Energy accepted student session 2011


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Energy accepted student session 2011

  1. 1. ISEN 430 – NUvention: EnergyAccepted Student Info Session 11/8/2011
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Course Registration and Details• We will send out permission numbers for students to use to register in Caesar• Course is listed as ISEN 430 or ENTR 951 for Kellogg students• Class meets from 12:15 – 3:15 on Fridays in Chambers Hall lower classroom – First half of class is lecture/discussion – Second half of class teams go to breakout rooms in Jacobs• First day of class is January 6th, Dry runs are Monday, March 5th, and Final presentations are Friday March 9th
  4. 4. Pre-class Expectations• We expect all students to have connected with their teams and project PI’s before class starts in January – We will provide PI contact information and more background materials for each project• Teams should plan to come into the first class having already done some product/service ideation – Come to first class with a hypothesis about what is the best business you can build around the technology you have – This hypothesis should be vetted with some (not extensive) market research and customer development• We will provide some basic materials to help students work on ideation between now and January
  5. 5. Suggested Reading• Blogs: – Greentech Media – GigaOM Cleantech – VentureBeat GreenBeat – TechCrunch Greentech – CleanTechnica – GreenBiz• Books: – The Lean-Startup by Eric Ries – Business Model Generation by Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur
  6. 6. Website Walk Through• Go to course site•
  7. 7. Student Projects• We will create one extra team based on a student idea• The student will be expected to assemble a critical mass of team members – We will leave time at the end of this session for students to talk to those pitching if they are interested in creating a team – We will fill in gaps with students off the waitlist• Pitches
  8. 8. Draft Br ief Out line of Class Sessions, W int er Quart er 2012W eek T opic Key T opics Facult y Lead & Guest s Marasco; Zmrhal; Tim 1 Lean Start-up in Energy? Key Concepts Stojka, Agentis Energy 2 Lean Design Case Zmrhal Marasco; Matt Scullin, 3 Customer Development Getting in front of Customers; Case Alphabet Energy Target Customer, Value Prop, Rev & Zmrhal; Vince Cushing, 4 Business Model Canvas Cost; Case Clean Urban Energy 5 Team Idea Pitches Quick Pitches with direct feedback Faculty from advisers 6 Legal Issues IP, Formation, Partnering Dana; Cahan 7 Government & Regulation Current & Future Landscape Dana; Cahan 8 Funding & Finance Panel TBD 9 Persevere or Pivot? Live case study J Servaites, S2E Solar on 10 Dry Run Presentations Draft Business Pitch Faculty 11 Final Presentations Final Presentation & Supporting Faculty; Advisory Board Documentation
  9. 9. More Questions?• Faculty – David Dana • 3-0240 – Mike Marasco • 7-6347 – Teddy Zmrhal •• Farley Staff – Elizabeth McCarthy • 7-4432