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  3. 3. A&A com; www. scripts. Send query or complete ms.Division of Abramson & Abramson zoomerboomennagazine.com PO Box 543, Hazelwood, MO 63042-0543 Key Personnel AP Newsfeatures Tel: 314-579-0215 Fax: 314-579-0215 Founder & Publr: Dr David J Demko, PhD Division of Associated Press E-mail: aaartwork@aol.com;aaauthor@aol.com Founded: 1995 450 W 33 St, New York, NY 10001 Web Site: www. Feature columns targeting the 45-plus Boomer Tel: 212-621-1500 elainesandraabramson.com; www.gslaa.org Generation with topics including: lifestyle, E-mail: info@ap.org (mernbs section); www.bomh.org (membs entertainment, fashion, fitness, healthcare, Web Site: www.ap.org section); www.stlwritersguild.org (archives) wellness, consumer affairs & retirement Key PersonnelKey Personnel plarming. No unsol mss, query first via e- CEO & Pres: Tom Curley Pres: Elaine Sandra Abramson mail. Submission policies available online at Exec Ed: Kathleen Carroll EVP: Martin Stanley Founded: www.demko.comlwriter.htm. 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