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Conversion Rate Optimization. Optimize websites and landing pages for conversion. Also covers lead nurturing, content, and testing.

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Conversion rate-optimization-ebook

  1. 1. Convert!Optimizing Website and Landing Page Conversions for Lead Generation, as told by a Fictional Sales Team Paul Mosenson Founder, President of NuSpark Marketing May 2012
  2. 2. Introduction Hello, You’re reading this ebook because your firm has a need to increase conversions on your website and marketing landing pages. Because the results of conversion optimization directly affects the performance of the sales department, this Paul Mosenson ebook introduces key concepts as explained by a fictionalFounder, President sales team. I combine useful approaches to increase andNuSpark Marketing measure conversions, with fun narratives by the “sales” folks. I hope you enjoy this approach, and understand how marketing and sales need to be on the same team to optimize lead and revenue generation. Paul NuSpark Marketing 2
  3. 3. Topics Covered1. Introduction to Conversion Rate Optimization2. Planning a Persuasive Website3. Landing Page Optimization; Best Practices4. Content That Converts5. The Role of Lead Nurturing6. Testing Landing Pages for Conversion7. ReTargeting; Bringing Back Visitors8. Measuring Conversions9. Pipeline Optimization NuSpark Marketing 3
  4. 4. Dear Marketing Department, I need your assistance….our sales department requests more of your help; we can’t just rely on our own sales-generated leads. Your inbound and outbound marketing efforts are increasingly crucial to our revenue growth and our individual earnings potential. I know your team have been generating traffic to our website and landing pages, but we need more and better leads into our pipeline. So please help us identify and convert. We need conversions! Best, Oliver, VP, Sales P.S. Our sales team has been doing some research on conversion optimization- hope you don’t mind- but we are presenting some findings!NuSpark Marketing 4
  5. 5. Pre-Conversion OverviewPre-Conversion Steps to a Conversion• An attraction message• A click on a promotion or a direct search inquiry• Read a blog, article, website, landing page• Convinced to learn more• Trade content, demo, or trial for email address• Initial conversion captured NuSpark Marketing 5
  6. 6. The Conversion Funnel ContinuedSiriusDecisions DemandWaterfall Once the Email is Captured • Marketing Qualifies via Marketing Automation and Lead Scoring • Teleprospecting Qualifies if no Automation exists • Sales Qualifies to Determine Opportunities • Sales Process begins until Resolution NuSpark Marketing 6
  7. 7. CRO • Do you know what CRO is? Conversion Rate Optimization. It’s the practice of fine tuning a website or landing page to increase leads and reducing bounce rate. I wonder if Marketing has site performance goals set andTed, Account Manager. are testing/optimizing for conversions as we speak…they should be. NuSpark Marketing 7
  8. 8. Getting Started with CROYour Website Your PPC/Email Landing Page• Defining Your Website’s • Message Alignment: Is the Purpose & Your Value content/offer aligned with Proposition the targeted marketing• Reviewing Your Website’s Conversion Goals, or Prospect campaign? Desired Actions • Web Form Optimization• Navigation Optimization: Is it • Call-to-Action Optimization Easy for Users to Find Those Conversion Pages (ones with • Look and Feel/ Visual web forms)? Attributes• Is Your Messaging Persuasive • Testing Plan and Convincing? NuSpark Marketing 8
  9. 9. The Principles of Website CRO I’m Peggy of Inside Sales; I did some research, and our company website needs this stuff- can you check Mr. Marketing?• Design/Layout: Our site needs to grab our prospects’ attention, get them interested in our solutions, and then get them to take action. They need to know clearly why they should choose us!• Attention: We need a compelling headline on our home page that includes a key phrase that answer’s our target audience’s problems. We need to pique a potential customer’s interest.• Message: Our prospects are busy. Our site only has a few seconds to communicate our benefits, and what makes us better than our competitors. Persuasive headlines, graphic and design quality, and our page navigation need to work together to communicate our message clearly.• Benefits: Visitors arrive wanting to know what’s in it for them. How will we make our prospects’ business life better? Have we explained our benefits clearly on our home page?• Call to Action: I don’t want any of our site visitors leaving without taking action. This could be to sign-up, join, call or download. I hope our CTAs are easily seen and above the fold.• Nurturing: We need to review our nurturing and social media strategy so that prospects continue to interact with us, read our blog, and share our content. We have long sales-cycles; need to stay out there with problem solving content. NuSpark Marketing 9
