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Technical roadmap 2015 - Nuxeo Tour 2014

Presentation of the technical roadmap for 2015

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Technical roadmap 2015 - Nuxeo Tour 2014

  1. 1. Nuxeo 2015 Roadmap about technical evolutions
  2. 2. DOCUMENT REPOSITORY Evolutions at the Core level
  3. 3. GOALS Push more Better management through REST APIs More control over Integration with Cloud File Services Adapt Nuxeo Core to new usages !
  4. 4. FIELD CONTRAINTS Let express constraints at (XSD) Link to Directory entry Relation to a Document Link to a User or Group Don't rely on widget binding REST API access enforce constraints Create/Update REST API can resolve references Read
  5. 5. BLOBMANAGER Extend Blob attributes renditions, conversions, thumbs, urls Extract High Level Interface for BlobManager can take storage decision based on Document attributes Make Blob download process pluggable Can have more custom BlobStores Leverage CDN (ex : S3 + CloudFront) Can take advantage of Google Drive or One Drive additional meta-data online editors
  6. 6. DOCUMENT BASED STORAGE Continue tuning on distributed caching recursive processing Add PostgreSQL + JSON AWS DynamoDB ? Cassandra ? ElasticSearch ? Scale to several Billions documents in one repository !
  7. 7. PLATFORM INFRASTRUCTURE About platform wide infrastructure changes
  8. 8. GOALS Make all components Distributed architecture Scale out Robustness Actually, Nuxeo Plaform already scales out very well : but we have plans to make it even better !
  9. 9. OPERATIONS ON LARGE TREE Framework for in the WorkManager ACLs computation Meta-data denormalization Quota computation Recursive deletes Leverage storage backend features when available Global transient state manager
  10. 10. MORE REDIS global shared about what objects are being processed better handling of dirty updates Continue integrating as a VCS/DBS Cache Cluster invalidations Manager
  11. 11. MULTI-NODES MANAGEMENT NuxeoClusterCtl Automate Marketplace package deployment Rolling upgrade Unified Cluster Wide Admin Center Leverage the work done for - embed inside the default platform
  12. 12. ONLINE SERVICES & CONNECTORS Nuxeo Cloud &
  13. 13. GOALS Provide more online services services we services we Provide a complete Leverage Cloud opportunities Build your application for the Cloud in the Cloud
  14. 14. NUXEO SERVICE HUB Use / Connect as a Handles Authentication propagation Handles visibility issues Built-in integration with NuxeoPlatform
  15. 15. NUXEO SERVICES Authentication bridge for 3rd party IDM Manage and provision users Easily manage and provision your users Provide easy integration with IDM and MFA ( c onversions and preview services Quality transform and preview without complex setup Easy and transparent Scale Out
  16. 16. CONNECTORS / PROXIED SERVICES Notifications and Push AWS SNS Monitoring DataDog / CloudHub continue work SAML / SCIM Okta, PingIdentity, OneLogin ... Activity / Directories
  17. 17. NUXEO.IO infrastructure work Extend Cluster, Elasticsearch, Redis Wider selection of packages Centralized log management Integration of IDM transformation monitoring Integration with the is the final step of the Software Factory !
  19. 19. SOFTWARE FACTORY Nuxeo Studio Codeenvy
  20. 20. UI AND CLIENT SDK WebApps for every devices
  21. 21. GOALS Provide tools for modern Web Apps Html5, JavaScript, Web Components Mobile devices Leverage the existing infrastructure Actions, Layout, Studio configuration Provide a nice migration path bleeding edge technologies yet smooth migration
  22. 22. WEBCOMPONENTS AND ECMASCRIPT 6 WebComponent is a great standard Clean Web development Modularity and Encapsulation ECMAScript 6 may finally provide a clean solution Modularity and OOP a clean and sustainable Web development ! Also need a solution
  23. 23. POLYMER, TRACER & ANGULAR A nice Component model on top of WebComponents A WebComponents "emulation" for current browsers A way to write ES6 yet run it on current browsers A Web Framework that can integrate WebComponents Leverage the work done on and
  24. 24. ABOUT NUXEO FRAMEWORK Continue working on and provide a Nuxeo Component set (Nuxeo Elements) integrate with Component Designer Nuxeo BackOffice UI Continue improve and the JSF2 stack Finish NXTheme removal Streamline JavaScript integration integrate inside Nuxeo default UI to assemble fragments Upgrade AngularSDK/Samples to ECMAScript 6 Web Component integration
  25. 25. CODING TOOL Helping you building your application
  26. 26. GOALS Make advanced Nuxeo configuration easier Give more power to Studio users Help developers getting started with coding Give access to most recent Web Technologies without breaking existing applications make extensions easier to build {CODE}
  27. 27. AUTOMATION SCRIPTING High level Automation Operations more powerful than simple Automation Chains easier than bare scripting or Java coding Easy control flow : loops, conditions, sub functions ... mailDocument = Document.Create(mailFolder, { 'type' : 'MailMessage', 'name' : mailDocumentName, 'properties' : { 'messageId' : messageId, 'dc:title' : subject }}); for (attachment in attachments) { Blob.Attach(attachment, {'document' : mailDocument, 'save' : false, 'xpath' : 'files:files'}); } Document.Save(mailDocument);
  28. 28. JAVA CODING Online tools IDE Marketplace Packaging service Nuxeo Code Snippets with Java 8 support via Nashorn
  29. 29. SCM and Code Sharing Packaging services Deploy and run tests on NO more excuse for not doing it the right way !!!
  30. 30.

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    Oct. 20, 2014
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    Nov. 2, 2014

Presentation of the technical roadmap for 2015


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