Before getting a cataract eye surgery done,


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Before getting a cataract eye surgery done,

  1. 1. If you are willing to undergo a lasersurgery for treating your cataract, thenit is good for you to first have a betterunderstanding about the entire healingprocedure prior in advance. An eyeexpert will test and measure your eye tofind out the intraocular lens of whatpower need to be put into your eyes.After that, you may further need to gofor some other tests to ensure that thesize of the intraocular lens is accurate.These tests will also help in makingsure that you do not have any othervision problems, which may createhindrance in the smooth performanceof your cataract eye surgery.
  2. 2. Need to know about Eye Surgery:
  3. 3. Eye Surgery:  Cataract surgery almost takes fifteen minutes in total and can only be performed on one eye at a time. You may need to spend two hours at the eye care center for completion of the entire procedure undertaken by an expert eye specialist. Further, in order to have a follow-up with your surgeon, you will require visiting the eye care center after a few days.
  4. 4. At the time of the treatment, the skin nearbyyour eye will be cleaned and covered withgermfree bandages. A small cut will be madeby the surgeon in your eye with anultrasound-driven device to break thesuction and cataract away from the remains.During the surgery, doctors may use somespecial instruments to crack it into smallpieces.
  5. 5. Taking Care after Eye Surgery: After taking out your cloudy but natural lens, a silicone or plastic intraocular lens will be fixed in your eye. Immediately after completion of this task, your eye will be enclosed with a safe shield and also an eye drop will be recommended by the doctor.
  6. 6. You will need to cover youreye will protective shieldwhile sleeping, eye drops needto be used many times in a dayfor at least a few weeks.Further, you need to protectyour eye from direct sunlightand bright lamps.
  7. 7. You may need to avoid eating anddrinking before cataract eye surgery,come to the center for the treatmentwithout applying any kind of makeup,take some topical painkiller, preventusing drugs like Flomax that causesimilar medical impact and mayinterfere with the surgery result, go for afinal eye test, arrange a drive that cantake your home and buy correctiveglasses before going ahead with lasercataract surgery.
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