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Slide deck roadmap webinar 2013


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Slide deck roadmap webinar 2013

  1. 1. Nuxeo Platform Roadmap, Q1 2013 Thierry Delprat © 2013 - Nuxeo
  2. 2. 2013 Roadmap: Strategy Extend the platform approach Continue to improve the infrastructure Manage the complete application life-cycle Prepare Nuxeo Platform 6.0 Prepare an infrastructure updatenuxeo Webinars 2 / 40
  3. 3. 2013 To-do Listnuxeo Webinars 3 / 40
  4. 4. 2013 To-do List Infrastructure Technical evolutions Component Model, Deployment, Web Services, UI, Repositorynuxeo Webinars 4 / 40
  5. 5. 2013 To-do List Cloud Nuxeo as PaaS NCC, Cloud deployment, Container level multi- tenancynuxeo Webinars 5 / 40
  6. 6. 2013 To-do List Tools Help developers be more efficient Nuxeo Studio, Nuxeo IDE, Nuxeo Forgenuxeo Webinars 6 / 40
  7. 7. 2013 To-do List Client side Better integration Nuxeo Drive, Nuxeo Live Edit, Web UXnuxeo Webinars 7 / 40
  8. 8. 2013 To-do List Modules Features !!! DAM, DM, CMF, SCnuxeo Webinars 8 / 40
  9. 9. Infrastructure Technical Evolutions of the Platformnuxeo Webinars 9 / 40
  10. 10. OSGi and CDI OSGi + CDI is still the long term direction Nice component models that can live together But, we have to move carefully Lot of work! Broad impacts: compatibility / migration / dev and build tools Several non-standardized aspects between JEE / OSGi / CDI The road is long ... and we are moving forward carefully.nuxeo Webinars 10 / 40
  11. 11. Component Model Well continue with Nuxeo Runtime It works well : "OSGi + Declarative Services + Extension Points" It is flexible and we can easily make changes as needed Start background convergence infrastructure work Fix current limitations Improve deployment system Continue work on reloadable registries Bridge CDI with OSGi/Nuxeo Runtime servicesnuxeo Webinars 11 / 40
  12. 12. Deployment What we want to improve Be more agnostic about the target deployment environment Adapt to new deployment constraints in the Cloud Solutions Migrate web deployment model to something less intrusive (5.7) JEE6 Servlet fragments or OSGi WAB-like model Externalize bundle deployment in a bundle repositorynuxeo Webinars 12 / 40
  13. 13. Web Services Extend Automation capabilities Improve marshaling options (5.7) Improve support for complex types (5.7) Improve Web Service bindings Improve Automation Java Client Web Service integration pattern Automation Operation to wrap Web Service Nuxeo Studio integration wizard bind layout to Web Service callnuxeo Webinars 13 / 40
  14. 14. Core Repository Complex types Extend XSD support in the Core and in Studio (5.7) Data mapping service Automatic data duplication / de-normalization NXQL Support for count and join Quota Management Continue to refine the QuotaStats service (5.7)nuxeo Webinars 14 / 40
  15. 15. Core Optimizations Clustering architecture Provide support for a distributed cache system Use Redis instead of the SQL DB Event service Better listener filtering Connect event bus to push infrastructure Misc database optimizationsnuxeo Webinars 15 / 40
  16. 16. UI / Layout System Extend the Layout system Cross validation meta-model Complex visibility checks Client side bindings: pure JS/HTML5 Extend Layout usage Manage page layouts too (5.7)nuxeo Webinars 16 / 40
  17. 17. UI Rendering Framework The initial target is JSF2 / RichFaces 4 and CDI We did some prototyping But, we already have most of the new JSF2 features We need to define what we have to gain for real! We want to make Web Framework integration easier Make JSF2/CDI integration available as a bootstrap JS/HTML5 toolkit: simple framework with Automation and Layout Sample integration with various web frameworks (Wickets, Play, etc.)nuxeo Webinars 17 / 40
  18. 18. Cloud Building the Nuxeo Cloud Architecturenuxeo Webinars 18 / 40
  19. 19. Cloud Deployment Public Cloud AWS Add support for RDS storage Expose dedicated monitoring API Azure Support for Azure PaaS (including MS SQL) (5.7)nuxeo Webinars 19 / 40
  20. 20. Cloud Tooling Building a customized application factory NCC: Nuxeo Cloud Controller Configuration of application profiles Provisioning of nodes and users (multi-tenancy) Monitoring of nodes Leverage Nuxeo infrastructure Download and install packages: Private Marketplace Component and service provisioning: Nuxeo Configuration and Bundle Servernuxeo Webinars 20 / 40
  21. 21. Tools Making the Nuxeo Platform Easiernuxeo Webinars 21 / 40
  22. 22. Nuxeo Studio - Team mode Continue to extend Nuxeo Studio for power users Multiple users in Studio Manage concurrent access Locking / messaging between users (2.9) Unleash the power of Git!!! Allow branching / merging Multiple projects in Studio Manage dependencies between Studio projectsnuxeo Webinars 22 / 40
