes5:00-5:30 PMThe Terrible LizardsTunes from theLate Cretaceous5:40-6:10 PMThe Pinetop PickersSoutheast MeetsNorthwest6:20-6:50 PMKeith HillIrish Flatpick Guitar7:00-7:30 PMDuBorziLanzaSouthern ItalianFolk Music7:40-8:10 PMNa Hilahila BoysTraditionalHawaiian Music8:20-9:00 PMHank Bradley andCathie WhitesidesTunes From Southof the Danube11:00-11:45 AMModern WesternSquare Dancing forChildren ages 6-12With Leslie Young12:00-12:45 PMCapoeira Angola WorkshopWith Silvio Alexio Dos1:00-1:45 PMBollywood Dance PartyWith Katrina Dance2:00-2:45 PMFabulous FrenchCountry DancesWith Eileen andFeu de Joie3:00-3:30 PMVadyaVrindaInstrumental Musichigh schoolswing dance3:45-4:00 PMLeft Foot BoogieDance Lesson4:00-4:45 PMEckstein Middle SchoolSr. Jazz BandSwing Dance, Jazz4:45-5:00 PMLeft Foot Boogie Demo5:00-6:00 PMGarfield Jazz EnsembleContemporaryBig Band Swingfriday nightgospelcelebration7:00-9:00 PMFeaturing TotalExperience GospelChoir & Friends andThe Mt. CalvaryCOGIC Praise Teamnorthwestcreative musicspotlightOrganized bythe MonktailCreative MusicConcern7:00-7:30 PMSimon HennemanQuartetGarage Jazz7:40-8:10 PMMoraineOmnivorousJazz-Rock8:15-8:45 PMRonin 4CreativeNew Music8:50-9:20 PMEric Barber’sMetriLodicFree ImprovisedGroove9:30-10:00 PMJohn Seman’sLil Coop SextetNew Music forJazz Sextetfriday openingcontra11:00-11:50 AMTinker’s Dram w/JoeMichaels, CallerTraditional & NewContra Tunes12:00-12:50 PMHat Band w/KarenMarshall, CallerDual Contra-Fiddles1:00-1:50 PMMad Robin w/StacyRose, CallerShrewd andKnavish Sprites2:00-2:50 PMThe Fixations w/AmyCarroll, CallerContra Progenitors3:00-3:50 PMOrcas Ruckus w/MarlinProwell, CallerA Howlin’ Good Timefriday eveningcontra5:00-5:50 PMThe Random Outliers w/Amy Wimmer, CallerMusic From the Edges of Contra6:00-6:50 PMThe Contra Quartet w/Eric Curl, CallerWit, Vim, Kick, and Cello7:00-7:50 PMOut of the Wood w/RayPolhemus, Caller“We Make Your Feet Happy!”fin recordsshowcase:Sponsored by becu6:00-6:30 PMLuresTrying to Surf Rock6:45-7:15 PMLow HumsContemporary Folk7:30-8:05 PMDavidson HartKingsberyAlt-Country onFin Records8:25-9:00 PMRed Jacket MinePub Rock forNow Peoplerogue folk7:30-8:00 PMStrangeweatherFolky Gloom-Pop8:10-8:40 PMThe GembrokersDark Earth Folk Magic8:50-9:20 PMMatadorTranscendentalChamber Folk9:30-10:00 PMBlackbird RaumAnarcho-Cynicalismgroove train6:30-7:00 PMLuc and The LovingtonsWe Love You!7:15-7:45 PMUnite-OneFunky Reggae for Social Change8:00-8:30 PMWet City RockersSeattle’s Own Wet City Rockers8:45-9:15 PMGravity KingsFunky Soul Dance Party!9:30-10:00 PMThe Jefferson Rose Band With Alex KitchenGlobal Dance Partyfriday cajunroadhouse8:00-8:15 PMLouisianaDance LessonsWith MaryLee Lykes8:15-9:00 PMWHOZYAMAMACajun and ZydecoCajun, Creoleand Zydeco9:00-9:15 PMLouisianaDance LessonsWith MaryLee Lykes9:15-10:00 PMSwamp SoulCajun/Zydeco Dance Musictractor tavernurban squaredance7:00-7:45 PMKancy Natz &the NoseeumsCircle the Squares w/Suzanne Giradot, Caller8:00-8:45 PMThornton HollerString TicklersFoot-Lifting Old TimeDance Tunes w/ColinSterling, Caller9:00-9:45 PMThe TallboysFull-Bodied StringbandMusic w/CharmaineSlaven, Caller4:00-4:30 PMGudochek + Juliana& PAVARussian Children’sFolklore Ensemble4:40-5:10 PMVolyaAncient BelarusianFolk Songs5:20-5:50 PMNewah Organization ofAmerica, SeattleNepal, Newar,Kathmandu, Drums6:00-6:30 PMOnefourfiveGeorgian PolyphonicFolk Songs11:00-11:30 AMThornton CreekElementary SchoolUkulele Class of 2012/1311:45 AM-12:15 PMKapkaCooperative SchoolSpirited SongsPast & Present12:30-1:00 PMMontlake ElementarySchool 2nd Grade SingersStories and Songs ofCommunity1:15-1:45 PMAngela School of DanceChildren’s Dance2:00-2:30 PMLeikarringen of LeifErickson Lodge #2-001Traditional NorwegianDance2:40-3:10 PMJanelle Bel IsleMiddle Eastern Dance4:15-4:45 PMBaile GlassIrish DancersYouth StepDancing Joy5:00-5:30 PMSunshine from PolynesiaHula Dance, TahitianDrumming5:40-6:10 PMSkin Deep DanceATS®Belly Dance6:15-6:45 PMAnadolu Youth DancersYouth Turkish Folk Dancing8:45-9:20 PMTangoFusion &Diamante SexytetTango Within Work,Play, Love9:30-10:00 PMLuciterra FusionBelly DanceDynamic and Theatrical11:00-11:30 AMBlue Flags & Black GrassFoot-Stompin’ VarietyReview11:40 AM-12:10 PMDa Odda GuyzAunty’s Backyard, Hilo,194812:20-12:50 PMProfessor GallSteampunk Folk/Jazz1:00-1:30 PMThe Shed PlayersFolk Group - Blues, Old-time1:40-2:10 PMJacob Miller and theBridge City CroonersCountry Blues, Swing ‘n’Ragtime2:20-2:50 PMElise and Evan SnoeyFiddling Sibling Harmony!3:00-3:30 PMThe FogtonesBluegrass in the Myst3:40-4:10 PMThe Gloria DarlingsSister Harmony Folkgrass4:20-4:50 PMThe Conjugal VisitorsCascadia Folk Explosion!5:50-6:20 PMOlo KaniVibrant Sound of theUkulele6:30-7:00 PMGrupo MedridionalSouth American Jazz, Popand Dance7:10-7:40 PMThe Holy CrowsFolk ‘n’ Roll to Rock YourSoul7:50-8:20 PMWorn Out ShoesOld-tme String Band andClog8:30-9:00 PMNu Klezmer ArmyTraditional Party Music4:00-4:30 PMTo Be AnnouncedCheck our onlineschedule for mostup-to-date listings4:40-5:10 PMRosalynn De Roos /ChorolocoVintage BrazilianJazz 1920s5:15-5:45 PMDoug DeemsWhite Center Blues5:50-6:20 PMAndre Feriante & theBohemian EntourageSpanish/Flamenco Guitar6:30-7:00 PM5bitA Cappella Kings7:10-7:40 PMTrio Lucero HuastecoMusic from theHuasteca Mexico7:50-8:20 PMEnrique Wetzeland Laura OviedoMusic of Latin America8:30-9:00 PMRandy BowlesAmericana MeetsBeatlemania!11:00-11:30 AMSpruce Street School5th Grade EnsembleExciting Marimba Sounds11:45 AM-12:15 PMBrother NolandSongs from Hawaii12:30-1:00 PMDavid Guilbault BandLiving in the Truth1:15-1:45 PMVito & theOne Eyed JacksClassic Folk,Country & Jazz2:00-2:30 PMSightseerSoulful CanadianPrairie Rock2:45-3:15 PMBlue RingerPacific NorthwestAmericana3:30-4:00 PMSweet HomeOriginal AmericanaFolk Rock4:15-4:45 PMWeathersideWhiskey BandA Down HomeRoadhouse Outfit3:00-3:30 PMWhispering RosesCeltic Music bya Family Band3:45-4:15 PMAurora BurdIrish Fiddle Tunesand Airs4:30-5:00 PMKaren Iglitzin, ArianaNelson, and Roger NelsonOriginal Folk Dance Tunesby Roger Nelson6:00-6:30 PMCarolan’s CornerO’Carolan Mostof the Time6:40-7:10 PMSean Connors andJug of PunchCeltic - SouthernOregon Style7:20-7:50 PMThe OnliesAmazing TeenageTrad Musicians8:00-8:30 PMLoch DhuHi Energy CelticMusic & Song8:45-9:15 PMCarrigalineTraditionalIrish Music9:30-10:00 PMThe Fire InsideFull-SpectrumCeltic Music2:00-3:00 PMWork Stories: Fact &Fiction from the SeattlePublic LibraryBo Kinney andDavid Wright3:30-4:30 PMImmigration and Workin Washington State:Historical Perspectives,Current RealitiesGeorge Lovell, CarolynPinedo-Turnovsky, ErasmoGamboa, Moon-Ho Jung5:00-6:00 PMSeafaring Women -Stories from the Deckto the Engine Roomto the WheelhouseWomen’s MaritimeAssociation6:30-7:30 PM2013 Jack StrawWriters: Readings fromthe Latest AnthologyKathleen Flennikenhosts Peter Munro,Jay McAleer, Larry Crist,Kate Carroll De Gutes,Josephine Ensign,Corry Venema-Weiss3:00-3:30 PMDouglas CountyDaughtersVintage AmericanaFamily Band3:40-4:10 PMBreakers YardDelta Blues andRag-a-Licious4:20-4:50 PMThe Reynolds BrothersFolk Rock from SE Alaska!5:05-5:35 PMTown ForestHigh Lonesome Drone Folk5:50-6:20 PMCamp WisdomMore Cats ThanYou Can Handle6:30-7:00 PMSunshine & IronyJust Short of Silence11:00-11:30 AMColumbia River H.S.Fiddle PhilharmonicFiddle Tunes & World Music11:45 AM-12:15 PMPandemic Steel Band(Columbia RiverHigh School)Steel Band Musicand Mayhemmaplewoodstudentshowcase12:30-1:00 PMMaplewood 5th & 6thGrade OrchestraChildren’s Folk Music1:10-1:40 PMMaplewood 7th & 8thGrade OrchestraGreat Middle SchoolOrchestra, Edmonds2:00-2:30 PMEckstein Middle SchoolWind EnsembleClassical to Current Music2:45-3:15 PMKlez ChaosKlezmer CommunityOrchestra3:30-4:00 PMSeattle Waldorf H.S.JallamollawallaRhythm BandFrom Lagos to New Orleans4:15-4:45 PMKaze DaikoJapanese DrummingYouth Group5:45-6:15 PMLoveBomb Go-GoMarching Band ofPortland OregonIntergalacticMarching Freaks6:00-10:00 PMOpen Drum and DanceWith Carold NelsonLooking for jamming?Stop by the BoeingGreen Jam Tent!(#5 on the map)5:00-5:50 PMSeattle Song Circle Sing AlongWith Bruce Baker6:00-7:00 PMSeattle Pub SingWith Helen Gilbert1:00-1:50 PMOpen JamBring your instrumentto the Jam Tent!4:00-4:50 PMOpen JamBring your instrumentto the Jam Tent!Text FOLK to 20222 to donate $10 to Northwest Folklife!Show your support for the Festival you love by making a donation to Folklife. Every donation goestowards helping us meet our special fundraising challenge opportunity – your gift makes an impact!Thank you for helping Folklife strengthen our community through arts and culture!A one-time donation of $10.00 will be added to your mobile phone bill or deducted from your prepaid balance. Donor must be age18+ and all donations must be authorized by the account holder (e.g. parents). By texting YES, the user agrees to the terms andconditions. All charges are billed by and payable to your mobile service provider. Service is available on most carriers. Donations arecollected for the benefit of Northwest Folklife by the Mobile Giving Foundation and subject to the terms found at & Data Rates May Apply. Text HELP to 20222 for help. Privacy Policy at show:sponsored bynw asian weekly7:00-8:30 PMThe Bollywood ProjectBollywood DanceBollywood SeattlePerformersBest in TraditionalBollywoodNachleBollywood DanceBlue LotusDance CompanyBollywoodDance GypsyChhamma ChhammaDance SchoolChhamma Chhamma!Rhythms Of IndiaIndian DanceVisit theHands-OnFamily ActivityArea at its’new locationon the FisherTerraceCheck out theSeattle Modern QuiltGuild display in theIntiman Courtyard!Curiousaboutstringedinstruments?Visit the DustyStrings’ InstrumentPetting Zoo on theEast end of theFisher Green!
