Planning The Front Cover


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Planning The Front Cover

  1. 1. Planning the front cover Naomi Hall
  2. 2. Background colour This is to see which colour would look the most appropriate for the background of the cover. Looking at them I think I am going to use black as it makes the logo stand out form the page as they are contrasting colours. I have also chosen this colour because I have chosen to keep the colours of the magazine related to the logo (yellow,white and blue) having red or any other colour would break the theme.
  3. 3. Fonts for Masthead These are some of the fonts I chose to think about using for the Masthead on the magazine cover. When I asked people which one the preferred most people went for the 3rd one or 4th one. In my opinion I prefer the 4th one, so for my mock up's I am going to try using this font to see whether it works or not.
  4. 4. Masthead font continued This is an example of the font I am planning to use on the front cover. I have chosen the colour blue as it is contrasting against the black and is related to the school logo. The sketchy type font I think is appropriate to the school theme.
  5. 5. Main picture These are some of the pictures I took for the front cover main image. They are all medium close up shots. For the front cover main image I have chosen picture number three. I like this shot and think it would be appropriate for the front of the magazine 1 2 3 4