  23. 23. Nuxeo Studio - Features Improve support for complex schemas and layouts XSD import / infinite nested complex types (2.9) Continue to extend Studios functional scope Faceted Search (2.9) Smart Folders Configure audit views Web Service integration Layout / Automation / Workflownuxeo Webinars 23 / 40
  24. 24. Nuxeo IDE Make it easier to use Nuxeo IDE Make SDK more flexible Manage bundle black-list / white-list Not necessary to build a custom SDK Allow Nuxeo Core developers to use IDE too! Avoid Nuxeo IDE deployment model side effect Deploy IDE bundle as part of global deployment Improve IDE and Studio integration Publish widget types, templates and resources to Studionuxeo Webinars 24 / 40
  25. 25. Nuxeo Forge Online tools for your projects Create and distribute Marketplace packages SCM, Maven and CI hosting Deploy and test your ContentApp on the Cloud Documentation site For all types of projects Private projects leverage Connect private distribution channel use on testing and deployment Community projects "Open source" Studio project hostingnuxeo Webinars 25 / 40
  26. 26. Client Side Accessing the Platformnuxeo Webinars 26 / 40
  27. 27. Nuxeo Drive Desktop integration Multi-platform desktop client (Python) Does not rely on any OS provided library (like WebDav or WSS) Fix filename mapping issues (local database) Customization Client will be extensible Use Automation-based synchronization APInuxeo Webinars 27 / 40
  28. 28. Live Edit Live Edit is not dead! But we surely want to make it better Make deployment easy Use Nuxeo Drive as infrastructure Session management Local file system cache Communication with the server Shared Protocol Handler Use simple "Macro-based addons" No need for .Net / COM deploymentsnuxeo Webinars 28 / 40
  29. 29. Mobile Devices Hybrid Mobile Web Applications Continue investment in Apache Cordova Push more logic client side Use client side rendering Provide offline support Leverage local storage Nuxeo Drive Reuse the Drive Sync API if applicablenuxeo Webinars 29 / 40
  30. 30. Web UI Safe Editing Use HTML5 local storage (5.7) Never lose your updated form content again Ajax navigation Use HTML5 history to keep URL in sync (5.7) Make UI more reactive Drag and Drop Key bindingsnuxeo Webinars 30 / 40
  31. 31. Modules Feature Pack Evolutionnuxeo Webinars 31 / 40
  32. 32. Distribution Convergence DM and SC getting closer Integrate Social Collaboration features with Document Management workspaces Uniformize Social Collaboration and Document Management views DAM and DM continue convergence Continue to uniformize DM / DAM views on assets Community WebSites (5.7) Integrate new WebSite factorynuxeo Webinars 32 / 40
  33. 33. DAM (5.7) Infrastructure Evolutions Rebuild the asset browser using Layout system Allow Studio configuration Ajax but Restful Ensure asynchronous processing of assets New Features Asset collections Folderish asset Asset upload validationnuxeo Webinars 33 / 40
  34. 34. CMF: Status and Feedback CMF: learning from experience CMF Content Model is great for mail management but for a simple case management projects, it is too complex CMF workflow model is good for mail distribution not suitable for all "generic business processes" It would be great to use Case Management Framework features inside Document Management Use CMF Mailboxes in DM (Smart Folders and Content Views) Use Content Routing in DMnuxeo Webinars 34 / 40
  35. 35. CMF and Workflow One workflow engine, two flavors 2 Route types Serial / parallel route: introduced for CMF Suitable for mail distribution Allow Route tweaking from CMF Web UI Graph Route: Introduced for DM 5.6 More complex but more generic workflow (loops, jumps, etc.) Configuration is generated from Nuxeo Studio Both flavors will continue to live.nuxeo Webinars 35 / 40
  36. 36. Content Routing Evolution Continue improving the Graph Engine Extended Workflow dashboard Workflow management console Exception management Escalation Better integration with Layout systemnuxeo Webinars 36 / 40
  37. 37. Semantic Extensions Leverage all the good R&D work! Nuxeo and Apache Stanbol Package integration Update semantic entities SOLR integration use SOLR faceted search with semantic integrationnuxeo Webinars 37 / 40
  38. 38. Release Timeline Nuxeo Platform 5.7 Yes, there will be a 5.7! Targeting March / April Nuxeo Platform 6.0 Will include all infrastructure changes Component model, rendering, cloud, etc. We target a release for Q4nuxeo Webinars 38 / 40
  39. 39. Q&A Do you have questions ?nuxeo Webinars 39 / 40
  40. 40. Thank you! tdelprat © 2013 - Nuxeo