  7. 7. 12 13Visit for themost current schedule informationSATURDAY scheduleJam Tent at the Boeing GreenEMP Learning Labs Olympic RoomIntiman Choral Courtyard Key East Steps Rainier Room Rhythm Tent= Washington Works Programs= Family Friendly Programs= Indie Roots ProgramsPERFORMANCES/PRESENTATIONSPERFORMANCES/PRESENTATIONSHollow Earth Radio isstreaming live from TheVERA Project all weekend!www.hollowearthradio.orgNorthwest Folklife is streaming live! up to learn how tocapture sound at the StudioRecording 101 workshop!Saturday and Sunday in The VERA Project Gallery. #4 on the Map. Limited spots available.Shaw Room(Acoustic Stage)Bagley WrightTheatreSPONSORED BY SEATTLE CHANNELEMP MuseumSky ChurchArmoryCenterTheatreFisherGreen StageSPONSORED BY KBCS 91.3FMFolklife CaféFisher Pavilion(Warren’s Roadhouse)FountainLawn StageExhibition Hall(InternationalDance Stage)Xfinity MuralAmphiteathreNorthwestCourt StageAlki CourtStage11:00-11:30 AMToothless Jake (FormerlyArtis the Spoonman)Original Songs,Poems, Stories11:40 AM-12:10 PMNorth SeaShetland andNorwegian Fiddlin’12:20-12:50 PMPaul “Cheoketen” WagnerNative American Flutist1:00-1:30 PMSteer CrazyWestern Swing1:40-2:10 PMLes PamplemoussesBe Transported to Paris2:20-2:50 PMBlue HollowRaucous Rags,Roots & Blues4:00-4:30 PMHot Cider String BandBluegrass, Folk, Fiddles!4:40-5:10 PMBrian OberlinAmerican & ItalianMandolin5:15-5:45 PMWitherowIntimate-Alternative-Folk5:50-6:20 PMBridges HomeAmericana,Contemporary Folk6:30-7:00 PMBetty and the BoyHeirloom Artisans7:10-7:40 PMA Sudden TraditionAmericaBluegrass Country7:50-8:20 PMThe Sweet Lowdown DuoBluegrass • Old-timeNew Time8:30-9:00 PMScience!Truthful Acoustic MusicSCANDINAVIANDANCE7:00-7:35 PMSammenspilNordic TunesNorth of 49th7:50-8:20 PMTinnFelenScandia Dance Music8:35-9:05 PMHale Bill and The BoppsCelestial Scandinavian9:20-10:00 PMMad FiddluSwedishNyckelharpa RompMORRISSHOWCASE11:00-11:50 AMBridgetown Morris MenTraditional CotswoldMorrisTiddley Cove MorrisTraditional/Contemporary DanceHolly Tree MorrisMorris Dancing-CotswoldStyle12:00-12:50 PMIron Mountain SwordEnglish Sword DanceQuicksbottom MorrisMorris Dancing-Border StyleIsland Thyme MorrisMorris Dancing-Northwest StyleGlobal contra11:00-11:45 AMSimba Marimba w/Sherry Nevins, CallerContra Dance withAfrican Pulse12:00-12:50 PMCarr Familyw/Rich Goss, CallerFamily Contra Dance Bandthe storytellers’breath3:05-3:30 PMKathleen NacozyWorld-Class Improviserand Storyteller3:35-4:00 PMPaul Cheoketen WagnerCoast SalishStoryteller/ Flute4:05-4:30 PMJudith AlexanderWorld Folklore forFun and Wisdom4:35-5:00 PMKathya AlexanderSouthern Storiesbalkanmisfits party6:00-6:30 PMErev RavWorld Klezmer Fusion6:45-7:15 PMBucharestDrinking TeamEastern Euro Music7:30-8:05 PMOrkestar ZirkoniumMarching to aDifferent Meter8:25-9:00 PMChervonaPower Polka forthe Masses!hot squares4:00-4:50 PMAtlas StringbandGreat Old-time DanceTunes w/CharmaineSlaven, Caller5:00-5:50 PMGrizzle GrazzleTune SnugglersOld-time from Oly!w/Ann-MarieSchaeffer, Caller6:00-6:50 PMBarn OwlsHearty, SweetOld-time Musicw/Tony Mates, Callerthe acousticstage6:00-6:30 PMCarly CalberoFolk Music from Seattle6:35-7:05 PMJustin JudeFolk-Pop Phenomenon7:15-7:45 PMJess LambertSeattle Singer/Songwriter7:50-8:20 PMGabriel WolfChidOlympia Singer/Songwriter8:30-9:00 PMLea JonesAlmost Award-WinningMusic Guysaturdayafternooncontra3:00-3:50 PMSmall Pleasures w/Cindy Holmes, CallerThe Sound of the Northwest4:00-4:50 PMCascade Crossing w/Frannie Marr, CallerHigh Energy Contras!ENGLISHCOUNTRY DANCE1:00-1:50 PMJulie King & Friends w/Erik Weberg, CallerLively EnglishCountry Dancing2:00-2:50 PMRosewind CountryDance Band w/NanEvans, CallerEnglish Country Dancingsaturday nightcontra dance8:00-8:50 PMJoyride w/JoyceMiller, CallerRed-Hot Contra Dance Road-Trip9:00-9:50 PMWild Hair w/Laura MéSmith, CallerCut Loose With Giddy Contras!guerillamorris dance2:00-4:00 PMSound and FuryMorris DancersKilts and Capers!Vancouver Morris MenTraditional English Folk DanceThe MossyBack Morris MenRitual Dances Year After YearNorth By NorthwestMorris DancersEnglish Clog to a Brass BandTiddley Cove MorrisTraditional/Contemporary Dancevintage dance6:00-6:50 PMThe SpeakEasy BandProhibition Era Music 1919-19346:50-7:00 PMLeft Foot Boogie Dance DemoAustralian Swing Waltz7:00-7:50 PMThe New VintageDance EnsembleDancing From Ragtimeto the Great Depressioncolors andcultures of india11:00 AM-2:00 PMLeela Kathak DancersNrityalaya School of DanceArpanNitya VenkateswaranNrityangan Kathak StudioVibha SrinivasanAnga Kala KathakAcademyArghya KannadaguliUrvasi Dance EnsembleBharatanatyam -Classical Dance from IndiaWORLD styleDANCE PARTY1:00-2:50 PMWorld Dance PartyShow Up, Get DownLIFE AND MUSIC OFJIMI HENDRIX:SPONSORED BY WABLUES SOCIETY1:00-4:00 PMHosted by Steve RobyFeaturingperformances byBaby GrampsBradford LoomisBraxmaticsJefferson Rose BandJelly RollersThe OnliesRenegade StringbandSoul SenateSpoonshineStacy JonesTown ForestSCOTTISHCOUNTRY DANCE3:00-3:45 PMScottish CountryDancing for EveryoneWith Elinor VandegriftThe Bramble BandScottish Music to Dance to!JOURNEY THROUGHIRAN: Traditionaland ModernPersian Music,Dance, and Poetry11:30 AM-2:00 PMMiladZendehnam’s BandPersian MusicKarounDances of thePersian worldAnar DanaDance N.Africa -Central AsiaSayeh RahbarPersian Poetryjack-a-napescomedy show8:30-8:40 PMEvan MorrisonStand Up Comedian8:40-8:50 PMAlbert