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Rules, Hunches & Coinflips (by Boon Sheridan at #NUX5)


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Rules, Hunches & Coinflips

Slides from the NUX5 talk by Boon Sheridan, Friday 7th October 2016. /


In a world looking for rules of thumb, checklists, best practices, and guarantees, how do we know what we know? Even worse, how do we choose when every rule has an equal and opposite position?

As knowledge increases and every dissenting opinion is available for citation, it becomes more important to set aside the mundane challenges … at least that’s what we’re told by a succession of books, speakers, and multi-media campaigns. How can one be expected to produce a manifesto, let alone get work done, when every other day someone else is muscling up to the church door with a new sheaf of papers to share with the world?

Sanity (in the slimmest possible definition of the word) is only possible when one takes charge of their own body of knowledge, shakes it hard, and is mindful of what falls out.

In this talk, I will plead a great deal, cajole a bit, and threaten my own notions of structure and knowledge in the hope you will do the same to yours.

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Rules, Hunches & Coinflips (by Boon Sheridan at #NUX5)

  1. 1. rules, hunches & coin-flips boon sheridan RTBZ+ + =
  2. 2. @boonERANG
  3. 3. A story
  4. 4. another story
  5. 5. the challenge
  6. 6. life after “it depends”
  7. 7. people love listicles
  8. 8. Time makes fools of best practices & rules
  9. 9. “Citation, please?”
  10. 10. just the interesting and beautiful, please
  11. 11. my answer
  12. 12. What do I know?
  13. 13. How do I know what I know? 
  14. 14. How much AM I comfortable with? 
  15. 15. What do I need to rethink?
  16. 16. so I started digging
  17. 17. how do i design?
  18. 18. Turned into
  19. 19. Rules, hunches & coin-flips
  20. 20. Rules
  21. 21. hunches
  22. 22. coin-flips
  23. 23. why?
  24. 24. in the time it takes to give this talk four new manifestos will be published to medium
  25. 25. ignorance of the opinions of others is no vice
  26. 26. User Experience is everyone’s job EXCEPT WHEN it’s the job of specialists
  27. 27. Mobile first EXCEPT WHEN there's no such thing as mobile
  28. 28. It’s wrong to guess EXCEPT WHEN you value constraints
  29. 29. plan like each release is your last EXCEPT WHEN iteration & flexibility are key
  30. 30. Prototypes rule EXCEPT WHEN anything but production code is a waste
  31. 31. information needs organizing EXCEPT WHEN imposing structure is a crime
  32. 32. Patterns support design EXCEPT WHEN if it’s a template it’s sh*t
  33. 33. people want your expertise  EXCEPT WHEN they need your beginner’s mind
  34. 34. who decides?
  35. 35. I’m scared to death big data doesn’t mean Big Wisdom.
  36. 36. ask yourself
  37. 37. What are your Rules, hunches & coin-flips?
  38. 38. THANKS!