Your Questions About Gym Workout For Abs


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Your Questions About Gym Workout For Abs

  1. 1. Richard asks…How come I have the fat around my abs, i think it called love handles?I am male 16 years old. I weigh around 125. I have 12.9% body fat.Anyone know why i have thefat and how i can lose it.I do cardio to build up leg muscle 2x a week , cardio for 10 min. And ido 6 days a week i go to gym. I workout abs 6 x a week. chest,back,biceps, and triceps 3x aweek.admin answers:Just keep working on it. 12.9% is kind of high. Once you get around 7% the problem should goaway.Robert asks… 1/4
  2. 2. what is the best machine in the gym to get a good ab workout, that actually works?I just got a gym membership to workout on abs mainly. I use the ellpitical and stair master, but Idont know which one is best for abs. Or is there another?admin answers:Treadmill is the best cardio machine as it burns the most calories compared to the stair masterand ellipiticals and bike.Also, the treadmill is great to do HIIT -- which is the best form of cardio. Learn how here, you have to do strength training. Make sure you do compound exercises. Theres moreinfo here luck.Joseph asks…How efficient is it working out abs over those big balls?I did some abs over those big balls that are available in gyms (i think they use them to do pilatesas well) but Ive seen you can do much more exercises there.. like abs.. but how more efficientis it do workout abs over those balls? 2/4
  3. 3. admin answers:Doing ab crunches on an exercise ball works out not just the front ab muscles but also the sideand deep ab muscles and lower back because it forces you to use these muscles to balance.While doing ab crunches on a decline board focuses on the front ab and helps build their size,using an exercise fall focuses on size and definition. If youre looking for a toned six pack andonly doing one ab exercise, I recommended the exercise ball. If youre doing a group of 3 abexercises, crunches on the exercise ball, crunches on a decline bench, and working yourobliques through either twist crunches or on a Roman chair would be a great combo.David asks…My abs are sore from working them out should i still work them out everyday anyways?I workout my abs at the gym and push them to the limit but i go mostly everyday so i waswondering should I workout my stomach everyday??? even though its a little sore?? will it justbuild more muscle or idk i need some advice loladmin answers:Yea you gotta keep workin out if you stop you wont keep gettin abs. That hurt is good. That hurtsays "yeaaa i just got a good workout" 3/4
  4. 4. Donald asks… How many days a week should I workout? I want to get my body toned and gain some muscle. When I am at the gym I workout for about an hour; 40 min circuit weights, 20 min cardio (inc. abs). If this is my regular routine how many days a week should I do it to see an effect? admin answers: 3 to 4 times a wk. Powered by Yahoo! Answers Check Out The Full Indepth Details Here: Your Questions About Gym Workout For Abs 4/4Powered by TCPDF (