NuWave Cooktop: Energy Efficient, Powerful, and Versatile


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NuWave cooktop offers you revolutionary features at remarkably low price.

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NuWave Cooktop: Energy Efficient, Powerful, and Versatile

  1. 1. NuWave Cooktop: Energy Efficient, Powerful, and Versatile Cooking is one of the most essential activities of our daily routines. We need to cook meals for ourselves and for our families and need to spend considerable amount of our time daily in our kitchens. Most of the American households use gas stoves or electric cooking ranges for cooking but it is a commonly known fact that both of these cooking appliances are quite time consuming. The electric cooking ranges consume
  2. 2. a lot of energy, thereby burning a hole in our pockets. What every household needs today is a cooking solution that is simple along with being very powerful and energy efficient; an appliance that can be used equally well by everyone. Time is another constraint these days and most of the people are looking for a cooking appliance that cooks faster and save a lot of their precious time. If you too have been looking for such a cooking system, your wait is over as the NuWave cooktop offers you revolutionary features at remarkably low price.
  3. 3. The NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop, which is also popularly known as the PIC is a revolutionary new product that offers you a number of never-seen-before features that are sure to transform the way you cook your food. Whether you are a man or a woman, you must be tired of spending too much time in the kitchen while cooking meals as the conventional gas stoves or electric cooking ranges that we use are pathetically slow.
  4. 4. The PIC offers you a smarter way to cook, which is also much faster when compared to your gas stoves or electric cooking ranges. The PIC is based on the latest and universally acclaimed and accepted induction technology, which is responsible for the remarkable speed of the PIC. Besides being very fast, induction technology is also extremely powerful, which makes it possible for the NuWave cooktop to bring to boil a pan of water within only 90 seconds.
  5. 5. The immensely powerful PIC can considerably reduce your cooking time so that you can spend more quality time with your family members. What is more, the PIC is also extremely versatile. This means that you can use the PIC for cooking a wide variety of cuisines. It gives you the freedom to boil, deep-fry, simmer, sauté, slow cook, steam and sear, melt, slow cook, and grill effortlessly.
  6. 6. Another great advantage of cooking on the PIC is that the food cooked on it contains much less saturated fat, cholesterol, and trans fatty acids, which makes every meal more healthy and delicious. With the NuWave cooktop in your kitchen, you can ensure better health for your loved ones in a much simpler way. Most of the people would think that given the mind blowing features of the PIC, it must be an energy guzzler but surprisingly it is just the opposite. The PIC is highly energy efficient cooking appliance that uses up to 70% less energy. The PIC is sure to help you in reducing your electricity bills with its amazing energy efficiency.
  7. 7. In addition to this, it is also very easy to use. The highly thoughtful design of the PIC makes it a joy to use. The PIC comes with a bright and clear LCD, which makes using it as easy as ABC. You can easily select the precise temperature setting that you need from a wide range of temperature settings. For More Info :