  10. 10. A Plea from the Sales Guys • We went to our Google Analytics account and saw our landing page conversion rates were 5%. If you could just work on strategies to at least double that, our cost-per-conversions would be much lower, and our Marketing ROI would increase; and that means more revenue for us! NuSpark Marketing 10
  11. 11. Double Conversion Rate: One ExampleCurrent Metrics Optimized Metrics• 2,000 prospects • 2,000 prospects• 5% conversion • 10% conversion• 100 inquiries • 200 inquiries• 20% sales qualified • 20% sales qualified• 20 qualified leads • 40 qualified leads• 20% closing rate • 20% closing rate• 4 sales • 8 sales! NuSpark Marketing 11
  12. 12. Another Example:A More Detailed Look Nice Revenue growth NuSpark Marketing 12
  13. 13. Website & Landing Page CRO How Can Your Website Capture Leads?
  14. 14. So If We Redo Our Website…. Hey Marketing Guys, So here’s the deal, if our website is indeed not producing leads for us, let’s consider these items: a. Talk to us sales guys about our clients. We have much to say about the needs of our prospects, what words they use, and what their pain points are. We can help you perform those buyer persona reports. When you write the new website, be inTed, District our customers’ shoes; write for them- design the siteAccount Director navigation for them. Tell them a convincing story! b. Let’s make sure we’re giving prospects ample value; and give them an opportunity to engage with us. Blogs, downloads, registrations, social sharing, and articles so valuable to their business challenges, that we make them give us their email address in return for our great content. We want leads here! NuSpark Marketing 14
  15. 15. Let’s Pick on EPAM (chosen out of the blue) , a provider of software and application development Google Listing: •#1? What does that mean? In what? Where’s the USA? •Hmmm. Software Services. What does that mean? That’s so broad. Poor choice of keywords if you’re doing SEO. NuSpark Marketing 15
  16. 16. EPAM Home Page Yike; Too busy- I see mostly self- serving content rather than a clear understanding of how EPAM solves my business problems. Software Engineers…OK got it. What makes your solutions unique? Why should I buy from you? What specific problems do you solve? NuSpark Marketing 16
  17. 17. Lots of Content, but…It’s great to have content; but a.) There’s too much for me to digest, b.) There’s toomuch emphasis on EPAM features rather than solving specific needs of prospects. c.)The EPAM advantage, to me, is not unique enough- sounds like many firms can saythat. I’m not convinced yet. There’s a lot of business jargon here, but what does itmean to me! NuSpark Marketing 17
  18. 18. EPAM’s Call-to-Action Too many options for contact; too confusing. Web Form is actually OK The Problem is, there’s no content such as white papers or webinars to view with a web form. That means you have to rely on the website visitor to be near the end of his purchase cycle to have a chance for lead capture. If he’s not ready to contact, and there’s no content to provide value to him, chances are you’ll lose the lead, or the opportunity to capture an NuSpark Marketing email address for nurturing.18
  19. 19. Hello Marketing team, I don’t know how much we spent on the website and SEO, but with today’s buyer research habits, that website we have doesn’t thrill me. It’s effectiveness in generating leads for us is a big concern! I found this template from NuSpark Marketing’s Content Template eBook- maybe you guys should follow these best practices?Joe, RegionalSales NuSpark Marketing 19
