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Remote Collaboration and Institutional Intranets with Drupal and Open Atrium


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Remote Collaboration and Institutional Intranets with Drupal and Open Atrium presentation at Drupal Gov Days, Brussels, April 8th, 2011.

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Remote Collaboration and Institutional Intranets with Drupal and Open Atrium

  1. 1. Remote Collaboration and Institutional Intranets With Drupal and Open Atrium Antonio De Marco Andrea Pescetti
  2. 2. Nuvole: a Drupal company 100%
  3. 3. Our Distributed Team + a Network of Consultants
  4. 4. Clients in the States and in Europe
  5. 5. Project partners
  6. 6. European Commission DG EAC Lifelong Learning ProgrammeLifelong Learning Programme enables individuals at all stages of their lives to pursue stimulating learning opportunities across Europe.
  7. 7. European Commission EACEA Tempus Programme Tempus is the European Union’s programme which supports the modernisation ofhigher education in the Partner Countries of Eastern Europe, Central Asia, the WesternBalkans and the Mediterranean region, mainly through university cooperation projects.
  8. 8. UNICA Network of Universities from the Capitals of EuropeUNICA is a network of 42 universities from the capital cities of Europe, with a combinedstrength of over 120,000 staff and 1,500,000 students. Its role is to promote academic excellence, integration and co-operation between member universities throughout Europe.
  9. 9. Brussels Education ServicesBrussels Education Services aims to promote inter-university cooperation and to foster university-society relations through international projects.
  10. 10. Aims of the project‣ Permanent discussion and collaboration about Higher Education reform ("Bologna Process") in the European Union‣ 700+ Experts nominated by the European Union and National Bodies‣ Distributed in 59 countries form Europe and beyond
  11. 11. The ExpertsSenior Academics, Rectors, Vice-Rectors, Deans,Directors of Study, International Relations Officersand Student Representatives who are successful in introducing the Bologna Higher Education Reform in their institutions.
  12. 12. The Experts‣ The National Teams of Bologna Experts From the European Union, EEA countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) and candidate countries for membership of the European Union (Croatia, former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Turkey).‣ The Higher Education Reform Experts From all Tempus partners in Western Balkan countries, Southern Mediterranean countries, Eastern European countries, Caucasian countries, Russia and Central Asian countries.
  13. 13. Objectives and Activities‣ Reinforcing communication and coordination of the National Teams of Bologna Experts and of the Higher Education Reform Experts‣ 5 training seminars (2-3 days) including workshops for the Bologna Experts and the Higher Education Reform Experts‣ 5 regional workshops (1-2 days) in selected Tempus partner countries
  14. 14. StructureThe Virtual Community The Experts The Seminars
  15. 15. The Virtual Community
  16. 16. A space for remote collaboration
  17. 17. Based on Open Atrium
  18. 18. Almost everything is private Individual access with personal password
  19. 19. Groups‣ Experts are divided in groups‣ An expert belongs to one or more groups‣ A Common Space for global announcements and discussions‣ National groups‣ Seminar groups‣ Interest groups
  20. 20. The Common Space An Overview
  21. 21. Collaboration features From Open Atrium
  22. 22. Discussions
  23. 23. Calendar
  24. 24. Email Noti cation
  25. 25. Custom Collaboration features
  26. 26. Advanced user pro les
  27. 27. Advanced search for experts
  28. 28. Mapping Integration
  29. 29. The public portal‣‣ It is the only public "group" in the Virtual Community‣ Used to publish outcomes and official documents‣ Built as a public Open Atrium group
  30. 30. Conferences
  31. 31. Conferences‣ Besides Virtual Community, experts meet in person‣ Ten conferences over two years‣ Every conference needs a dedicated website
  32. 32. The Conference Template‣ A fully configurable template for conference websites‣ Preconfigured with an agreed structure, but customizable‣ Conference organizers add the content independently‣ Packaged as a Drupal distribution
  33. 33. Single authentication‣ Experts use their username and password from the Virtual Community on all sites‣ Registrations to conferences are done with the same username and password‣ A password or personal data change is immediately propagated to all sites
  34. 34. Single AuthenticationThe Expert The Seminars The Virtual Community
  35. 35. Single AuthenticationThe Expert The Seminars The Virtual Community
  36. 36. Single AuthenticationThe Expert The Seminars The Virtual Community ?
  37. 37. Single AuthenticationThe Expert The Seminars The Virtual Community ? ?
  38. 38. Single AuthenticationThe Expert The Seminars The Virtual Community ? ? OK!
  39. 39. How we workThe "Features" model
  40. 40. Open Atrium out of the box.
  41. 41. Open Atrium as a fully customized private group.
  42. 42. The "Features" model‣ Every piece of existing and custom functionality is packaged as a "feature"‣ Features can be individually enabled or disabled in a modular way‣ Even group-by-group
  43. 43. Questions?
  44. 44. Thank You. @nuvoleweb