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Social Developers London - Facebook F8 and Twitter Developer comparison


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101 level presentation given at @socdevlon centred on key differences between Twitter and Facebook, and opinion on where to place your bets working on development of apps

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Social Developers London - Facebook F8 and Twitter Developer comparison

  1. 1. Angus Fox Co-Chair Social Developers London @nuxnix This talk draws on information from and but is in no way endorsed byTwitter Corporation or Facebook Corporation  #justsaying
  2. 2. The first places to start are at and High level differences betweenTwitter and Facebook Innovations announced at F8 Recent Innovations fromTwitter Developer Programs Compared FbStart Things to consider Questions / Discussion Zendesk ticket giveaway
  3. 3. A quick baseline, you know this already, right?
  4. 4. 92% of all activity and engagement withTweets happens within the first hour of the post being made. Facebook status updates, and interaction can go on for hours, and even days.
  5. 5. Twitter allows people to follow important topics, people, & conversations that are relevant or interesting to them. People make connections on Facebook with friends, family members, and other people that they care to keep in touch with.
  6. 6. Information onTwitter is always here and now, important and relevant, and constantly changing Content on Facebook is more timeless
  7. 7. Strategy to cherry pick monetization opportunities and make them part of the core platform if they work scorched earth style – e.g. Twitter Music Strategy to strengthen the site's app development platform, for third parties, modeled around three core pillars: build, grow and monetize
  8. 8.
  9. 9.  New Facebook Login experience gives people more control over the information they share with apps.  Facebook Login available to all new apps  existing apps have a full year to upgrade (April 30, 2015).  Facebook Login is a fast and convenient way for people to sign into their favourite apps without having to remember another password.  In 2013, Login was updated to clarify when an app is requesting permission to share back to Facebook.  This change contributed to a 10% increase in Login conversion rates over the past year.
  10. 10.  APIVersioning and a two-year stability guarantee for core products such as Login, Sharing, Requests, SDKs and frequently used Graph API endpoints.  If any changes to these products, previous version supported for at least two years.  Versioning also gives you control over how you upgrade different instances of your app to use the latest platform features.  Important new elements of Graph API 2.0 include:  App-scoped user IDs to better protect people's information  People who have already logged into your app will still retain their original user ID.  If you operate multiple apps, the Business MappingAPI lets you map the same person's ID between them  TestApps  An easy way to create and manage apps for use in testing, development and staging, test apps also serve as a central place to manage people's roles across all of your apps.  Social Context API  A simple way to surface a person's friends' activity alongside your content.  Tagged Places API  An easy way to build experiences using the places where a person has been tagged.  Tagging and Inviting APIs  NewAPIs to help you build interfaces for tagging friends in stories and inviting friends to your app.  Several rarely used API endpoints are going away visit changelog for details.
  11. 11. Create beautiful apps Forget server maintenance and complex infrastructure. Instantly add push notifications, data storage, social integration, and more with the Parse SDKs.
  12. 12.  One backend to rule them all  Native SDKs make it easy to create beautiful and powerful apps for all of your favorite devices. From desktop to mobile apps, Parse has an SDK for everyone.  Powerful user management for your app  Connect your users via traditional logins or third party social networks with just a few lines of code.  We take care of linking accounts across networks, resetting passwords, and keeping everything safe and secure.
  13. 13.  Improved stability and Graph API 2.0:  Facebook Login  Anonymous Login  App Links:  New Parse Pricing:We've made Parse pricing cheaper, simpler, and more predictable.  Parse Local Datastore: Parse now makes it easier than ever to build apps that work without connectivity.  Parse Growth Analytics: Parse Analytics now has powerful dashboards for understanding your app's growth and user retention metrics.  New Facebook SDKs: Updated SDKs for iOS, Android, and JavaScript and a new PHP SDK.
  14. 14.
  15. 15.  Video clips and audio streams have a special place on theTwitter platform thanks to the Player Card. By implementing a few meta tags on your website and following theTwitter Rules of the Road, you can bring your rich media to your followers and millions of other users across the globe.  dev/cards
  16. 16.  Sign in withTwitter  2014/bootstrapping- sign-in-with-twitter  Bootstrapping code examples in Ruby and Python
  17. 17.  F8 announcements are pretty Seismic  Monetisation at the heart  Inclusive to all developers  Platform tools  Parse  And FbStart!  Twitter doesn’t hold a developer event of scale  Not really about monetisation  Certified Program  Simple tools  Cards  Examples
  18. 18.  Bootstrap - Open to any developer with public iOS or Android apps.  A free package of tools and services worth up to $5,000, including:  Facebook Start to Success Program  Parse credit  Adobe Creative Cloud  Appurify testing suite  customer care tool  Hootsuite social media monitoring tool  prototyping tool  UserTesting UX research tool  Transifex localization platform  Workable recruitment tool  We'll also include promotional Facebook ad credit for new spenders.  AccelerateTrack  A free package of tools and services worth up to $30,000, including:
  19. 19. Presentations are available from Slideshare Slides