  20. 20. Joe, That’s a nice checklist of ideal website elements, but let’s get a little more granular with a concept called “Persuasion Architecture.” This means that a Web site has been constructed in such a structure as to convince visitors to take the action(s) you desire (a conversion!). A website with strong persuasion architecture has the following characteristics: • Clear calls to action • Concise, easy to understand language • Navigational elements that are universally accepted and tested • Reminders throughout the prospect’s visitor session about the benefits of doing business with us.Frank, Regional Our website visitors may not care about our sales process, but weSales Director certainly have to care about how they buy. The key to a persuasive site is to map their buying processes to our selling process. Persuasion Architecture creates an online experience that leads our site visitors to find what they want by acknowledging that these two processes –buying and selling – occur in tandem and take place on every page of a Web site. Impressed Marketing Department? NuSpark Marketing 20
  21. 21. Planning a Persuasive Website• Begin with understanding the needs of your target audience. Create personas. Understand their buying process.• Understand that visitors are on your site for a reason, whether it be initial research, evaluation, or intent to perform a conversion. Your messaging should address all of these audiences.• Determine the conversion goals and the steps to reach those goals. What pages to test- what are the desired actions? NuSpark Marketing 21
  22. 22. Planning a Persuasive Website • Map out the ideal navigational funnel that leads to each conversion. It’s like telling a story! Example: – Home page visit – About Us – Products & Services Page – View Case Study – Prospect fills out “more info” form – Thank You page is then shown NuSpark Marketing 22
  23. 23. Planning a Persuasive Website• Prepare a wire frame that maps out each conversion funnel. Evaluate copy and navigational elements that follow the road to conversion. Every page should answer: – Who needs to be persuaded to take action? – What actions do they need to take to satisfy the objective? – How do you most effectively persuade them to take action?• Every Click on your Site Counts; Analyze each page of the wireframe carefully. – You must look at every single action people will take on your site – first click, last click and all the clicks in between as a measurable point of conversion in your persuasive process. – How will you persuade? You are motivating a click and then another click. You must look to the specific content that will persuade people to make conscious decisions to click on the hyperlinks that will take them deeper into your persuasive process. NuSpark Marketing 23
  24. 24. Gated Content on Websites? It’s me again. In B2B circles, there’s controversy over whether content on your website should have a gate (Web form) or not. I’ve made a list of the pluses and minuses. NuSpark Marketing’s recommendation is to compromise: valuable, newer content should have a gated short web form, as should late stage offers (demos, trials) but older content can be free.To Gate Or Not to Gate• Whether forms are filled out properly • Better SEO Opportunity or not, you do capture data; an email (content pages are indexed) address• You’ll record less downloads than non- and backlinks gated, but better quality (more serious • More downloads, more prospects interested in your solutions) content sharing, higher• But prospects in initial buying/research message reach stages will hesitate to fill out forms (as they prefer free content in their • But less leads, conversions, research), and thus content reach will and nurturing opportunities. be less than non-gated More reliance on paid search for lead capture NuSpark Marketing 24
  25. 25. Let’s Get to Landing Pages Paid Search, Social Media Email Online Display Advertising Syndicated Content PR Webinars & More Inbound Marketing/Outbound Marketing all bring traffic to a landing page- designed and written 1. to showcase relevant and quality content, and deliver that content in exchange for contact information. 2. to further persuade prospects to view demos, or attempt free trials. Then the lead enters the funnel; may the nurturing begin through the pipeline. NuSpark Marketing 25
  26. 26. “We’re Talkin’ ‘bout Practice- Best Practice” NuSpark Marketing 26
  27. 27. Kudos to IonInteractive Many of the following optimization tips are drawn from various presentations from our good friends at IonInteractive, specialists in landing page optimizations and post-click conversion strategies, and a NuSpark Marketing alliance. No need to reinvent the wheel, heh heh. NuSpark Marketing 27
  28. 28. Before Creating Landing Pages• Know Your Objectives: What problem are you trying to solve? What are your conversion goals?• Know Your Audience: Understand the needs of your prospects and how your solution contributes to their questions• Maintain brand consistency through all landing pages and ads.• Review competitive campaigns/offers if possible. Offer something unique. NuSpark Marketing 28
