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Mobile ECM: Using the Nuxeo Platform from mobile devices


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From iOS to Android, Nuxeo's Chief Technology Officer, Thierry Delprat introduces how the Nuxeo Platform can be used and accessed from mobile devices.

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Mobile ECM: Using the Nuxeo Platform from mobile devices

  1. 1. Mobile ECMusing the Nuxeo Platform from mobile devicesThierry Delprat 1
  2. 2. Nuxeo and mobile devices 2
  3. 3. Our approach● Web based applications are OK for viewing content, but ● not very practical for updating content ● off-line capabilities are very limited● Native mobile applications are great ● leverage efficient local storage ● allow for real off-line management ● leverage UI and usability of the target platform➔ We want to provide a SDK to develop mobile applications ● using Nuxeo content services ● leveraging Nuxeo Studio configuration possibilities 3
  4. 4. Target SDK● we target both iOS and Android ● native Objective C iOS SDK ● native Android Java SDK Nuxeo DM Nuxeo Studio 4
  5. 5. Other paths● HTML 5 ● make Nuxeo web UI more Smartphone friendly● Flash 4.5 ● upgrade the Flex connector – align on latest GraniteDS ● support for Flash 4.5 – runs on iOS and Android ➔ potential option for multi-platform solution 5
  6. 6. Demo time 6
  7. 7. Principles Nuxeo Studio 1Def ne your content i application via Nuxeo Studio 7
  8. 8. Principles Nuxeo Studio deploy 2 Deploy on Nuxeo Platform 8
  9. 9. Principles Nuxeo Studio deploy 3Use default Web UI(management and connected users) Web Application 9
  10. 10. Principles Nuxeo Studio deploy 4 Provide Mobileaccess for roaming users Mobile Application Web Application 10
  11. 11. Demo time for real 11
  12. 12. Mobile SDK principles 12
  13. 13. Nuxeo Automation Client● Nuxeo Automation offers several advantages ● easy to use in any language – http + JSON ● fast and efficient for Web Service access – fast parsing marshaling – small network footprint – push logic server side and avoid multiple round-trips ● easy to extend – use Nuxeo Studio to define operation chains – use Nuxeo IDE to create new operations 13
  14. 14. Nuxeo Automation Client➔ Mobile SDK includes an Automation Client Nuxeo Service A Nuxeo Component Doc Operations Plugin Plugin Plugin Nuxeo Service B Mobile Files Operations Connector Nuxeo Component http JAX-RS chain chain Automation Publisher chain Plugin Plugin Plugin Client WF Operations WebEngine Nuxeo Service C Nuxeo Component JAX-RS Users Operations Plugin Plugin Plugin (jersey) Nuxeo Service D contribute Nuxeo Component Mobile contribute Plugin Plugin Plugin Device Nuxeo Server Nuxeo Studio Nuxeo IDE 14
  15. 15. Mobile connectivity● Need to address network issues ● slow network ● disconnected mode ● off-line update ● conflict resolution➔ Extend Automation client scope ● add caching ● add local transient storage ● add deferred update management ● add sync system 15
  16. 16. Off-line support WRITE Deferred updates Sync Transient store READ Response cache Local DB Mobile device 16
  17. 17. Document Lists● Most of the documents you need to access from a mobile device can be managed by lists Documents to validate Content of InboxWorklist orclipboard My Documents 17 Saved search
  18. 18. Document Lists● SDK proposes an abstraction on DocumentsLists ● List definition – Name – Source operation – Update operation – Create operation ● Lazy fetching ● Off-line management – transparently integrate cache, deferred update manager … ● UI adapters 18
  19. 19. Form management● Forms are defined on the server side ● using the Layout service ● via Nuxeo Studio ● via XML contributions● Reuse the Layout definition on the mobile side ● via JSON export ● with simple mapping ● with automatic adaptations ● keep possibility to have mobile specific layouts 19
  20. 20. Nuxeo Android SDK 20
  21. 21. Nuxeo and Android● First Android Client done in March ● Automation client for Android SDK ● Simple cache for off-line browsing ● Sample App : Nuxeo Android Client – based on Automation Client – using Droid4Me framework● Just started a real Nuxeo Android SDK ● with full scope (Read/Write off-line) ● layout support 21
  22. 22. Android SDK overview Sync ContentProvider Deferred updates Layout Service DocumentProvider Download service AbstractActivities Activities AbstractActivitiesAbstractActivitiesAbstract Upload service Widget mapper DocumentManager Transient store Automation client Response cache SQLite FS Android Event BroadCast Automation Base classes Forms and High level API and Off-line Building blocks Widgets DocumentsLists Storage 22
  23. 23. Getting Android SDK● Source code ● – nuxeo-android-connector-ui : reusable UI blocks – nuxeo-android-connector : connector – nuxeo-automation-sample : sample code – nuxeo-automation-browse-test : non-reg tests – nuxeo-appraisal-client : sample Studio Content Application● Documentation ● 23
  24. 24. Next steps● release 1.0 in a few weeks ● more sample applications ● polish API and documentation ● add support for Actions system● provide support for Droid4Me● integrate with native Google sync system● integrate push (C2DM ?) 24
  25. 25. Thank you! 25