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Zoho ca dialer


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Enable a call center dialer for your Zoho leads. Export from Zoho and import into Cloudagent and start the dialer

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Zoho ca dialer

  1. 1. 1. Login to your Zoho CRM. 2. Go to Leads page and generate a .csv file using ”Zoho Sheet view” as shown below. 3. Save this file as Microsoft 97-2003 work book. (.xls format). 4. Column Header “phone” to be changed as “PhoneNumber”. 5. Now the data file is ready to add into dialer. 6. Go to CloudAgent Admin portal.
  2. 2. Login to Zoho CRM -
  3. 3. Go to CloudAgent Admin login. Go to Outbound Campaigns > and select the appropriate campaign to ”AddData” into dialer. Add the data/Leads into dialer. I.e., we are uploading the excel sheet which is downloaded from Zoho CRM.
  4. 4. Add the “Leads.xls” file to your Outbound Campaign/Dialer and SAVE it.
  5. 5. Start the Campaign.
  6. 6. Agent is logged into CloudAgent toolbar. He observes the notification/alert call from “Progressive Dialer”. Also Agent can view Customer details, which
  7. 7. At the same time, when Agent is getting an alert on his Toolbar, the same Agent gets Notification on Zoho CRM also with a pop up.
  8. 8. Once Agent answers the call, CloudAgent toolbar gives Call control features to “Hold/Mute”. Agent can also use “Conference” feature to add 3rd party into conference. Agent is in Busy Mode on Toolbar.
  9. 9. At the same time, when Agent is BUSY on his Toolbar – Agent can observe the timer and write Task and close the same.