KirchnerThere and Beard Again8:50-9:00 PMSean MurphyComedy9:00-9:30 PMYogi PaliwalComedian9:30-10:00 PMBrett HamilKnown Seattle ComicA turning pointin village life:the hungarianwedding3:00-5:00 PMForrás HungarianFolk BandTransylvanianVillage MusicKisbetyarok HungarianFamily Dance GroupHungarian Village DanceZakuskaSongs From the BalkansLABORSHOWCASE7:00-10:00 PMEarle PeachOriginals,Tradiginals, HeartRebecca HomThe Back Roads TellerUkulele KaeleyNew Songs for SocialJusticeAlay ng KulturaPeople’s Art & CultureRebel VoicesCultural Music DuoLocal Talent ShowSouth Seattle CommunityCollege May Day EventSeattle Labor ChorusWorkin’ OurWay Back to YouTANGO DANCE4:00-4:25 PMTidbits of TangoArgentine Tango -Lovingly Playful!4:25-5:15 PMThe Rouge & NoirTango OrchestraArgentine Tango1920 - 1960s5:15-5:30 PMProfessional TangoDemonstrationWith the NorthwestTango Dancers5:20-6:00 PMTango Dancing11:00-11:30 AMPongo TeenWriting MentorsTherapeutic Poetry11:40-12:10 PM1928Speakeasy Swingwith Strings12:20-12:50 PMPercy Hilo & FriendsRoots Songs & Sing-alongs1:00-1:30 PMWu ZiyingChinese Zither(Guqin) Player1:40-2:10 PMPranHindustani Musicon Trombone2:20-2:50 PMSabura and Emilie LaurenBelly Dance4:00-4:30 PMThe Hi-LinersMusical TheatreWe Put YouDownStage Center!4:40-5:10 PMAncoraA Cappella Women’s Choir5:25-5:55 PMSeattle MandolinOrchestraMandolins of All Sizes6:10-6:40 PMSampada BhaleraoSitar by Sampada Bhalerao6:55-7:25 PMUnderground SwingHip Gypsy Jazzand Standards7:40-8:15 PMSeirmScottish Gaelic Songs & Tunes12:00-12:45 PM“Pete: The Songs andTimes of Pete Seeger”With Peter McKee2:15-2:45 PMFire & IceIrish Dance Company130 Feet ofFury and Grace7:00-7:30 PMVela Luka CroatianDance EnsembleDance & Music of Croatia7:40-8:10 PMTusuyPeruPeruvian Dance and Culture8:15-8:45 PMKariatis DancersEastern European8:50-9:20 PMAna Montes andFlamenco DanzarteFlamenco Danceand Percussion9:30-10:00 PMBailadores de BronceA North WestCultural Treasure11:00-11:30 AM’Jamtown’John HaydenOriginal Kids Music& Movement11:40 AM-12:10 PMThe CastawaysSeattle’s LoudestUke Band12:20-12:50 PMKate Power &Steve EinhornHuman Folk1:00-1:30 PMReilly and MaloneyOld Friends1:40-2:10 PMPaul Anastasioand Juan BarcoMexican Music,Hot Lands Style2:20-2:50 PMGary Lee MooreNationalFiddle Champion3:00-3:30 PMImpossible BirdDuo That Will ShakeYour Bones!3:40-4:10 PMCarl TostenSinger/Songwriter,Guitarist4:20-4:50 PMFleet StreetKlezmer BandKlezmer GypsyExtravaganza5:00-5:30 PMLos FlacosTraditional LatinAmerican Music & Dance5:40-6:10 PMBatucada YemanjaBrazilian SambaChoro Forro7:10-7:40 PMThe Whiskey ChasersKeep It Rowdy7:50-8:20 PMBarleywine RevueRed-Hot TacomaBluegrass Band8:30-9:00 PMSpoonshineAmericana and Beyond11:00-11:30 AMPeter AliNative Flute Music withStory and My DiverseBackground11:40 AM-12:10 PMMaggie BennettHarp, Autoharp12:20-12:50 PMWes WeddellSinger, Songwriter, Citizen12:55-1:25 PMAmir BesoBalkan FlamencoFrom Seattlebushwickbook clubseattle presents:original musicinspired by thewizard of oz1:30-3:00 PMMark BlascoGeek RockJoy MillsUrban Country-FolkSean MorseWith BushwickBook ClubTai ShanSeamstress of MelodiesWes WeddellSinger, Songwriter,CitizenDebbie MillerFolk/QuirkNate BAcoustic SoulEMERALD CITYSONGWRITERSCIRCLE5:00-7:00 PMEmerald CitySongwriter Circleshosted by Wes Weddell,Nancy K. Dillon,TaiShan, Mark Iler, CarolynCruso, Steve WackerAnyone is welcome tojoin the circle and sharean original song!sing yourroots: indiesongwriters:sponsored by becu3:30-4:00 PMJon PontrelloIndie Roots Troubadour4:10-4:40 PMApartment LightsSolo Piano andVoice Originals4:50-5:20 PMJ.WongTelling the Stories ofBetter and Worse Days5:30-6:00 PMMike DumovichDe-Tuned, Greyish Folkhamiltonstudentshowcase11:00-11:30 AMHamilton InternationalMiddle School ChoirInternational Choir11:40 AM-12:10 PMHamilton InternationalMiddle School Vocal JazzSwinging Vocal Jazz12:20-12:45 PMHamilton InternationalMiddle School Jazz BandSenior Jazzbluegrass:hot pickin’ &harmonies:sponsored bythe sunbreak1:05-1:35 PMPearly BlueTrue Bluegrass1:50-2:20 PMThe WeavilsAmericana (Bluegrass,Swing, Cajun, and Folk)2:35-3:05 PMPickled OkraOldfangledNewfashioned Music3:20-3:50 PMBadger PocketModern/TraditionalBluegrass3:50-4:00 PMBluegrass Finale Jam!Don’t Miss It!the soul of seattle5:30-6:15 PMDJ Nitty GrittySpinning R&B,Soul, & Funk6:30-7:00 PMLittle Big BandNative American Funk7:15-7:45 PMKissing PotionSea’s 1st Ladiesof Soul & Funk8:00-8:30 PMThe BraxmaticsFunky SeattleDance Party8:45-9:15 PMSoul SenateOriginal Funk & SoulParty9:30-10:00 PMEldridge Gravy andthe Court SupremeSeattle Funkball ofwax show:sponsored by becu7:00-7:30 PMGEMSSynth Love, Drum Soul7:45-8:15 PMThe Great UmContemporary Folk8:30-9:05 PMVirgin of the BirdsNo Regrets, Coyote9:20-9:55 PMSun TunnelsDark Melodic Folk Rockmaple folk11:40 AM-12:10 PMKierahDynamic Celtic Fiddler-Kierah12:20-12:50 PMBlackthornHigh-Energy Celtic Folk1:00-1:30 PMSamantha and Tom BramanCape Breton Father/Daughter Duo1:40-2:10 PMLa Famille LegerQuebec & Acadian Trad Music2:20-2:50 