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Mind power

  1. 1. Mind Power Session ByDr. Nicholas Correa
  2. 2. Mind Power is the art oftraining your mind to workwith your subconscious mindto create the life you want.Developing Mind Power is apractice that requiresconsistency and commitment.There are many techniquesused to develop yoursubconscious mind power -- allof them are taught in theCreating Power System.
  3. 3. Whatever the mind canconceive and believe, itcan achieve. Napoleon Hill
  4. 4. The above quotation fromNapoleon Hill cannot be putany better and cannot be anymore accurate.For those of you who have notheard of Napoleon he was oneof the early teachers of thepower of the mind.Hills legendary book "ThinkAnd Grow Rich" was read byand motivated millions ofpeople.
  5. 5. The basic principle isthat whatever yourmind can imagine it cancreate. How does it dothis? What your mindthinks, sees, believes,feels is all sent to yoursubconscious mind --its great partner.
  6. 6. Your Subconscious thenworks with the universeand creates your realitybased on the messages thatbegan in your mind.But it’s not enough tosimply imagine it and thenhope it happens.Thats not the way mindpower works.
  7. 7. If you can imagine it youcan achieve it -- but youneed to know how to usethe power of your mind. Even Napoleon Hill tellsyou this in every one ofhis books.But he doesnt tell youhow to use all your mindpowers.
  8. 8. Your mind and subconsciousmind can create wonderful thingsfor you -- if you know how to useit and how to send the rightmessages to your subconscious.Most people dont know how todo this.Instead, you go through life neverreally using the power of yourmind.
  9. 9. Did you know that doctors now firmlybelieve that 75% of all sickness anddisease start in the mind?75-Percent! Thats a very large amount.That means that 75% of all the peoplewho are sick today -- are only sickbecause they did not know how to usetheir mind.Doctors will even tell you that mostsickness and disease are caused by stress.This is another event that starts in themind.
  10. 10. Scientists have long said that we only use10% of our mind.10-percent -- thats it. Think of going throughlife only spending 10-percent of your salary?Could you do it? No! Yet you go throughlife only using 10% of your mind.That 10-percent is creating 75% of allsickness because we dont even know how touse it properly.
  11. 11. Now imagine if you just used 10%of our mind correctly?What would happen?What would happen if we learnedto use 90% of our mind correctly?The results would be astounding!
  12. 12. Your mind is an incredible power-- but no one ever taught you howto use this power.Throughout your entire life youvebeen taught how to do everythingbut no one ever taught you how touse your mind.Creating Power teaches you howto use your the power of yourmind.
  13. 13. Im not saying that if you workwith the Creating PowerSystem youll start using all ofyour mind correctly.But I do know that youll beginusing the power of your mindto its full potential -- and that isenough to create the changeyou want.
  14. 14. Napoleon Hill taught us that if wethink properly we can grow rich. Buthe wasnt just talking about financialgain.He was talking about making ourlives rich. Creating Power goesfurther than Napoleon Hill becauseit teaches you how to use your mindso that you continually know how tothink and grow rich.With Creating Power youll improveself esteem and self confidence whilebecoming more intuitive.
  15. 15. In order to Create the things you wantin life you must first take control ofyour mind. It doesnt matter what elseyou do.If you dont learn to work with yourmind -- nothing else will work. I haveseen people very close to me ruintheir lives because they dont want touse the power of their mind.No matter what I tell them they refuseto take control of their mind. Theyrefuse to work with it and use it to itsfull potential. I have seen peoplestruggle and then tell me "thats justthe way life is. It was meant to be."