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40 things you didn’t know about UX recruitment and were too afraid to ask


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Be Kaler's talk from NUX3.

Be will answer the questions you would like to know the answers to. Be will focus on the user experience industry and how to get the most from your recruitment partner – as an employer or employee.

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40 things you didn’t know about UX recruitment and were too afraid to ask

  1. 1. 40 things you didn’t know about UX recruitment and were too afraid to ask. @bekalerFH @futurebanter @FutureheadsUX
  2. 2. @bekalerFH @futurebanter @FutureheadsUX 40. What do I know? 15 years 3000 Interviews
  3. 3. @bekalerFH @futurebanter @FutureheadsUX 39. How has UX changed in 15 years?
  4. 4. @bekalerFH @futurebanter @FutureheadsUX 38. Is my employer under paying me?
  5. 5. @bekalerFH @futurebanter @FutureheadsUX 37. What are the big hiring trends?
  6. 6. @bekalerFH @futurebanter @FutureheadsUX 36. Who gets paid the most?
  7. 7. @bekalerFH @futurebanter @FutureheadsUX 35. What skills are most desired?
  8. 8. @bekalerFH @futurebanter @FutureheadsUX 34. What are the best courses for UX?
  9. 9. 33. What are the best conferences to learn about UX? @bekalerFH @futurebanter @FutureheadsUX
  10. 10. @bekalerFH @futurebanter @FutureheadsUX 32. What are the best books for UX?
  11. 11. @bekalerFH @futurebanter @FutureheadsUX 31. What does a contractor earn?
  12. 12. 30. What has been the biggest shift in 2014? @bekalerFH @futurebanter @FutureheadsUX
  13. 13. @bekalerFH @futurebanter @FutureheadsUX 29. What does 2015 look like?
  14. 14. @bekalerFH @futurebanter @FutureheadsUX 28. Is a portfolio absolutely necessary?
  15. 15. @bekalerFH @futurebanter @FutureheadsUX 27. Why do clients want permanent hire?
  16. 16. @bekalerFH @futurebanter @FutureheadsUX 26. Why do clients need contractors?
  17. 17. @bekalerFH @futurebanter @FutureheadsUX 25. Why do candidates want perm?
  18. 18. @bekalerFH @futurebanter @FutureheadsUX 24. Why do candidates want contract?
  19. 19. @bekalerFH @futurebanter @FutureheadsUX 23. Who is hiring Juniors?
  20. 20. @bekalerFH @futurebanter @FutureheadsUX 22. How shall I choose which job to take?
  21. 21. 21. How do I let the ones I don’t want down? @bekalerFH @futurebanter @FutureheadsUX
  22. 22. 20. What vacancies get the best response from ads? @bekalerFH @futurebanter @FutureheadsUX
  23. 23. 19. What are the biggest mistakes firms make during @bekalerFH @futurebanter @FutureheadsUX the hiring process?
  24. 24. 18. What are the biggest mistakes that candidates @bekalerFH @futurebanter @FutureheadsUX make at interview?
  25. 25. 17. How does the interview process differ from agency @bekalerFH @futurebanter @FutureheadsUX and client side?
  26. 26. 16. How do I tailor myself for a start-up role? @bekalerFH @futurebanter @FutureheadsUX
  27. 27. 15. I have a broad set of skills, how to I avoid being a @bekalerFH @futurebanter @FutureheadsUX jack of all trades, a master of none?
  28. 28. 14. What should I look for in a UX recruiter, aren’t they @bekalerFH @futurebanter @FutureheadsUX all the same?
  29. 29. 13. What happens if I take a contract and it gets @bekalerFH @futurebanter @FutureheadsUX terminated unexpectedly?
  30. 30. @bekalerFH @futurebanter @FutureheadsUX 12. How do I upskills as a contractor?
  31. 31. 11. How do I manage my NDAs in my portfolio? @bekalerFH @futurebanter @FutureheadsUX
  32. 32. 10. When is the best time in my career to start @bekalerFH @futurebanter @FutureheadsUX contracting?
  33. 33. 9. What are the mistakes to avoid mid contract? @bekalerFH @futurebanter @FutureheadsUX
  34. 34. 8. Are visual design skills essential for good UX? @bekalerFH @futurebanter @FutureheadsUX
  35. 35. 7. Is creating a job spec. for a hire essential? @bekalerFH @futurebanter @FutureheadsUX • YES • Make sure its up to date • Use the company tone • Don’t just let the HR or operations team create this
  36. 36. @bekalerFH @futurebanter @FutureheadsUX 6. How can I interview well?
  37. 37. 5. How can I prepare to do a good interview? @bekalerFH @futurebanter @FutureheadsUX
  38. 38. 4. I work in digital, but never in UX – can I transfer? @bekalerFH @futurebanter @FutureheadsUX
  39. 39. 3. If I want to get out of UX, what else could I do? @bekalerFH @futurebanter @FutureheadsUX
  40. 40. @bekalerFH @futurebanter @FutureheadsUX 2. What happened before UX?
  41. 41. 1. Are we now in a UX “bubble” and when is it going to @bekalerFH @futurebanter @FutureheadsUX burst?
  42. 42. @bekalerFH @futurebanter @FutureheadsUX DESIGN & UX