PMPodorythmieFrench Canadian Tunes & Dancemaritime show3:00-3:25 PMThe BaggywrinklesMucho Macho Music3:30-3:55 PMThe Great Sanger and DideleSeamen of the Inland Empire4:00-4:25 PMDan MaherInland Folk Rides Again4:30-4:55 PMBroadside & theHandsome Cabin BoysMaritime Musical Mayhem5:00-5:25 PMNorth by WestEng./Fr. Shanties from Canada5:30-5:55 PMShanghaied on theWillametteSongs Plundered From Land & Seasubdued stringbandjamboree7:00-7:35 PMRattletrap RuckusRollicking Instrumental 4-Tet!7:35-7:45 PMBellingham Circus Guild7:45-8:20 PMRobert Sarazin BlakeBellingham Song and Ramble8:30-9:05 PMSkitnikEclectic Balkan-Inspired Music9:15-10:00 PMHot Damn ScandalTipsy American Gypsy Bluesbeer gardenchantey sing-along6:00-6:50 PM11:00-11:30 AMMolly BauckhamSweet, Soulful Harpand Voice11:40 AM-12:10 PMSpanaway BayBringing a Taste of Salt12:20-12:50 PMSongtreeMedieval to Modern Folk1:00-1:30 PMBees in a BoxTwin Hurdy Gurdies1:40-2:10 PMReal FolkHarmony for aPeaceful World2:20-2:50 PMLittle Jane &the Pistol WhipsMontana Roots3:00-3:30 PMThe WiretappersWestern Swing& Honky Tonk Fun3:40-4:10 PMRooftop DoggiesBluegrass, By Dogs,For Cats4:20-4:50 PMWaterboundBlazing Mando/Autoharp Magic11:00-11:30 AMKnappa Marumba BandLively Marumba MusicFrom Middle Schoolers11:45 AM-12:15 PMBlake NobleAussie Roots Music12:25-12:55 PMThe Jelly RollersPrimal Blues andAmericana4:15-4:45 PMSpirit of OjahWorld Musicfrom Ghanateam up fornon profitspresents:sponsored by becu1:05-1:35 PMBradford LoomisGritty Roots Music1:50-2:20 PMSt. Paul de VenceIndependent. Nostalgia.Folk.2:35-3:10 PMSong Sparrow ResearchEvolutionary Folk3:25-3:55 PMShelby EarlSeattle Indie Songwriter11:00-11:30 AMMiddlemarchScottish English11:00-11:30 AMGatherSmooth, Folky Lovin’11:45 AM-12:15 PMFive Euro TipMultigenerationalFolk Band12:30-1:00 PMBroken ArmIndie Alt-CountryStraight-up1:15-1:45 PMAutumn ElectricPsychedelic Folk Rock2:00-2:30 PMLevi Fuller and the LibraryWe Are Colossal!2:45-3:15 PMBrite LinesEmotive Seattle Indie-Folk4:15-4:45 PMSoyayaAfrican Palmwine andHighlife Music5:00-5:30 PMAzanga MarimbaEnsembleExciting MarimbaSounds of Africa12:00-12:50 PMOpen JamBring your instrument to the Jam Tent!1:00-1:50 PMBluegrass JamWith Gabriel Marowitz4:00-5:00 PMNW Cajun JammersFriends and Music is Life12:00-12:50 PMIrish Traditional MusicSession (Jam)With Ming Chen1:00-1:50 PMHarmony SingingWith John Palmes2:00-2:50 PMMusic Makingin the MomentWith Talia Toni Marcus3:00-3:50 PMMusic WorkshopWith Stanley Greenthal11:00-11:50 AMSeattle RagingGranniesHATS HumorSocial Parodies12:00-12:50 PMWoody Guthrie SingAlong for KidsWith Carl Allen1:00-1:50 PMSing Along with Paul“Mooselips” DudleyCamp Fire USA SingsCamp Songs2:00-2:50 PMGreenwoodFamily SingWith Ming Chen3:00-3:50 PMLearn to Singby SingingWith MeletWhinston4:00-4:50 PMKathy VlachShape Note Basics5:00-5:50 PMElegantRound SingingWith Sol Weber6:00-6:50 PMPete SeegerSing-Along!With Tom Colwell11:00-11:50 AMBeginning Hammer DulcimerWith Rick Fogel12:00-12:50 PMTelling Your Entertaining Work stories -Tell & polish that story about the time...With Norm Brecke1:00-1:50 PMLearn to Play the Ukulele!With Susan Howell3:30-4:20 PMThe Art Of DuetingWith Reilly & Maloney4:30-5:20 PMPlay the Didgeridoo!With Doug Bridges and Ted Hunter5:30-6:20 PMSlide Guitar BasicsWith Robert Richter11:00-11:50 AMRomanian-CroatianFusion Dance WorkshopWith Anamaria Dulama12:00-12:50 PMZydeco Dance LessonsWith MaryLee Lykes1:00-1:50 PMHambo not MamboWith Don Meyers2:00-2:50 PMTa Fare O TamatoaWith Manu Radford3:00-3:50 PMLeela KathakWith Annie Penta12:00-12:50 PMFamily Jam ParadeWith Jim Boneau1:00-1:50 PMSalmon RunDrum StoryWith “Jamtown”John Hayden2:00-2:50 PMAll Ages DrummingWith Hank Voss3:00-3:50 PMX8 Interactive DrummingCommunity JamWith Maketa Wilborn,Blake Cisneros &Alexandra Be4:00-4:50 PMDjembe JamWith Kerry‘Shakerman’ Greene5:00-5:50 PMHand Drum Basics forEveryone - Congas,Ashikos and DjembesWith Tor Dietrichson6:00-10:00 PMOpen Drum & DanceWith Lance ScottSIFF Cinema(Narrative Stage)SPONSORED BYKUOW 94.9FM11:00 AM-12:00 PMHistory of Radicalism & Organizingin the Pacific NorthwestJames N. Gregory, Professor ofHistory, University of Washington12:30-1:30 PMService with a Smile: Unite Here!Local 8 and UFCW 21 workers’ storiesof hotels, restaurants, and retailJasmine Marwaha, Tom Geiger, andUnite Here! Local 8 and UFCW 21 members3:30-4:30 PM”Shift Change” Documentary:Dignified Jobs in aDemocratic WorkplaceMelissa Young, Tony Harrah, Mark Dworkin5:00-6:00 PMRichard Correllin Context: NewDeal Labor Art inWashington StateLeslie Correll,James N. Gregory,Conor Casey,Eleanor Mahoney6:30-7:30 PMFisher Poets onthe Road: Wordson CommercialFishingPatrick Dixon, MaryGarvey, Clem Starck,Sierra GoldenThe VERAProject/Galleryarab show3:00-6:05 PMFathia and LesTroubadoursFrench Gypsy Music withNorth African TonesShahrazad DanceEnsemble of SeattleFolkloric Dances of NorthAfrica & Middle EastLebanese Dabkeh GroupTraditional DanceFrom LebanonMaurice RoumanJafra Dabke TeamMaster of the OudHouse of TarabArabic Music EnsembleLooking for jamming?Stop by the BoeingGreen Jam Tent!(#5 on the map)
