Brainstorming for creative wrting


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Creative writing: Guidelines for creative writing by Dr. Nicholas Correa

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Brainstorming for creative wrting

  1. 1. Brain Storming for creative writing Dr. Nicholas Correa
  2. 2. Sound Words: scritch crick rap fissle crinkle scratch creak tap swish crunch scrunch chirk smack whish jangle crunch chirp whack zip jingle burr chirrup thwack sniff thud chirr rattle whomp snuffle babble buzz clitter whap sputter splat clang clatter hiss whoosh splash twang clack siss wheeze splosh squeak flutter shush squish splatter squawk sputter sizzle crack zing screech patter fizz crash zap
  3. 3. Smell Words: pungent acrid stinky fetid fulsome spicy peppery aromatic noxious yeasty tangy rank perfume malodorous fusty salty gamy sweet rancid frowzy brine brackish savory reeky stuffy piquant smoky musky foul moldy sharp stench musty vile mildewed reek flowery putrid miasmal
  4. 4. Touch Words: flossy gooey pocked tingle throb silky plush squishy prickle pound fluffy crumbly squushy sting chafe knobbed chalky stringy tickle twitch scaly mealy bouncy shiver rankle gritty shaggy rubbery creep numb slimy gossamer wiry itch grate sticky nubby brittle smart irritate barbed scratchy crisp ache wince
  5. 5. Words for "See" and "Look": watch glimpse gape witness observe leer gaze goggle spy scout glance glare ogle note reconnoiter peek glower inspect discern scrutinize peep stare view peer survey gawk squint pore over study
  6. 6. Quiet Words: hushed peaceful silent tranquil still noiseless calm speechless placid taciturn soundless mute
  7. 7. "Fear" Words: alarmed daunted anxious scared nervous terrified timid intimidated cowardly fainthearted craven chickenhearted
  8. 8. Onomatopoeia (Words that Sound Like Their Meaning): bang hum clipclop boom hiss howl screech fizz murmur clang buzz whine tinkle sizzle twitter varoom crack chirp pop slosh cuckoo ratatattat crunch whippoorwill
  9. 9. The Sound of Words: Hurry-up, Action Words: Slow and Quiet Words: hop jump hush lazily fly leap lullaby silently quick slap loiter smoothly
  10. 10. Sounds That Imply Mood: joke quiver query sleazy jest quake question slimy jolly quaver quiz slippery joy quail slush jovial sludge
  11. 11. Character Traits: ambitious energetic neat stupid awkward excitable patient stubborn bitter fanciful poetic sweet brave forgiving proud superstitious boastful gentle practical understanding boring hateful quarrelsome vain careful honest romantic wasteful cheerful imaginative self-centered clever intelligent selfish wise creative kind shy clumsy lonely sincere cowardly loving smug dignified lazy silly dishonest loyal sloppy dull mean stingy