  29. 29. Test for Message Clarity and Usability Consider a tool like the Five Second Test ( to ensure that message is clear and understood within 5 seconds. NuSpark Marketing 29
  30. 30. Landing Page Design Tips• Each landing page aligns itself with a specific audience with a valuable, relevant message• Headline: Clear, focused, align with ad copy and offer; Grab a prospect’s interest with your “hook.”• Page Content: Further explain offer, remind audiences on benefits of your offer, use bullet points and attention-getting style/formatting. If free offer; I still need convincing.• Images: Use images (or video) that reinforce offer benefit; images should be eye-catching, relevant, but not overpowering.• Sharing: Include social media sharing links so the content is shared easily• Reassurance: Consider testimonials, association badges and authority endorsements.• Above the Fold: Keep primary messaging above the bottom of the screen.• Limit Distractions: Keep message laser-focused. NuSpark Marketing 30
  31. 31. Our Landing Page Optimization Checklist Content Marketing Template eBook Available Here NuSpark Marketing 31
  32. 32. Effective Landing Pages NuSpark Marketing 32
  33. 33. Test & Optimize for Tablets/Mobile NuSpark Marketing 33
  34. 34. Ensure Ads Align with Landing Page or Leads are Lost Misaligned message; Low Conversions NuSpark Marketing 34
  35. 35. Don’t CompromiseYou should have unique landing pages for each offer, medium, audience. NuSpark Marketing 35
  36. 36. Inbound Segmentation Source: Unbounce NuSpark Marketing 36
  37. 37. Web Forms Hey Marketing Team, It’s Bill. Just happened to be going through some of the landing pages stored in our marketing automation system and have some thoughts for you on the web forms. Remember we do strive to capture leads, so forms are essential to us in sales. The format and design of the forms are critical to conversion rates. Some ideas for you guys:Bill, Inside Sales a. Keep the form fields to an absolute minimum. It’s OK to gather a littleManager information for segmenting, but only capture the most critical, like company size and role/job title. Remember, we’ll be qualifying them. b. Make sure we’re clear on expectations- when prospects receive their download, and how it’s delivered d. Submit buttons must be easy to find, clear, and engaging. Maybe include a better action word than Submit- like Go, or Download Now! e. Progressive Profiling may help us capture data (next page) NuSpark Marketing 37
  38. 38. Progressive Profiling Since we’re so interested in data capture, we like the technology of progressive profiling. Progressive profiling is the technique of capturing further data on prospects every time they engage with your content with web forms. For example, if a prospect reaches us the first time, we collect 4 fields of data. If he comes back for more content, we collect 2-3 additional pieces of field data. These “conditional” fields are easily set up within our marketing automation system. Ideal technique to combine with our lead nurturing. Definitely helps us qualify prospects and reduce conversion barriers. NuSpark Marketing 38
  39. 39. Segmentation Also Qualifies ProspectsConsider audience segmentationwhen developing landing pages:Segmentation lowers bounce ratesbecause of stronger message matchSegmentation better matchesrelevant content and offers towardtarget audiencesSegmentation data can be sent toCRMS for nurturing and follow-up NuSpark Marketing 39
  40. 40. Marketing Team, Just saying..You should look into DemandBase and ReachForce. They have the technology that takes those short and incomplete web forms that happen, and matches them up withGeorge, more detail on theRegional Sales landing page visitor/Director form filler (using massive databases). The technology allows my sales team to contact these visitors with more business intelligence; and thus may contribute to increased conversions. Marketing NuSpark 40
  41. 41. Call-To-ActionFor lead generation, it’s not just what your offer is, but how to promote that offer and convinceaudiences. CTA statements should be clear, consistent, persuasive, create urgency and offervalue. Examples are “Download Now” “Free Trial” “ Limited Time” Our CTA template can helpyou plan and test offers. Use it! If the right CTA can increase lift, we all win. Content TemplateeBook Available Here NuSpark Marketing 41
