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Connected Care and the Patient Experience

Patients’ own expectations for technology are growing and they have shared that digital technologies need to become more integral in the care delivery process. In the U.S., nearly half of Americans would opt for online capabilities vs. handling over the phone, such as getting lab test results, filling out paperwork ahead of a doctor’s appointment, accessing their medical records, and filling prescriptions. Given the increasing desire for a tech-driven care experience, patients are helping to spur technology adoption by their providers.
As the population ages, technology adoption and information exchange within the long term and post-acute care settings becomes increasingly more important. How can post-acute care agencies overcome challenges of limited resources (financial and workforce) to bring patient care delivery into the 21st century? Patients who take prescription medications for chronic conditions are also feeling the pain from a lack of tech-adoption when their doctors typically don’t offer them access to online condition management tools or make themselves available online or via email for questions. Dr. Van Terheyden will discuss what needs to happen to break down these barriers.

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Connected Care and the Patient Experience

  1. 1. Connected Care and the Patient Experience OACCAC Nick van Terheyden, MD @drnic1 Chief Medical Officer, Dell HCLS
  2. 2. Nick van Terheyden, MD CMO, Dell Health and Life Sciences Twitter LinkedIn Blog FaceBook E-Mail, AboutMe Google Voice (301) 355-0877 Where you can find me
  3. 3. Medical Errors 3rd Leading Cause of Death
  4. 4. Consumer Statistics 387 Million globally live with diabetes 10 million live with Parkinson's 14 Million new cancer cases added each year 17 Million people will die annually from heart disease
  5. 5. Ageing is the Seminal Issue of Our Time By 2050 • 40% of people will be over 60 • More people over 60 than under 14 In the United States • 10,000 Baby Boomers turn 65 every day • All Baby Boomers will be 65+ • 8 Million will be over 80
  6. 6. 2009 Continua Health Alliance Brigitte Piniewski, MD 0 25 65 Age IllnessPre-IllnessWellness Unpredictable Health Predictable (Rules-based) Health Death 60-80% Lifestyle Modifiable Health
  7. 7. Graphic Source:, accessed June 6, 2014 at Complexity of Modern Medicine “The complexity of modern medicine exceeds the inherent limitations of the unaided human mind” – David Eddy, 1990
  8. 8. 8 FactsperDecision 1000 10 100 5 Clinical decision-making is becoming more complicated. 2000 20101990 2020 Structural Genetics: e.g. SNPs, haplotypes Functional Genetics: Gene expression profiles Proteomics and other effector molecules Decisions by Clinical Phenotype William W. Stead, M.D., 2007 AMIA Panel Presentation, “Why We Need Internal Development”, November 11, 2007 How can we expect health care professionals to review 6 billion pieces of data in a 15 minute encounter?
  9. 9. • Kilo • Mega • Giga • Tera • Peta • Exa • Zetta • The Data Deluge Makes the Scientific Method Obsolete The Data Deluge
  10. 10. Source: Qmee July 2014, 60-seconds-infographic-a-year-later/ Every minute of every day…
  11. 11. TeleHealth and TeleMedicine
  12. 12. The Continuum of Telehealth • Home Monitoring • Advanced Monitoring • Advanced Monitoring Equipment • HealthSpot • Sensing Depression and Brain Injury • Intelligent Assistants and Virtual Interactions • RoboDoc/Nurse
  13. 13. Even Assisted Telehealth Intervention 14
  14. 14. Wearable's and Internet of Things
  15. 15. Wearable's and Internet of Things will surpass smartphones and personal computers by 2018 Internet of Things Tablets Smartphone Personal Computers
  16. 16. The Quantified Self Meet Chris Dancy and His 10 devices he wears or carries and 13 more in his home and car
  17. 17. Quantified Self • Ubiquitous, low cost, always on sensors • Seamless tracking with minimal friction and requiring no behavior change • Generates interactive easy to understand data and influences behavior • What Can you Track – Activity and Weight – Sleep, Mood – Cardiac including Heart Rate, Blood Pressure and EKG – Bloods including Glucose – DNA and Your MicroBiome • Incentives
  18. 18. Smartphone Driving Biggest Heart Health Study
  19. 19. Connected Medical Kit, CliniCloud Playing doctor at home
  20. 20. Robotics and Automation
  21. 21. RP-VITA robots, iRobot Corp Robotics
  22. 22. Robotics
  23. 23. Genomics and Precision Medicine
  24. 24. Genomics, Sequencing and Data • Took $3 Billion and 10 years to sequence one genome • Sequence in days even hours and for <$1,000 • Explosion of data just to sequence the genome – Plans to sequence 14M new cancer patients every year which would generate 5.6 Exabytes of information. • But there’s even more data in -omics 25 Global bioinformatics market to reach $13B by 2020 21% CAGR1 >5.6 Exabytes to sequence 14M new cancer patients worldwide per year2 Sources: 1. Allied Market Research, Global Bioinformatics Market, 2013-2020 2. 3. sequenced-this-year/ 228,000 whole human genomes sequenced in 2014 1.6M by 20173
  25. 25. • High Level Trends – Data, data and more Data Topics
  26. 26. Genomics and Preventative Care • Washington University CardioGene Set • Panel includes genes linked to 8 cardiac disorders including arrhythmias & cardiomyopathies • Young Athletes and SCD
  27. 27. Genapsys DNA electronics The era of Personal genome analyzers
  28. 28. Hi Tech Medicine
  29. 29. Patient Engagement is the blockbuster drug of the century Leonard Kish Principal and Co-Founder at VivaPhi
  30. 30. Accelerating Pace of Change • Fear of the New • Agricultural Revolution – 8000 years • Industrial Revolution – 120 Years • Moon Landing – 22 years • Genome Sequencing – 10 Years 31
  31. 31. Connected Care and the Patient Experience OACCAC Nick van Terheyden, MD @drnic1 Chief Medical Officer, Dell HCLS
  32. 32. Nick van Terheyden, MD CMO, Dell Health and Life Sciences AboutMe Twitter LinkedIn Blog FaceBook E-Mail, Google Voice (301) 355-0877 Questions
  33. 33. Do more. Healthcare. Are you ready to… Do more of what’s possible, Do more of what matters, Do more of what brings success?