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Artificial Intelligence & Customer Experience


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Do you want to optimise your processes? Increase efficiency? Enhance your Customer Experience?

To manage the increasing volume of data facing by modern organisations today, Artificial Intelligence technologies (AI) offers a new way to ease the ingestion, enrichment and exploitation of their information.

Automatic image recognition creates personalised customer experiences, delivering a true competitive advantage.

Adding context to your information, AI can bring the right data, to the right person at the right time, delivering superior benefits for companies: happier and more productive teams, increased ROI and a personalised experience for your customers.

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Artificial Intelligence & Customer Experience

  1. 1. Improve your Productivity and Customer Experience with AI Dan Wingrove EMEA Presales Director, Nuxeo
  2. 2. Nuxeo offers the most modern and scalable platform on the market to address all your needs today and tomorrow Digital Asset Management Manage the entire lifecycle of your digital assets from creation to release. Knowledge Management Provide the necessary information to your employees. Strengthen employee knowledge Enterprise Content Management Transform the way you create and manage your business content. Share critical information across your organization Lifecycle & Retention Optimize your processes by better managing your data and content. Improve your customer service or partners A New Generation of Content Services
  3. 3. The industry view. 2018 Best Workplaces 2018 Top250 2018 Technology Fast500 2018 Trend-Setting Product 2018 Innovation Award in Content Management 2018 Trend-Setting Product “Visionary” in Magic Quadrant for Content Services Platforms “Strong Performer” in Forrester Wave for Digital Asset Management “Leader” in Enterprise Content Management Value Matrix
  4. 4. AI Concepts
  5. 5. What is AI? Systems capable of replicating certain human capacities 5 Some examples  Automate what a human can determine in less than 3 seconds  Image Processing / Text Recognition  Help with choice: planning, expenses, daily tasks  Connected houses  Assisted driving
  6. 6. Deliver intelligent content  Facilitate the ingestion of documents to better find and reuse them  Reveal the hidden value of digital content  Automate activities and repetitive tasks, reducing unnecessary interactions  Provide information in a predictive way Use artificial intelligence to speed up your processes and get a better view of the documentary background
  7. 7. Classification  Recognition of content type  Contracts, invoices, commercial proposal, product photo ... Extraction of entities  Automate links between images and documents (location, people, organizations) Recommendations  Similar documents, potential target files Person and Celebrity identification Trend detection and content relevancy Use Cases
  8. 8. Nuxeo Vision A first approach
  9. 9. Nuxeo Vision 9  Integration of external intelligent services such as Google Vision, Amazon Recognition, etc.  Generic module Colours OCR Brands & Logos Content moderation Labels
  10. 10. Demonstration
  11. 11. Limitations 11 Information in Context Relies on generic models, unrelated to company standards Untapped potential Doesn’t take into account specific business information
  12. 12. Nuxeo's ambition on AI 12 Balloon White Chair Property Value Season Spring/Summer Year 2019 Model YTR345 Range ACME Outdoors Title Comfort Chair Colour Vintage White Nuxeo Vision Nuxeo AI
  13. 13. Nuxeo AI
  14. 14. The objective of Nuxeo AI ENRICHMENT AND SUGGESTION Add and suggest additional information to content CUSTOM MODELS Integrate the structuring and information of the enterprise information system LEARNING FLOW Learn and improve business processes from information stored in the document database DECISION ASSISTANCE Assist users with workflow tasks and receive the right information at the right time
  15. 15. Enrichment and suggestion Sentiment
  16. 16. Enrichment and suggestion 16 Sentiment Text Extraction Celebrities Appropriate Images Translation Labels
  17. 17. L’ambition de Nuxeo sur l’AI 17
  18. 18. Custom Models Unreliable results Reliable results Number of samples Recognition rate
  19. 19. Learning flow  Confirm or correct Machine Learning to improve business processes  Audit custom models to enable or disable them based on statistics
  20. 20. Decision assistance  Help on performing workflow tasks  Display relevant actions at the right time  Assign the task to the best person
  21. 21. AI Infrastructure Using Nuxeo Stream Property Enrichment Tagging, labelling AWS Integration Rekognition, Comprehend and Translate Cloud First Services Cloud AI (training & publishing) Suggestions via UI Integration in LTS 2019 Sight Engine Integration Specific to multimedia content In 2018
  22. 22. Introducing Insight Cloud
  23. 23. Better together. Nuxeo Insight Cloud Nuxeo Content Platform &
  24. 24. Nuxeo Platform Insight Cloud Prepare data for model training Build model Test model Package model Integrate model into workflow/UI
  25. 25. As easy as 1-2-3 25 Train Choose what you want to predict and the training data for the AI to use. Insight Cloud provides guidance on the quality of your training set before you start. Use Nuxeo Insight Cloud acts like a virtual assistant, learning the specifics of your data and suggesting values for you — complete with insight into its levels of confidence. Refine As you accept or reject its recommendations, Insight Cloud learns more about what you prefer, its suggestions become smarter automatically.
  26. 26. Artificial Intelligence 26 Structure your dataset
  27. 27. Artificial Intelligence 27 Structure your dataset Analyze your model performance
  28. 28. Artificial Intelligence 28 Structure your dataset Analyze your model performance Get suggestion on creation forms
  29. 29. Artificial Intelligence 29 Structure your dataset Analyze your model performance Get suggestion on creation forms Enrich your content
  30. 30. Vertical models Future More integrations User Experience Continuous learning
  31. 31. 31 Visit
  32. 32. 32 Questions?
  33. 33. Thank you!