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Introduction to Catalist


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An introduction to the Broome-Tioga BOCES Catalist Audiobook collection

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Introduction to Catalist

  1. 1. Introduction to
  2. 2. What is Catalist? Digital Audiobook Portal -Single User -Available on- and off-line -Building level accounts set up -Student Accounts are available Photo Credit: Flickr CC
  3. 3. How Did We Choose Titles? Photo Credit: Flickr CC
  4. 4. Website Apps Google Play iTunes Ways to Access
  5. 5. Web Access Screen Shot from Listen Now
  6. 6. Access via App App = Best functionality -Offline access -Bookmarks -Notes Screen Shot from
  7. 7. Access via App - Catalog Screen Shot from Catalist App
  8. 8. Access via App - List Screen Shot from Catalist App
  9. 9. Access via App – Title Expiration Loans currently= 2 weeks This is customizable, but changes are universal Photo Credits Flickr CC
  10. 10. Access via App “Inside a Book” Screen Shot from Catalist App
  11. 11. Access via App - Notes Screen Shot from Catalist App
  12. 12. Access via App - Bookmarks Screen Shot from Catalist App
  13. 13. Catalist in Real Life Lag time between check outs Bookmarking/Notes with a generic log in Syncing between app and online Photo Credits Flickr CC
  14. 14. MARC Records… …are available! OPALS users: just get in touch with Elaine and she will load them for you!
  15. 15. Let’s Play!
  16. 16. Promoting Your Audiobooks Catalist Promo Place Demo Stations QR Codes Shelf Displays Photo credits: Flickr CC
  17. 17. Demo Station Photo Credits Flickr CC screen capture
  18. 18. QR Codes Put a QR code to a related audiobook on the inside cover of a physical book Make a bulletin board with book covers and QR codes that link to the audiobook Photo credits: Book – N. Laura Readbox:
  19. 19. Shelf Displays Photo credits:
  20. 20. QR Code Resources Great Tips and Hints: Photo credits: Flickr CC
  21. 21. Photo credits: Flickr CC Image Generators for Library Displays: age-generators-for-library-displays.html Catalist FAQs: Audiobook Research: ALA – Audiobooks Have a Positive Effect on Struggling Readers Additional Resources
  22. 22. @nwaskielaura