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Earth Radio isstreaming live from TheVERA Project all weekend!www.hollowearthradio.orgworkshops/jams11:00-11:30 AMTalia Toni Marcus& David LockeDynamic Continental Duo11:40 AM-12:10 PMSoLowLewPiedmont StyleCountry Blues12:20-12:50 PMAcoustic CoutiContemporary AcousticMusic in the Northwest1:00-1:30 PMPort AugustYoung Songs for Old Souls1:40-2:10 PMThe Billy NovasEnergetic Bluesand Americana2:20-2:50 PMOriginal Potbelly BoysDeluxe FingerpickingBlues & Bluegrass3:00-3:30 PMMighty Tiny BandSmall but FierceGlobal, Local3:40-4:10 PMCowlickReach Out!4:20-4:50 PMAccordions Anonymous12 Steps toAccordion AwarenessEmerald citysongwriterscircle5:00-7:00 PMEmerald CitySongwriter Circleshosted by Wes Weddell,Nancy K. Dillon,TaiShan, Mark Iler, CarolynCruso, Steve WackerAnyone is welcome tojoin the circle and sharean original song!Shaw Room(Acoustic Stage)Hawaiian show11:00 AM-1:30 PMKe Liko A’e O Lei LehuaNa Lei O Manu`akepaHalau Hula PulamahiaI Ka Liko LehuaHalau Hula O NapualaniHalau Hula Pulamahiabulgarian show3:00-5:00 PMHopa-TropaBulgarian FolkMusic Group“Alexander Eppler”Bulgarian Culturaland Heritage Centerpresents HristinaPanayotovaUBre DeBreBulgarian Voices ofSeattle Women’s ChoirVladimir MollovDunavaOrkestar RTWThe Radost FolkEnsemblepassages andpeninsulas ofsoutheast asia:sponsored bythe university ofwashingtonsoutheast asiacenter andschool of music7:00-10:00 PMHuong Viet PerformingArts Group featuringMelody Xie DancersSiam Smile DanceCambodian ClassicalAnd Folk Dance NWAstrid VinjeChristina SunardiApsara EnsembleBagley WrightTheatreSPONSORED BY SEATTLE CHANNELall agesalternative12:00-12:30 PMPhyllis PaynePost-Rock/Math-Rock/Jazz12:45-1:15 PMMts. & TunnelsCozy Blues Garagew/ Horns1:30-2:00 PMThe Hoot HootsPower Pop2:15-2:45 PMShebearSynthy Dream PopVER(A)CITYPRESENTS12:00-12:30 PM3:00-3:15 PMVera Project DJsStudents of Vera’s DJ Class3:25-3:55 PMYouryoungbodyLoud, DarkElectronic Music4:05-4:15 PMVera Project DJsStudents of Vera’s DJ Class4:30-5:00 PMChastity BeltVagina Rock5:10-5:20 PMVera Project DJsStudents of Vera’s DJ Class5:30-6:00 PMThe Fame RiotSexy-Glam-Electro-Rock-PopYOU CAN’T FAKEFRESH: NWLIVE-BAND HIP HOP7:00-7:30 PMThe Sharp FiveA 5-PieceHip-Hop/Soul Band7:45-8:20 PMGlobal HeatWith Special GuestsBattle Reflexes8:35-9:10 PMIrukandji Physicsof FusionCant Beat Um Die Tryin’9:25-10:00 PMEastern SunzIntellectual Hip Hop (w/band)EMP MuseumSky Churchmod westernsquare dance11:00-11:45 AMPuddletown SquaresModern Square Dancingw/Gary Monday, CallerGLBTQ Modern Square Dancingfamily dance12:00-12:45 PMStuart Williams andSprouts w/SherryNevins, CallerFamily Dancingcontra dance1:00-1:45 PMRed Crow w/MikeRichardson, CallerHigh Flying Contra Dance2:00-2:45 PMFull Moon w/MaryDevlin, CallerContra Danceinternationalfolkdance party3:00-3:45 PMAllspiceFolk Dance MusicFrom All Overpolka party4:00-4:15 PMPolka With Pat & Marjorie4:15-5:00 PMSmilin’ ScandinaviansPolkas & Great Dance Music!5:00-5:15 PMPolka With Pat & Marjorie5:15-6:00 PMThe Polka GuyzPolka Why Dontchabalkan dance7:00-7:45 PMKefDance Music from the Balkans7:45-8:00 PMKaba SeattleRhodope Bagpipes8:00-8:45 PMKafana RepublikLively Music from the Balkans8:45-9:00 PMDruzhbaVillage Bulgarian Music9:00-9:50 PMVladimir Mollov AccordionArmory1:00-1:30 PMKarsangjamtso“Karjam” SaejiHeartfelt Tibetan Music1:40-2:10 PMSeattle Cape Fox DancersAlaskan TlingitRegaila Dancer2:20-2:50 PMDave and the DalmatiansSongs from Croatiaand Beyond6:00-6:30 PMSolidarity NotesLabour ChoirSongs for Those in Struggle6:40-7:10 PMSeattle Cello ExperimentAn Experiment in Cello7:20-7:50 PMLa Pena Flamenca de SeattleFlamenco Music and DanceCenterTheatregaelic crankie show3:00-3:50 PMGaelic Crankie Show!Scottish Pipes, Song& Crankiecouples danceof the world4:00-4:50 PMHosted by HeleneEriksen and Dean PatonIn Memory of Susan BalshorGHOST STORIES8:05-8:32 PMAlfredo GormezanoTales of Central Asia8:34-9:01 PMKen Iverson, StorytellerHe Didn’t Say That...Did He?9:03-9:31 PMCherie Trebon, Storyteller9:32-10:00 PMDoug Banner, Storytelleryouthful at heart:family stories11:05-11:28 AMRebecca Mabanglo-MayorStoryteller11:30-11:53 AMPamela and Daniel Sackett“Booing Death”Readings & Music11:55 AM-12:18 PMNorm Brecke, Storyteller12:20-12:45 PMThe Baltuck/GarrardFamily StorytellersShe Said, He Said!11:00-11:30 AMPrairie Dog BackfireCountrygrass!3:10-3:40 PMThe Timberbound ProjectPacific NorthwestFolk Songs3:50-4:20 PMG CleftonesSix Player Blues4:30-5:00 PMBaby GrampsOriginal Rags & BluesFisherGreen StageSPONSORED BY KBCS 91.3FMnorthwestfiddle traditions11:40 AM-12:10 PMSarah ComerNW Fiddling,Melting Pot Music12:20-12:50 PMVivian and Phil WilliamsNorthwest Style FiddlingKBCS SHOWCASE1:00-1:30 PMDavid MaloneyReflections1:45-2:15 PMJim FaddisKern CountyCountry and Folk2:30-3:00 PMNancy K Dillon& FriendsOkie Roots AmericanaNORTHWESTSTRINGBANDTHROWDOWN:SPONSORED BY KSER6:00-6:30 