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One Coin One Brick project


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"One Coin One Brick project is organized by the Vietnamese Students Subcommittee in National University of Singapore (VSS). It is one of our fund‐raising activities for the Vietnam JUMP project, which aims to raise 15,000 SGD for the construction of a musical and a medical room for a needy local kindergarten in Quang Nam province, Vietnam. Inspired by what VietnamJUMP will do in Quang Nam, OCOB is going to build a classroom model with 5137 50-cent coins. Every single 50-coin donated will be put on the model by hand, which resembles the act to laying a brick to build a real classroom. Besides the elevated purpose, the model could be considered as a Singapore record when finished.

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One Coin One Brick project

  1. 1. Project Proudly brought to you by Vietnamese Sub-Committee
  2. 2. Objectives 1 Raise charity fund for VietnamJUMP 2 Break Singapore record
  3. 3. Width: 375 mm Length: 650 mm Height: 270 mm Total coins: (Recent record is 3556 made by NTU Cultural Activities)
  4. 4. Each 50 cent coin is a brick for the future classroom
  5. 5. How’d we do that? 23/03: Science Foyer, Central Library walkway 24/03: Science Foyer, Central Library walkway 25/03: outside LT16, Central Library walkway 26/03: outside LT16, Central Library walkway, outside LT6 Partner:
  6. 6. Together, we can keep their smiles…
  7. 7. Together, we will own Singapore record an interesting way with 50-cent coins with