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The best exotic marigold hospital - himss17

When healthcare entrepreneur and consultant Leonard Kish said “Patient engagement is the blockbuster drug of the century,” he summed up the power of engagement to improve health outcomes. But the inpatient hospital experience can sap a person of autonomy and control, making it more difficult to engage patients in their own care. How can we give back that sense of autonomy to hospitalized patients and inspire them to be responsible for their own care?Hilton Hotels has reimagined the guest experience, using digital tools to give guests a greater sense of autonomy, to offer more personal choices and to reduce “friction” inherent in travel. Many of these tools can be used in hospitals to increase the feeling of control and autonomy for patients and family members and reduce the stress and confusion inherent in a hospital stay. By learning lessons from the hotel industry, healthcare organizations can increase the sense of control and personalize the hospital stay in ways that result in more positive and more powerful patient engagement.

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The best exotic marigold hospital - himss17

  1. 1. The Best Exotic Marigold Hospital Bringing Hilton’s guest experience to healthcare Session 43, February 20, 2017 1:30 – 2:30 pm Nathalie Corredor, BA, MBA, SVP Strategy Nick van Terheyden, MD, Chief Medical Officer
  2. 2. Speaker Introduction Nathalie Corredor, BA, MBA SVP Strategy Hilton Worldwide Nick van Terheyden, MD @drnic1 Chief Medical Officer NTT DATA Inc.
  3. 3. Conflict of Interest Nathalie Corredor, BA, MBA Has no real or apparent conflicts of interest to report. Nick van Terheyden, MD Salary: NTT DATA Inc.
  4. 4. Agenda • Healthcare Engagement – Design for service • Hilton Digital Engagement Success Story • Hospitality vs. Hospital • The future – What’s around the corner? • Final Takeaways • Questions
  5. 5. Learning Objectives • Develop an understanding of the way that increasing patient autonomy results in greater patient satisfaction and engagement. • Explain the digital apps and tools used in the hotel industry and help attendees understand the way these tools can be incorporated into a hospital setting to increase patient engagement and patient satisfaction. • Review the use of tablet apps for patients/families and the functionality that can enhance patient engagement. • Demonstrate the cost efficiencies and improved staff motivation that can result from use of consumer digital engagement tools.
  6. 6. In India we have a saying: Everything will be alright in the end, so if it is not alright then it is not yet the end.” Movie: Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
  7. 7. Healthcare Engagement – Design for Service
  8. 8. 55%of US online adults are likely to abandon their transaction if they cannot find a quick answer to their question or problem. - Forrester Research
  9. 9. Generational Scoring Greatest Generation Silent Generation Baby Boomer Gen X Millennial Boomlets Customer Friction FactorSM Scoring varies based on Generation. Channels need to vary based on Generation. Engagement Text MeI’m Online I’m MobileEmail Me Come See Me In Person Call Me Preferred Channel Don’t call me. Ever. Don’t call me. Ever. Don’t make me come over there Don’t make me go online Don’t make me go online Disliked Channel Don’t make me come over there
  10. 10. Disengagement Spectrum • Friction does not win customers • Multiple neutral experiences create loyalty • Repeat high friction experiences drive disengagement, loss of transaction and loss of the customer Neutral Zone Unimpressed Impatient Annoyed Frustrated Angry Vengeful CFF SM Score Number of Engaged Customers 0 - 150 151 - 200 201 - 250 251 - 300 301 - 350 351 - 400 401 - 8 Losemultiple Sales Losethe Customer Losethe Transaction Customer Satisfaction / Loyalty Systemic neutral experiences lead to positive brand perception
  11. 11. The Impact of Customer Friction Profit Among top hotel brands, those with the lowest CFF SM score were twice as profitable as those with higher CFF SM scores. Customer Friction Customer Friction Factor SM Score Profit Earnings Per Share $3.55 $1.72
  12. 12. Patients expecting more from providers Make It Easy To Navigate “I want to be able to access information I need when I need it; I want you to help me find what I need” Respect My Time “I don’t want to wait for appointments; I don’t want to spend a lot of time in waiting or exam rooms”” Respect My Opinion “I did my research and expect you to listen to me” Be Transparent “I want to know what things will cost, I want to know what is happening next and why” Insert icon here Know Who I Am “I don’t want to fill out the same forms every time I visit; I want you to know more about me and my family than what’s in my EHR” Help Me Connect With Others “I want to share my experiences with others who face similar challenges”
  13. 13. Hospitality has evolved
  16. 16. “Hilton inspires me to find and plan amazing trips and experiences, not just booking a hotel” Pre-Arrival Stay Depart AdvocateDream Shop Book “It’s so easy to quickly find what I need with confidence and at the best price” “Booking with Hilton is fast and secure and I can tailor my trip” “Hilton is seamless, easy and better before I even get there” “The app gives me an even better experience when I stay at Hilton” “Hilton saves me time” “I feel part of a Hilton community of savvy travelers and am rewarded for it”
