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Nuxeo World Keynote: Market Trends in Enterprise Content Management


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Keynote presentation from Nuxeo CMO Cheryl McKinnon at Nuxeo World 2010 (November 17-18, 2010) on Market Trends in ECM.

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Nuxeo World Keynote: Market Trends in Enterprise Content Management

  1. November 18, 2010 Market Trends in Enterprise Content Management Cheryl McKinnon Chief Marketing Officer @CherylMcKinnon
  2. State of the ECM Industry 2
  3. Enterprise Content Management in 2010 • 2010 is a significant year of change in content management broader market • Emergence of new leaders • Historical leaders fall behind in innovation • Alternative architectures become more mainstream • Increased focus on using technology to solve specific - not generic - business objectives 3
  4. 2010 - Convergence of Disruptive Factors in ECM • CMIS (Content Management Interoperability Services) Standard is ratified • Release of Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 • Signals from legacy ECM Leaders that their strategies are forced to change 4 Open Source ECM
  5. Today - Convergence of Disruptive Factors in ECM • Information management is no longer a frill in the knowledge economy • It is a fundamental infrastructure element • World of work is increasingly lean, mobile, social and interoperable • ECM architectures of the ‘90s reaching end of life • Governments and businesses know their requirements better than software vendors 5 Open Source ECM
  6. Analysts: ECM in 2010 (Gartner) 6
  7. Open Standards - For Interoperability and Preservation 7
  8. Open Standards / Open Source • Taking our Digital Footprint Seriously • Long Term Preservation • PDF/A • Era of Information Overload becomes Dark Ages 2.0? • Broad, accessible software source code • User and developer community “future-proofs” against vendor merger and acquisitions or proprietary file types • Public sector, large organizations, archives can assert control over their digital content requirements 8 Open Source ECM
  9. CMIS Background • Draft specification submitted to OASIS in 2008 • Strong participation and collaboration among 19 vendors • Final public draft in January 2010 • Ratification on May 4, 2010 9 Open Source ECM
  10. Harvesting the Content Silos • Finding the common ground across Content Management Repositories LEAR CMIS N MORE • Use Cases for CMIS -F Toda lorent y 10:5 @ • Repository to Repository 0am • Application to Repository • Federated Repositories • interoperability-services-cmis-standard 10 Open Source ECM
  11. Wider Acceptance of Open Source and SaaS 11
  12. Today - Second Generation of ECM Deployments • AIIM - May 2010 Market Intelligence Report • 35% of Respondents are deploying new Enterprise Content Management systems over next 12-18 months • 64% of Respondents would consider using Open Source ECM software products • Software as a Service ECM alternatives expected to double over 12-18 months - up to 12% will use SaaS 12 Open Source ECM
  13. Today - Second Generation of ECM Deployments • Gartner - April 2010 • Gartner has seen a sustained rise in open source content management offerings during the past 2 years • 90% driven by perception of cost savings - also increased core maturity of available products, better flexibility and innovation • “How to Determine if Open Source Makes Sense for your Content Management Strategy Publication Date: 15 April 2010/ID Number: G00175045 13 Open Source ECM
  14. Gilbane - November 2010 • “Next Generation ECM for Mission Critical Applications” • Analysis of new ECM platforms • Architectural advantages • Nuxeo showcased as primary example • Comparisons to EMC Documentum and Open Text ECM Suite (Livelink) • Download from Resources 14 Open Source ECM
  15. Gilbane - November 2010 • “Next Generation ECM for Mission Critical Applications” - Key Findings • Adoption no longer impeded by costly license models • Broaden ‘supply chain’ of content creators and consumers • Monolithic architectures becoming barriers to content re-use, interoperability, integration across IT ecosystem • Open source development models offer efficiencies of scale via community 15 Open Source ECM
  16. Suites vs. Platforms 16
  17. ECM Market is “Splitting” into 4 Segments • November 17, 2010 - Gartner 2010 Magic Quadrant Report on ECM • Four main areas of buyer focus and vendor influence • Transactional Content Management • Social Content Management • Online channel optimization • Content Management as Infrastructure 17 Open Source ECM
  18. 2010 - ECM Market in Transformation • November 17, 2010 - Gartner 2010 Magic Quadrant Report on ECM • “An ECM Suite”, while still relevant, is not necessarily the best option to meet changing business requirements” • New use cases, business managers seeking quick resolutions to information-centric problems • Rise of alternative delivery methods • Open source, SaaS (Cloud Hosted or on-premise rental) 18 Open Source ECM
  19. ECM Evolving into a Platform for Content Applications • Vendors with cohesive platforms may be able to be most creative with CMIS • ECM vendors will need to differentiate in new ways • Suite vendors that assembled portfolio via acquisition will take longer to take full advantage of CMIS • Inconsistent architectures and integrations 19 Open Source ECM
  20. Use Cases: Platform for Content Applications • Turn-key ECM Applications • Document Management, Digital Asset Management, Records Management • Content-Centric Business Applications • Former Described by Gartner as Content-Enabled Vertical Applications (CEVA) - Now “Composite Content Applications” (CCA) • Correspondence Control, Case Management, Contracts Management, Invoice Processing • Rise of the Content Application focus • Embedded as a Service • “OEM” content repository • Mobile, offline applications needing lean, secure document store 20 Open Source ECM
  21. Nuxeo ECM - Our Approach Construction Media Government Life Sciences Business Applications Correspondence Contracts Records Invoice Processing Management Management Management Packaged Case Content Document Digital Asset Products and Management Management Management Core Server Application Frameworks Framework Platform Nuxeo Enterprise Platform Architecture Complete set of components covering all aspects of ECM. Extensible modular architecture designed for content application development 21
  22. Thank You 22