Recruitment and selection


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Recruitment and selection

  1. 1. Recruitment and Selection Prepared by: Nazish Verteji (FA10-MB-0033) Zarfain Nizar (FA10-MB-0037)
  2. 2. RECRUITMENT PROCESS• RequisitionsThe process is initiated by requisitions from thedepartment heads.Requisitions specify the requirement of the position. Inaddition, mentions the reason for vacancy. It could bethe result of transfer or termination. It should alsoanswer the questions is to whether the position soughtshould be permanent or temporary: should it be fulltime or part time.Relevant department also mention whether they requirecandidate as soon as possible or at later date.Requisition form is then sent to the Director Personneloffice where it is made sure that the requisition positionhas the approval for the budgetary allocation. Searchprocess is started after directors approval.
  3. 3. PROCESS• There are three key processes undertaken by recruitment department at AKU. Three key processes are as follow – Search Process – Screening Process – Selection Process
  4. 4. SEARCH PROCESS• There are two sources from which candidates are searched. These sources are what we call the sources of supply of human resources – Internal – External
  5. 5. Internal sources• Internal AnnouncementsOne major source of recruitment is pool of current employees. The only exception is entry-level employees, who of source will have to be hired from outside the organization. Theypost the job opening on the notice boards of organization.In addition, Intranet at AKU is very increasingly and effectively used for such purposes. Anyjob opening in the departments sent through to employees those who have access tointranet accounts. Otherwise, openings posted on the notice boards attract the attention ofemployees.It is said that internal recruitment is very helpful in many respects. It offers existingemployees incentive to improve their skills. In some cases, these recruits prove less costlyfor some internal recruits might not need to go through the process of certain proceduressuch as orientation program. They will not go through the initial period of familiarizationwith the organization. They could immediately start producing better results.Another benefit of internal recruitment is that organization already knows the strengthsand weaknesses of candidates therefore, if recommended for recruitment he or she couldbe more beneficial for the organization.
  6. 6. External resourcesIn order to attract the external candidates AKU recruitment departmentundertakes following activities1. Educational InstitutionsAdvertisements placed on the notice boards of educational institutionscould be very good source of attracting recruits. At AKU, this practice isonly followed for managerial level positions.Some management trainees have joined AKU who have done their MBAsfrom private universities like CBM.
  7. 7. External resources – contd.3. Advertisements• Local NewspapersAdvertisements are placed in local newspapers once the vacancyemerges, and notified to recruitment department through requisition.Since AKU is considered to be a very reputable organization, and knownfor its good working environment, these advertisements are received verywell and many of the candidates apply for the post.• Foreign NewspapersAlthough advertisement are placed in the local newspapers, but in somecases the target pool of prospective recruits is international. This is largelydetermined by the nature of job. Since AKU is an international universitytherefore to maintain the excellence of services it extends its searchbeyond national boundaries to recruits.
  8. 8. External resources – contd.4. Liaison with recruitment firmsAKU recruitment department some times contacts with local orinternational recruitment firms for recruitment purposes. The Officermentioned that they do so for senior positions.
  10. 10. How to apply online in AKU
  11. 11. If you are already member
  12. 12. If you are not then
  13. 13. After Log in you have to fill out forms
  14. 14. When you apply for any position you will get confirmation reply
  15. 15. Maintenance Of Application Data BankMaintenance of application data bank is one of the important processes undertaken here.Recruitment department receives hundreds of applications from different people who areinterested to join AKU. Application could be sent as response to vacancies announced or thosesent by candidates who send in the application for possible future vacancies. This data bank helpsto track the relevant applications whenever vacancy arises. This is important because applicationis not sent only when vacancies arise but some are sent in anticipation of some vacancy at futurepoint in time.Two major sources of data bank of applications are write-in applications and walk-ins.• Write inApplications either sought or unsought could be send by applicants through mail. Theseapplications are sorted and then are entered in to appropriate section of data bank ofapplications.• Walk inSome interested candidates might just walk in the recruitment department and hand theirapplication to employees in recruitment department. They might also like to get someinformation about further possible vacancies.
  16. 16. SCREENING & SELECTION PROCESS• Preliminary InterviewPreliminary Interview is taken to eliminate the unqualified candidate for further process.• Aptitude TestFor different candidates, aptitude test is prepared to check their abilities. Aptitude tests - test the candidatesfor their skills related to their work. Normally aptitude test contains a test of English Language proficiency.Naturally, different level of proficiency is required for different level of jobs. Apart from these, their workrelated knowledge is tested. Aptitude tests serves to exclude the obvious misfits hence screens out thecandidates for interview process.For example for secretarial job computer skills and typing speed are tested to find out whether candidatefulfills the requirements of the job.• InterviewsInterview is the next step in the selection process. Those candidates who pass through the first phase ofselection process, i.e. aptitude test have to go through the process of interviews. Interviews in some casesare conducted by recruitment department and personnel from line departments. However in some casesline departments conduct a separate interview. Interviews conducted by the department mostly focus on thejob related skills and candidates competencies as it relates to job. While personnel department would bemore interested in general competencies required for employment
  17. 17. OFFER LETTER