  18. 18. Integrated Customer Journey Model IT Platform
  20. 20. Now live at 3,500 hotels...
  21. 21. Guests can set favorite rooms for quicker check in
  22. 22. Hilton Digital Engagement Success Story • Check out the Hilton App
  23. 23. Piloting two-way conversation in app Guests get an answer within minutes
  24. 24. Fitness Guest Rooms: wellness when you want it
  25. 25. TRU: First stab at functional and digital fitness
  26. 26. Hilton All-Day Bar Prototype
  27. 27. People will forget what you say, forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel…
  28. 28. Survey Question How far will you travel for your favorite brand? a) 5 miles b) 10 miles c) 15 miles d) 30 miles e) More than 30 miles
  29. 29. Healthcare: We can design for Service
  30. 30. Hospitality vs. Hospital We know you You know us 1. How far will you travel for favorite brand? 2. Satisfaction Guaranteed 3. Wellness is the new focus 1. Engagement makes a brand “sticky” 2. Empowered problem solvers 3. Digital information to enable healthy choices
  31. 31. Survey Question How important is a satisfaction guarantee to you? a) Not important b) Somewhat important c) Very important d) Never pay attention to it
  32. 32. The Future: What’s around the corner? HEALTHY GUEST POC WELLNESS PREVENTIVE CARE CHRONIC CARE Hospitality provider driven capabilities based on profile information provided. General wellness inputs required • Weight Loss • Healthy Menu • Specialized • Personalized menu • Exercise / Fitness Specialists Partnership with Healthcare providers. Requires health inputs from guest • Dietary requirements due to specific conditions • Physical activity requirements • Sleep apnea / sleep needs • Allergies • Therapies • Depression Partnership with Healthcare providers. Requires guest to share health information. • Diabetes • Hypertension • Congestive Heart Failure Inform Track / Educate / Remind Alert Wireframe for the future
  33. 33. Live Demonstration Wearable Monitoring
  34. 34. Additional Resources White Paper: Reduce Friction to Delight Your Customers Microsite:
  35. 35. All we know about the future is that it will be different. Perhaps what we fear is it will be the same. So we must celebrate the changes, because – as someone once said, Everything will be alright in the end, so if not alright then then trust me it is not yet the end. Movie: Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
  36. 36. Final Takeaways • Different communications requirements by generation and Hospitality has evolved to meet the diverse needs and expectations of their customers – Customer is the heart of everything • Digital Technology is the enabler to allow connection at every point in the engagement before, during and after • Experience through the Customer/Patient eyes; path to improved customer/patient experience – an investment you cannot afford not to make
  37. 37. Questions Nathalie Corredor, BA, MBA SVP Strategy Hilton Worldwide Nick van Terheyden, MD @drnic1 Chief Medical Officer NTT DATA Inc.
  38. 38. Digital Healthcare Engagement Benefits • Satisfaction: 90% increased satisfaction rate for patients and physicians who use online tools. ( • Treatment/Clinical: 80% of patients who can access their own EHRs use health information. ( • Electronic Secure Data: Digital consumer engagement tools can be integrated into the flow of clinical data, adding important patient-provided input that can improve clinical decision-making. – 40% of primary physicians see 21-30 patients per day, which equates to 16 minutes. – 85% of physicians believe digital health tools hold at least some capacity to improve care (American Medical Association) • Patient Engagement and Population Management: Patient education videos and other materials can be incorporated in to tablet/smartphone apps, allowing patients to learn about their disease process and providing clear discharge instructions. – 80% of what affects health outcomes is associated with factors outside the traditional boundaries of healthcare delivery. (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and University of Wisconsin Public Health Institute) – 80% of providers and patients are satisfied with video-based care as a means of reaching people in rural locations (University of Missouri School of Medicine) • Savings: Urban hospitals in Texas with automated clinical information systems had fewer complications, lower mortality rates, and lower costs. (Archives of Internal Medicine and the Commonwealth Fund). The most effective tools in increasing patients’ meaningful participation in care: – 38% -- patient portals – 14% -- secure email – 9% -- patient-generated data stored in EHR – 8% -- online and mobile scheduling – 6% -- benefits design – 6% -- wireless/wearables (New England Journal of Medicine)
  39. 39. The Best Exotic Marigold Hospital Bringing Hilton’s guest experience to healthcare Session 43, February 20, 2017 1:30 – 2:30 pm Nathalie Corredor, BA, MBA, SVP Strategy Nick van Terheyden, MD, Chief Medical Officer