  42. 42. The Thank You Page• The Holy Grail of Conversion is the page that confirms an action has been completed. It’s a great environment to promote: – Additional content and conversion activity – Social Media connection links – Blog subscription and newsletter• Additional content can be promoted via the auto responder email as well• Below is a sample autoresponder as developed by IonInteractive NuSpark Marketing 42
  43. 43. Dynamic Landing Pages Marketing Team, I wonder if you’ve ever researched this before- Dynamic Landing Pages? Imagine the below: A dynamic landing page is a landing page that can be manipulated in order to create a page specific to each unique visitor. Dynamic landing pages can be changed to meet each visitor’s needs. One of the biggest advantages of dynamic landing pages is that instead of creating multiple landing pages in order to target each visitor, you can create one and use dynamic keyword insertion to specialize it for eachByron, Regional viewer. Landing pages with dynamic content are often used inSales Manager conjunction with search engine campaigns, but they can be used for any marketing effort. We only have a few seconds to win a website visitor over when they arrive at our landing page. Adjusting our landing page content to reflect each visitor can help us capture their attention. NuSpark Marketing 43
  44. 44. Dynamic Landing Pages Here’s a couple of examples of how landing pages can be customized: a. Keyword. Keywords can be dynamically changed in landing page headlines or within content. If a Googler searches for “sales training”, your landing page headline would be simply “Sales Training.” If the Googler were searching for “Sales consultants,” then on your landing page, the word “training” would be replaced by the word “consultants.” How’s that for relevancy? b. IP Address. Ideal for queries that include location terms. With dynamic landing pages, town names can be customized to the search query. In order to take advantage of this concept, the ad URLs will have to be appended with kw={keyword} and then our landing pages will need some extra php coding. I won’t explain that now, but we can chat… NuSpark Marketing 44
  45. 45. Another Method of Utilizing Dynamic Landing Pages DemandBase can also serve unique landing page content. With the technology of tracking IDs of companies that visit a website, unique content can be served based on the industry, company, or audience type. Another strategic content approach that can influence engagement and conversion rate. NuSpark Marketing 45
  46. 46. Content That Attracts and Converts The Message is What Drives Conversions
  47. 47. A Few Words on SEO Hey guys, I’m in sales, so am not an SEO expert; my only issue is generating increased conversions and leads from our digital marketing. We need to make sure our website copy is based on our prospect’s language; not our own. Prospects only care about their own needs. Conducting keyword research is more than just using a keyword tool. We need to understand specifically how our clients research services such as ours. What keywords would they use? We should also ask our clients about our website, and gather likes and dislikes. All you have to do is simply ask them! We folks in sales will gladly help you!Bert, AccountDirector Of course we want to be found on Google, so the right keywords are essential, and implementing them into our title tags, meta descriptions, and site content is mission-critical. A quick example- Our meta description says “Technology solutions” yet that’s not a term our prospects use when they use a search engine to find an answer to their problem- think about it. That’s all I have to say. NuSpark Marketing 47
  48. 48. Content That Attracts We’re sales guys, so we haven’t gotten involved with too much content writing; that’s your job marketing people….but I do understand the importance of content marketing and attracting/converting prospects. We may have a website, but other than our outbound sales efforts, I understand what it takes to interest our target audiences, provided you guys have a full buyer persona report, so that you understand what messages relate to each persona.Ted, AccountDirector So you have content that attracts attention to us, right? •That’s why we have a blog, and why we push it onto social media, so that our target audience is exposed to our thought leadership; get it? •Press releases and online video content. Right- great for SEO and Google Alerts. Showcase any news and events- and use those online distribution tools. . NuSpark Marketing 48
