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Managing Content with the Nuxeo Platform - CXP ECM Event


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Nuxeo participated to the CXP ECM event in Paris on November 17, 2015

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Managing Content with the Nuxeo Platform - CXP ECM Event

  1. 1. Nuxeo: a Platform for Managing Content Alain ESCAFFRE - VP Product
  2. 2. Today’s Agenda • Nuxeo, the company • Nuxeo Platform & Nuxeo Online Services • Customer Use Cases
  3. 3. Nuxeo • Providing an Open Source Content Management Platform for Business Applications with tools for successful projects • 5000+ installations • Founded in 2002 • New York, Paris, San Francisco • On the forefront of innovation with a dedicated lab contributing to several industry initiatives
  4. 4. Nuxeo Platform • Modern, elegant, battle-tested platform for building content-based applications • Designed for the modern world: rich content, structured data, mobile, APIs • Built with a strong engineering discipline: testing, continuous integration, feature branch, fully automated • Come with its complete toolchain: Design, testing, continuous integration, upgrade system, provisioning, etc.
  5. 5. Mobile Content Distribution Digital Asset Management Central Asset Repository Brand Management Platforms: Media Collaboration Ads Distribution Media Center Video Distribution BPM & Case Management Anti-Fraud Law Production Payable Approval Forensic Analysis Policy Management Claim Management Document Management Intelligence Platform High-Volume Archiving Cloud Document Sharing Highly Secure & Regulated Collaboration Engineering Change Management Deep Content Repository Developers Builds Distribution Service Master Data Development Product Information Management
  6. 6. Some Customers
  7. 7. Nuxeo Platform 7 Business Logic Content Repository: Access Control, Rich Content Model, Audit, Query, File Storage Extensible Web UI Conversion Kit Workflow Engine Authentication & Identity Search Custom / optional plugins, extensions integrations and feature sets REST API CMIS Client SDKs: Java JavaScript Python iOS Android WebDAV Nuxeo Drive (multi- device file sync) Platform-wide Bundle & Extension System Distributed Execution Grid
  8. 8. Scale Out
  9. 9. Major Enhancements in 2015 • Massive throughput & scale, 10x the fastest system • Nuxeo Live Connect: Integration with Google Drive & Dropbox • Content Analytics & Data Visualisation • Elasticsearch: API Passthrough, Hints for NXQL, Security • Automation Scripting • New Document Viewer • Nuxeo Drive 2 • Automated Media Conversions
  10. 10. Live Connect Demo
  11. 11. What’s Next for 2016 • Improve Studio Experience • Next Generation UI, based on WebComponents • Nuxeo Elements • LiveUpdate • Mobile App & SDK, based on React Native • Advanced Content Repository Features: tree versioning, relation through references • Modern Message Broker & Job Scheduler
  12. 12. Customer Cases
  13. 13. • S.O.L.O.N II & Réponses
  14. 14. SOLON & Réponses • Solon: Dematerialisation of normative acts drafting procedure ‣ The application allows an aid in the legislative process between institutions : Government, National Assembly , Senate ... • Réponses: Dematerialisation of replies to parliamentary questions
  15. 15. SOLON & Réponses: Goals ✓Improved quality and reply time to parliamentary questions ✓Digital monitoring of legislative activity ✓Improved legislative authoring process ✓Establishment of a joint project between the three institutions: National Assembly, Senate and Government
  16. 16. SOLON & Réponses: Routing a Case A route = a flow with some steps: Validation, Digital Signature, Review… •Ability to add and remove steps or complete templates. •Annotate a step
  17. 17. SOLON & Réponses: Mailbox Mailbox = Place where I receive the cases I am distributed
  18. 18. SOLON & Réponses: Writing an Answer Mailbox = Place where I receive the cases I am distributed
  19. 19. SOLON & Réponses: Writing an Answer Dashboards
  20. 20. SOLON & Réponses: Architecture
  21. 21. SOLON & Réponses: Numbers • 700 cases per week • 4200 users, more than 1300 regular users • Nuxeo Cluster, 5 servers per appplication, Oracle Rac
  22. 22. • Vintage: Archiving Game Build Resources • Shift: Securing the QA flow
  23. 23. Electronic Arts - Shift 23 • Digital asset = game build (70 builds) • Contains audio, images, and metadata • Control and track access to pre-releases • Fingerprinting on builds • Mission critical access control, distributed on 23 sites globally
  24. 24. Electronic Arts - Vintage 24 • Archive Videos and Sounds used in all the games • Find by Metadata