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C:\Users\Jones\Nikki\Vietnam Presentation Revised

  1. 2. Herrick was born on April 29 th , 1949, in Kansas City Missouri He was in the service for about 2 years and at age 19, he was deployed to South Vietnam on October 3 rd , 1967 The #1 hit single on his deployment date was “Hey Jude” by The Beatles
  2. 3. He was a part of the B Company, 3 rd Battalion, 506 th Infantry Regiment, 101 st Airborne Division 3 rd Battalion Badge The Screaming Eagle badge of the 101 st Airborne Division
  3. 4. While in the Army, Herrick achieved the rank of a Specialist Four His Military Occupational Specialty was a 11B2P Infantryman, also known as a Parachutist U.S. Army Parachutist
  4. 5. Operation Wallowa begins – the First Air Calvary Division deploys to the demilitarized zone to aid the Marines Deployment Date: 10/3/1967
  5. 6. Herrick’s tour in Vietnam led him through a series of dangerous operations…
  6. 7. 1 st Brigade, 101 st Airborne Division carried out the search-and-destroy Operation Klamath Falls in the provinces of Binh Thuan and Lam Dong. Operation Muscatine began in Quang Ngai Province. December 19 th There were 1129 enemy casualties by the end of the operations.
  7. 8. The start of Operation McLain took place in the Binh Thuan Province. It would end claiming 1042 enemy casualties. January 19 th Headquarters in Binh Thuan
  8. 9. Bennett James Herrick earned the Parachutist Badge awarded to the soldiers who passed the US Army Basic Airborne Course. It allowed him to participate in airborne operations.
  9. 10. There are 3 levels of Parachutist badges Basic Senior Master Herrick’s Parachutist level is unknown
  10. 11. Combat Parachutist stars are awarded to those who complete jumps into combat zones One Combat Jump Four Combat Jumps Three Combat Jumps Two Combat Jumps Five Combat Jumps A soldier can receive up to 5 gold stars to be worn on their badge attached to their uniform Combat stars are earned by how many jumps a soldier makes with equipment, how many jumps completed during the day and the night, and how long they’ve stayed with an airborne unit.
  11. 12. “ Each person has to examine his own conscience and do what he thinks is right” [when faced with the prospect of military service in Vietnam.] --Senator Robert Kennedy
  12. 13. On March 25 th , 1968, the 3 rd Battalion, 506 th Infantry Regiment tracked down an enemy platoon located near Phan Thiet. The battle lasted a little over an hour and one American soldier was killed: Specialist Four Bennett James Herrick.
  13. 14. On August 2, 1970, Dennis H. Herrick, Bennett Herrick’s brother, was killed in the Bien Hoa Province in an accident.
  14. 15. In the U.S. on Bennett James Herrick’s casualty date… The Maryland General Assembly approved a bill which made abortion legal. African American youth clashed with police in Memphis Tennessee. During the riots Larry Payne, age 16, was killed. The #1 single was “Dizzy” by Tommy Roe
  15. 16. Bennett James Herrick was laid to rest in White Chapel Gardens in Gladstone, MO.
  16. 17. He was honored with a Purple Heart for his actions in Vietnam.
  17. 18. His name is found on Panel 46E Line 17.
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