Deployment of the nanoCDN solution with an operator


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Presentation by Nivedita Nouvel (Broadpeak) prepared for the OVFSquad conference of January 23, 2014

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Deployment of the nanoCDN solution with an operator

  1. 1. Deployment of the nanoCDN solution with an operator Broadpeak property – All rights reserved
  2. 2. Objective of the operator Deliver multi-screen video Internet services ►Efficiently ►Quickly ►Cost-effectively Support live events which generate audience peaks We Deliver the Future of Television
  3. 3. Needs ► Efficiency of bandwidth usage  Transfer of media content to the home network in RF ► Scalability  Increase of usage according to peaks ► Users’ Quality of Experience  Outstanding experience for users accessing the content via multiple devices • HLS format for STB, tablets and smartphones, evolution into other formats We Deliver the Future of Television
  4. 4. Past experiences ►Flexibility  handle peak bandwidth consumption of live events Live peak traffic during London 2012 Olympics (Source: BBC) 700 Gbps at peak time during London Olympics! Average traffic x 7 We Deliver the Future of Television
  5. 5. Operator’s constraints User experience Constraints Limited cost for competitive services Short start-up time Time-shifting support Secured delivery Low latency Multiscreen with existing devices Service continuity Quality of service We Deliver the Future of Television
  6. 6. Why Broadpeak ? ►Broadpeak nanoCDN out-of-box solution allows the use of the CDN to deliver multicast streams ►No need to use more expensive and consuming unicast streams We Deliver the Future of Television
  7. 7. nanoCDN principle ►The nanoCDN relies on the home gateways deployed in the home network → To receive and transform multicast streams into unicast in order to deliver videos to different devices across the residential environment with no impact on the devices We Deliver the Future of Television
  8. 8. nanoCDN principle Mediator Server Manage popular live and inform transcaster to stream them. Control Transcaster Servers Live HLS Encoder/origin in push mode Convert unicast to multicast HLS Broadpeak Agent Convert multicast to unicast Home gateway HLS We Deliver the Future of Television
  9. 9. nanoCDN principle • This multicast-to-unicast paradigm allows operators to keep network bandwidth for a fast internet connection while continuing to deliver high-quality unicast streams to drive multiple devices within the residence. We Deliver the Future of Television
  10. 10. How constraints are handled Constraints - Reuse already deployed home gateways or STB - Reuse the existing multicast capabilities of managed IPTV & cable networks - Master your costs: no « peak » effect Limited cost for competitive services Multiscreen with existing devices Secured delivery - Fully compliant with any DRM system - No specific implementation required at device level - Fully compliant with streaming standards: HLS, SS, MPEG-DASH, hence with standard encoders - Fully compliant with standard players We Deliver the Future of Television
  11. 11. How constraints are handled User experience - No extra buffering at start up Short start-up time Service continuity Time-shifting support - Full benefits of adaptive streaming - Leverage home gateway or STB local storage or switch back to unicast for time-shifting - No extra delay introduced in the system Low latency Quality of service - Contention points reduction hence more frequent presence on top layers We Deliver the Future of Television
  12. 12. Benefits for the operator ► The operator can ensure thousand streams without additional investments on frequencies ► The solution is fully compliant with: • Streaming standards – It maintains the benefits of adaptive streaming technology for a superior QoE • Standard players and devices – No need for additional proprietary equipment or software ► Broadpeak solution handles the DRM content providers demand for signal security We Deliver the Future of Television
  13. 13. Benefits for the operator *Source OVH : - Racking cost : 70€/month - Mbps : 3€/month OPEX for one month* 90 000 € With the nanoCDN™, the network OPEX does not change with the uptake of the service 80 000 € 60 000 € 50 000 € 40 000 € 30 000 € 20 000 € 10 000 € nanoCDN 0€ 1 000 2 000 5 000 10 000 20 000 Number of Concurrent sessions Green technology : Electric consumption is reduced Nr servers OPEX/month 70 000 € Traditionnal CDN 30 000 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 nanoCDN Traditionnal CDN 0 10 000 20 000 30 000 40 000 50 000 60 000 Number of concurrent sessions -13- We Deliver the Future of Television
  14. 14. Phases of the project ►Theoretical evaluation of the solution ►Integration with the target home gateways ►Setting up in the operator’s network  Multicast test ►Deployment We Deliver the Future of Television
  15. 15. nanoCDN evolution ►Video on-demand pre-caching in the home gateways ►Reuse of the IPTV multicast stream ►Management of the bandwidth in the home network ►Transparent caching of live and VOD contents unmanaged by the operator We Deliver the Future of Television
  16. 16. Who we are ► History & Company profile:    Technicolor spin-off, founded in 2010 Specialized in video processing, delivery and management Strongly focused on innovation ► Current business and footprint:     Leading provider of multi-screens video delivery solutions for Network Service Providers and Content providers More than 5M unique IPTV subs served in 2012 (source: MRG, November 2012)  #1 in Europe CSI award in the best webTV technology for nanoCDN™ (2012) and umbrellaCDN™ (2013) TV Connect award (2013) in the best network technology for IPTV & OTT for CCAS™ ► Key offices:    ► Our customers Headquartered in Rennes, France Sales office in Paris, France Regional APAC office in Singapore Our Mission Help network service providers and content providers with delivering live and on-demand video content on any type of network with the best Quality of Experience -16- We Deliver the Future of Television
  17. 17. Thank you