"Nouns" by Dr. Nicholas correa


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"Nouns" by Dr. Nicholas correa

  1. 1. ELT How to teach nouns? Session conducted By Dr. Nicholas CorreaDirector, New Horizon Scholars School
  2. 2. Nouns are names or naming words.A noun is a name of a person, aplace, a thing, an idea or a quality
  3. 3. Person Place Things Ideas /QualityJohn Mumbai desk FreedomRamesh Tokyo pen KindnessRachna New York cow Hunger
  4. 4. Noun Activity:Decorate your banker’s box with pictures of persons, places, andthings. Ask your students what items could be placed inside thisbox and have them write that word on the board Next ask yourstudents, who buys these items and have them write those wordson the board. Finally ask your students where do these people goto buy the items they have written on the board.Now go back and review the words on the board and see whatthey have in common. Students will categorize the items that fitin the box as things. Then the people words as persons andwhere to buy as places. The teachers should help with the termsto fit the category if students have trouble. The teacher will thencommunicate to the students that these three categories areknown as nouns.
  5. 5. ______________________ ______________________ ____________________________________________ ______________________ ____________________________________________ ______________________ _________________________________________ ______________________ ____________________________________________ ______________________ ____________________
  6. 6. Kinds of nouns:Nouns can be broadly divided into two kinds.•Proper noun•Common nounProper nouns:•Name of a person•Name of a place•Names of the days & monthsCommon Nouns•Concrete noun•Countable noun•Uncountable noun•Collective noun•Abstract noun•Collective noun
  7. 7. A Proper Nouns A proper noun is a name of a particular person, place or thing (names of days, months, etc) E.g. David, London, Wednesday, June. First letter of all proper nouns is written in capital letters.
  8. 8. Common nouns: The words which refer to the names of things. Example: book, star, vase, mirror,B etc. There are three kinds 1. Concrete nouns: The words or names or things which one can see and touch through our five senses are called concrete nouns. Example: student, bag, dog, etc. a. Countable nouns: The names or words or things which can be counted are countable nouns. Example: pen, desk, building, etc b. Uncountable: nouns The names or words or things which can be measured but cannot be counted one by one. Example: water, oil, flour, etc
  9. 9. 2. Abstract nouns: The words or names or things which one can feel or express are called abstract nouns. Example: sweet, pain, kindness, freedom, etc.3. Collective nouns: The names or words which refer to a group or collection of people, creatures or things. Example: a crowd, a flock of sheep, a bunch of bananas.
  10. 10. Collective Nouns
  11. 11. A pride of lions