  49. 49. Content That Attracts•Surveys and trend information. Great to repurpose into othercontent and attracting attention•Advertising Copy. Whether online or offline, ad content can stillattract website visitors; a good call-to-action is essential.•Webinars. Interesting and problem-solving webinars detailinginsightful trends and product demos are engaging, and can attractleads quickly.•Blog Commenting; Forum discussions. Showcasing thoughtleadership in discussions can also bring relevant traffic, and is greatfor establishing credibility.•Infographics. It took me awhile to understand these, but they areappealing! Hey Dennis, what do you have to share? NuSpark Marketing 49
  50. 50. Content That Converts Thanks Ted. So marketing team, we also assume you’ve done a whole content mapping plan, so that the content you guys produce is targeted to the personas throughout their own buying cycles. Right? If you need help, I know a lead generation firm that can help…..Dennis, AccountManager Anyway, we need real good content that contributes to lead conversion. That’s the idea of landing pages- promote content and offers, in exchange for email addresses. I made a list of ideas: •White papers. Love it. Write it well, and provide educational and informative info, and let’s get them out there. White papers are ideal when targeting prospects in research mode. They need to focus on problem-solving. Need to capture names! •Case Studies. Further in the funnel, but these provide reassurance to our prospects that we know what to do to solve a problem. NuSpark Marketing 50
  51. 51. Content That Converts•Videos and demonstrations. Video is powerful. We can usevideos for testimonials, and show it right before the web formdecision is made. If they contribute to conversions- do it! Reallygood video demos and educational footage can also get folks to fillout those forms. We can even give them a preview for free.•Webinars. Sure- a great lead generator if the message is ontarget and communicated properly to our prospects. Like whitepapers, webinars focus on a problem a prospect has, and what thesolutions are. We can advertise them, post them, or use them innurturing as well.•Demos and Free Trials. These offers are ideal for later phases in abuying cycle. If prospects have any reservation on our solutions,let’s limit the risk, and offer these promotions. Great CTA for pay-per-click ads too.•eBooks. Hello! ‘nuff said. NuSpark Marketing 51
  52. 52. Content Checklists NuSpark Marketing 52
  53. 53. TestingOptimizing Landing Page Performance
  54. 54. Testing Landing Pages Hi Marketing People. I’m another one of those lovely salespeople who rely on your inbound marketing and demand generation tactics to get more leads into the funnel. I know you’re testing your paid search, advertising, and social media tactics, RIGHT? Since we’re discussing conversion here, I would expect you’re testing landing pages as well. If not, well, I’ll offer a primer! You know why you need to test: a. Look for ways to improve our conversion rates!Meg, Account b. Test content, offers, etc and perhaps find new audiencesManager c. Confirm our messages resonate with the audiences targeted with your media campaigns. First just make sure we have goals and benchmarks in place. Look at the Google Analytics and study where we are, and where we wish to be. The folks at NuSpark Marketing believe that the results of a landing page conversion test should be double the existing conversion rate. That’s a nice goal! NuSpark Marketing 54
  55. 55. A/B Tests NuSpark Marketing 55
  56. 56. Multivariate Tests NuSpark Marketing 56
  57. 57. Testing Approach• Utilize a testing tool, i.e. Google Website Optimizer• Choose a campaign to test; one with high acquisition costs or low conversion rates• Create an experiment with hypothesis• Build and launch the test; brainstorm testing options• Run tests long enough to judge a clear winner• Analyze results; make recommendations; roll-out the winner• Test regularly NuSpark Marketing 57
  58. 58. What Can We Test• Headlines• Calls-to-Action• Color Scheme• Body copy- content/ font/ size• Layout• Fields in form• Use of images• Message Match- Ads to Landing Page Offers• Audience segments NuSpark Marketing 58
  59. 59. Example: Headline Tests• Promote Benefit – Lower Your Cost-Per-Conversion 33%• Offer Focus – Free Conversion Optimization Consultation• Question or Tease – Need to Lower Your Cost-Per-Conversion?• Direct Approach – Conversion Optimization Experts• Numbers/Checklist – 5 Ways to Increase Conversion Rates NuSpark Marketing 59
  60. 60. Examples: Other Tests• CTA Wordings – Free Trial, Get Quote, Download Your Paper Now, Get Started, Sign Up, Start Your Trial Now• Features/Benefits – Test key benefits- between 3 and 5 points, see which “hot buttons” drive conversions• Pricing/Offers – Webinar versus ebook, Limited Time versus One Month Free, Show Pricing versus hidden pricing, White Paper versus Blog Post links NuSpark Marketing 60
