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A History of Product Development at betaworks


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Slides from my talk covering a history of product development at betaworks in New York, where I work. I talk about and chartbeat, and the paths and decisions made along the way.

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A History of Product Development at betaworks

  1. a history of betaworks product development small bits, loosely joined
  2. Inception <ul><li>Single developer builds a complete product end to end </li></ul>Iteration Rapid ideation and revisions to exploit edge cases, pivot Scale Scale up infrastructure, product and team to handle rapid growth
  4. early explorations
  6. first version
  7. reflect and analyze
  8. sketches
  9. agile, not Agile
  10. single page
  12. utilitarian focus
  13. anywhere
  14. Family history
  15. bundle anywhere
  16. curation
  17. thank you