PMRenegade StringbandNew Timey Bluegrass6:45-7:20 PMThe Warren G. HardingsBad President. Fun Band.7:35-8:10 PMLeft Coast CountryUrban Newgrass8:25-9:00 PMPorterbelly StringbandThat’s WhatI’m Talkin’ Bout!phantom folk7:05-7:35 PMBill HoristSolo Finger StyleAcoustic Guitar7:45-8:15 PMBen von WildenhausTranscontinental Noir8:30-9:00 PMTempered SteelSonically EnhancedMbira TrioFolklife Café11:00-11:30 AMPaul Kara RossAncient NativeAmerican Flutes11:35 AM-12:05 PMBethany LynnLocal Singer/Songwriter12:15-12:45 PMCastletownEnergetic Celtic Folk12:55-1:25 PMCarolyn CrusoGet Hammered - Dulcimer1:35-2:05 PMFour Dollar DogOld Time / Early Blues /Three-Part Harmony2:15-2:45 PMAllison PreisingerContemporary FolkSinger-Songwriter2:55-3:25 PMTrio Sin EmbargoCuban Classics/LatinAcoustic3:30-4:00 PMTrio Fleur de LysLyrical Harp, Fluteand Cello5:00-5:30 PMKin to StarsUrban Folk Pop5:40-6:10 PMThe Side ProjectContemporaryAcoustic Pop/Folk6:20-6:50 PMThe Vaudeville GallowsTacoma FolkFisher Pavilion(Warren’s Roadhouse)SUNDAY MORNINGCONTRA11:00-11:45 AMPortland Megabandw/Erik Weberg, CallerBig Contra Dance Energy12:00-12:50 PMSkippin’ a Groove w/Morna Leonard, CallerFull Speed Ahead ContrasCOUNTRY SWING1:00-1:50 PMThe GorTexansOriginal UpbeatWestern Swing2:00-2:50 PMThe JanglesWestern Swing for DancingLOUISIANAROADHOUSE3:00-3:15 PMLouisiana Dance LessonsWith MaryLee Lykes3:15-4:00 PMTroupeau AcadienCajun Honky TonkDance Music4:00-4:15 PMLouisiana Dance LessonsWith MaryLee Lykes4:15-5:00 PMFolichon Cajun BandFolichon Means FunSUNDAY sunsetCONTRA6:00-6:50 PMMockingbird w/WilliamWatson, CallerA Reunion of Friends7:00-7:50 PMSybaritic String Bandw/Woody Lane, CallerContra Dance MusicNew and OldWALTZ DANCE8:00-8:10 PMWaltz Dancewith Dean Paton8:10-9:00 PMChassezBallroom Dance Music9:00-9:10 PMDance for Joy! Waltz Demo9:10-10:00 PMValse Cafe OrchestraDance Me to theEnd of LoveFountainLawn Stage11:00-11:25 AMChiroto MarimbaEnsembleZimbabweanMarimba Music11:40 AM-12:10 PMJessica Lynne& the CousinsExuberant Country Music12:20-12:50 PMCowgirl’s DreamWestern Swing a laBob Wills4:00-4:30 PMThe Whizpops!Montana’s Silliest Band!4:45-5:15 PMAlder StreetBoot Stompin’Honky Tonkin’5:30-6:00 PMSmokeWagonSpaghetti-Surf-Garage-A-Billygiddy up:country roots:sponsored by becu6:15-6:45 PMCountry LipsParty Country7:00-7:30 PMAnnie Ford BandDark Americana7:45-8:15 PMThe Ganges River BandTexas Style Honky Tonk8:30-9:00 PMOle TinderHot Seattle CountryRockabillyRound-up:sponsored by KSER1:00-1:30 PMThe Roy Kay TrioEnergetic Rockin’ Music1:45-2:15 PMThe Black CrabsRockabilly That’s Alive!2:30-3:00 PMThe Honky TonkSweetheartsRockabilly andVintage CountryExhibition Hall(International Dance Stage)dances of thebaltic sea11:00-11:40 AMLietutis Lithuanian FolkDance GroupTraditionalLithuanian Dance11:45 AM-12:25 PMTuhandest TuulestEstonian Folk Dancersdances of theMIDDLE EAST,NORTH AFRICAAND CENTRAL ASIA7:00-10:00 PMMaliaPied PeacockBelly DanceKaravans Dance TroupeArabic andPersian DanceJafra Dabke TeamPalestinian Folk DanceNazaneenMiddle Eastern DanceKarounDances of thePersian worldAlfredo GormezanoDancer and Musician -Near EastAnar DanaDance N.Africa -Central AsiaHelene EriksenDance N. Africa -Central AsiaJanelle Bel IsleMiddle Eastern DanceMystic Rose Companyaka Golestan GroupFinest Selections ofPersian and CentralAsian Dances12:35-1:05 PMBlue LotusDance CompanyBollywood, BellyDance, Gypsy1:15-1:45 PMPeruvian PassionDance GroupColorful, Lively Dancefrom Peru1:55-2:25 PMYevshanUkrainian DancersUkrainian Dance fromAbbotsford, B.C.2:40-3:10 PMTango ArgentinoAuthentic Argentine Tangowith Ilana and Tony3:20-3:50 PMAlchemy Tap ProjectThe Next Step In Tap Dance4:00-4:30 PMBonnie DundeeScottish Dance -Ancient and Modern4:40-5:10 PMAnadolu TurkishFolk Dance GroupTurkish/Turkic Folkdances5:20-5:50 PMIvan- da- Mar’yaRussian Folk DanceEnsemble11:00-11:30 AMBallard SedentarySousa BandExcellent Band MusicAnd Fun11:50 AM-12:20 PMNorthwest JuniorPipe BandNot Your Grampa’sPipe Band!5:45-6:15 PMCascadia ‘10Original Afrobeat &Afro-FunkXfinity MuralAmphiteathreSOUTHEAST SEATTLEORCHESTRA4:15-4:45 PMMusic Played by Youthfrom Southeast SeattleVAMOS!: A LATINDANCE PARTY6:45-7:10 PMVamoLá! Brazilian Drum& Dance EnsembleExuberant Drumming &Dancing7:25-8:00 PMCambalacheSalsa to the Next Level8:15-8:50 PMThe CumbierosBaila la Cumbia!!Come Dance!!9:10-9:45 PMSuperSonesCuban SonFOLK, REDEFINED:SPONSORED BY BECU12:45-1:15 PMAdam Foley and TheOvertones (previouslyThe Deep Wake)Deep Harmonies GiveYou Chills1:30-2:00 PMThe Local StrangersSoulful Americana2:15-2:45 PMThe Washover FansIndie Folk with BigHarmonies3:00-3:30 PMGrand HallwaySeattle ChamberPop EnsembleNorthwestCourt Stage2:10-2:40 PMMotley FeetHot Rhythms, Cool Feet4:05-4:35 PMRogue Celtic ExperimentFast Furious Celtic4:40-5:10 PMJim PageFolk Music With Teeth5:20-5:50 PMThe Smalltime String BandFootstompin’Old-timey Family8:10-8:40 PMCronanScottish Hot Jigs,Gaelic Song8:50-9:20 PMFields Under CloverNemo Saltat Sobrius9:30-10:00 PMPiper Stock HillFolk Music ofNewfoundlandFATHERS, FIDDLESAND SONS2:50-3:20 PMTruman and Adam PriceAppalachian/OregonTrail Duo3:25-3:55 PMRiley and Johnny CalcagnoDad & Son Shred TradTHE OLD SODSESSION11:00-11:30 AMTim ReadmanEnglish Original & Celtic Song11:40 AM-12:10 PMThe Erin McNamee BandIrish Folk, Traditional Celtic12:20-12:50 PMBrandon Vance andMark MinklerCeltic Fiddle Music1:00-1:30 PMSeumas Gagne and FriendsScottish Gaelic Harpand Song1:40-2:00 PMOld Sod SessionA Gathering of MusiciansNEW TRADSHOWCASE6:50-7:20 PMThe Jocelyn Pettit BandBlazing New-trad Celtic Fiddle7:30-8:00 PMWesley HardistyAward Winning Rock/Folk Fiddlehollow earthradio showcase7:00-7:30 PMEric OstrowskiViolin Noise7:45-8:15 PMAutococoonPowerful ExperimentalSongs8:30-9:00 PMSokai Stilhed9:15-9:45 PMScorpio Scorpio ScorpioAcoustic AmbientDeathdrone9:45-10:00 PMMouth Harp FinaleHollow Earth Radio11:00-11:35 AMDay Laborers and PettyIntellectualsFolk-Apocalypse11:50 AM-12:20 PMRadio RaheemSoul, Hip Hop & New Wave12:35-1:05 PMAll Star Opera3-Piece Hip Hop Group1:20-1:55 PMKomplex KaiNW Native AmericanHip Hop2:10-2:45 PMDirty ScientifixTrue Artists Of The Grid206 zulushowcase3:00-6:00 PMFleeta Partee featuringDJ Zeta Barber and DJCues“THIS IS HIP HOP”SIFF Cinema(Narrative Stage)SPONSORED BY KUOW 94.9FM11:00 AM-12:00 PMLabor VideoContest WinnersLynne Dodson,WSLC, AFL-CIO12:30-1:30 PMWashington Filmworks:Careers in FilmWarren Etheredge,Amy Lillard, Greg Smith,John Patrick Lowrie,Ron Leamon3:30 -4:30 PMBringing Powerto the People,The Lineman WayRick Johnson,Jim Voss,Mike Webber,Rick Strait,from IBEW 775:00-6:00 PMFollow the Electricity:Union workers electrifyWashington StateEllie Belew6:30-7:30 PMWorking for Labor:Education, Culture,and PoliticsSarah Laslett,Janet Stecher,Steve Williamson12:00-12:50 PMShaker Workshop withthe ‘Shakerman’With Kerry ‘Shakerman’ Greene1:00-1:50 PMBeginning Bones PlayingWith Rick Fogel2:00-2:50 PMAfro-Peruvian Cajón RhythmsWith Monica Rojaswest coast swing5:30-7:00 PMAmerica’s Hottest SwingDance - West Coast SwingLessons, Demonstrationsand Open Danceguerilla morris dance11:00 AM-1:00 PMTwo Rivers MorrisRenegade Rose MorrisBridgetown Morris MenIsland Thyme MorrisQuicksbottom Morrisguerilla mod westernsquare dance3:00-4:00 PMPuddletown SquaresModern Square Dancingw/Gary Monday, CallerGLBTQ Modern Square Dancing11:00-11:50 AMSean-nós Dancing:Irish Dance for Everyone!With Alicia Guinn12:00-12:50 PMExplorations in TraditionalIndonesian DanceWith Astrid Vinje1:00-2:15 PMInternational Dance WorkshopWith Diane Vadnaisand theFolkvoice BandTrad EuropeanFolkdance Band11:00-11:50 AMFolklife Learns aTune: Learn OneSing Well Enough toPlay in a JamWith Mimi Geibel12:00-12:50 PMIntroduction toIrish FiddleWith Aurora Burd1:00-1:50 PMBeginning NativeAmerican FluteWith Peter Ali2:00-3:30 PMPuget Sound Rosies:Riveting HistoryWashingtonWomen in Trades6:00 - 6:50PMGuitar EnsembleWith Barry Pollack11:00 AM-1:50 PMShape Note Singing Mini-ConventionWith Jack Lofton2:00-2:50 PMRound Singing JamWith Sol Weber3:00-3:50 PMChoral Classics Sing AlongWith Chris Vincent4:00-4:50 PMSea Chanteys for LandlubbersWith Wayne Palsson5:00-5:50 PMSongs of Tom Lehrer Sing AlongWith Dan Roberts6:00-6:50 PMWoody Guthrie Sing AlongWith Carl Allen12:00-12:50 PMEncouraging Girls and Womenof All Ages to Pick Up anInstrument and Play!“Americana Women” Sponsoredby MusicBox Project1:00-1:50 PMRags and Cakewalks (Musicfrom a Century Ago)Ragtime Cakewalk2:00-2:50 PMFingerpicking GuitarWith Peter Spencer3:00-3:50 PMKlezmer 101 and Jewish MusicWith Harvey Niebulski1:00-1:50 PMKlez JamWith Harvey Niebulski4:00-4:50 PMOld Time JamWith AnnMarie ShaferAlki CourtStage11:00-11:30 AMThe TarantellasItalian Mandolinand Guitar Duo11:40-12:10 PMTOUCHÉEclectic Music Sextet12:20-12:50 PMJohn PalmesGo Lemmings AlaskanFolk Music5:50-6:20 PMMark Graham& WB ReidBanjo-Guitar/Clarinet-Old Jazz6:30-7:00 PMSquirrel ButterFlatfootin’ BanjoCountry Duets7:10-7:40 PMJeanlizabethHeartfelt Tunes7:50-8:20 PMDysfunction JunctionTraditional Bluegrass8:30-9:00 PMSaloma de PanamáFolklore of PanamáINDIE STRINGS:SPONSORED BY BECU4:30-5:00 PMBird Flying SouthFolky Original Duo5:10-5:40 PMLed To SeaLush Viola-DrivenIndie-PopVoices ofvashon island1:00-1:30 PMAllison ShirkTexas Sweetheart1:40-2:10 PMCami LundeenAlt Folk-Pop Singer/Songwriter2:20-2:50 PMGregg CurryAmericana Singer/Songwriter3:00-3:30 PMKiki MeansSweet, Laid-BackAcoustic Folk3:00-3:50 PMX8 Interactive DrummingCommunity JamWith Maketa Wilborn, BlakeCisneros & Alexandra Be4:00-4:50 PMMove It & Groove ItWith Alexandra Be5:00-5:50 PMYOUniversal RhythmsWith John of John’s Music6:00-10:00 PMOpen Drum and DanceWith Carold Nelson2:30-3:20 PMBalkan Party DancesWith Susan and Amy3:30-4:20 PMIndonesian Mask, Dance,and Puppet Workshop: TheMonkeys, Kings, Ogres, Queens,and Princes of the RamayanaWith Tikka Sears4:30-5:20 PMDance with Mollieand Bollywood SeattleWith Mollie SinghThe VERAProject/Galleryliarscontest4:00-5:50 PMSign up at2:00PM in theOlympic Room,limit 8 minutesfor your story