  61. 61. Getting Started: Google Website OptimizerMultivariate Experiment? A/B Experiment? NuSpark Marketing 61
  62. 62. Setting Up the A/B Experiment• Have ready the URL of your original landing page, the URL variations of the original, and your conversion page URL• Add Javascript to each page so that Google can track them• Upload the test pages; Google validates them• Ready to begin NuSpark Marketing 62
  63. 63. Setting up the Multivariate Experiment• Choose the web page you wish to test• Determine which elements of the page you wish to test (headlines, image, CTA, etc)• Add Javascript code to the page’s source code• Add conversion code to the conversion page• Upload revised test pages• Validate with Google• Create Code variations for each page section of the test• Review and begin experiment NuSpark Marketing 63
  64. 64. Measure Your ExperimentsOnce the experiment is launched, Google’s Website Optimizer will serve the originalpage and over time, switch it out with page/section variations included in theexperiment. During the testing phase, Website Optimizer will display a report showingthe progress of the experiment and the number of conversions each page variation hasachieved. It will also attempt to estimate the winning page combination based on thenumber of conversions each page variation achieves.Outcome: Optimize Conversion Rate- and More Leads & Sales NuSpark Marketing 64
  65. 65. Another Experiment, courtesy of LiveBall from IonInteractive The Unbounce Dashboard NuSpark Marketing 65
  66. 66. Cool Conversion Tools We Like (other than Google’s Website Optimizer) NuSpark Marketing 66
  67. 67. LiveBall from IonInteractive• LiveBall is an enterprise-class tool that enables marketers to take control of their landing pages, microsites and conversion paths. Improve your post-click pages, reduce the resources needed to launch high-performance user experiences, and increase your marketing ROI. UnBounce • Unbounce is a self-serve hosted service that provides marketers doing paid search, banner ads, email or social media marketing, the easiest way to create, publish & test promotion specific landing pages without the need for IT or developers. NuSpark Marketing 67
  68. 68. Visual Website Optimizer• Visual Website Optimizer is an easy-to-use A/B testing tool, as well as a flexible multivariate testing software. Optimizely • Simple, fast, and powerful. Optimizely is a dramatically easier way for you to improve your website through A/B testing. Absolutely no coding required. A one-time copy-and-paste is all you need to run tests. NuSpark Marketing 68
  69. 69. ClickTale• ClickTale tracks every mouse move, click and scroll, creating playable videos of customers’ entire browsing sessions as well as visual heatmaps and behavioral reports that complement traditional web analytics. Crazy Egg • With 3 types of heatmaps, Crazy Egg provides visualization for every click that your visitors make. NuSpark Marketing 69
  70. 70. Consider ChatDepending on your commitment to having peoplestanding by, adding a chat option can increasewebsite engagement and persuade prospects toconvert. Two popular solutions are below. NuSpark Marketing 70
  71. 71. Consider Call TrackingWith call tracking and Google Analytics integration,we can measure phone calls by media source andlanding page, and paint a better picture ofconversions when more than web form conversionoptions exist. Below are popular vendors we haveused. NuSpark Marketing 71
  72. 72. Retargeting or Remarketing Bring Those Visitors Back; Convert Them Next Time! NuSpark Marketing 72
  73. 73. Retargeting One final topic. We’ve been focusing on getting more website and landing page visitors to become leads. Of those who do not convert, there’s an additional opportunity to get them back, and that’s called retargeting. There’s two kinds of retargeting:Ed, Inside Sales a. Site retargeting. Prospects who visit our website/landing page but do not convert. We can target those people on a vast amount of websites with a display ad message. We can give them an offer with an incentive to come back and convert. b. Search retargeting. This technology targets audiences who search for appropriate keywords, and targets those audiences with display ads. Prospects do not have to visit our site for this option. It’s based on keyword. I’ll explain in a bit… NuSpark Marketing 73
  74. 74. How Site Retargeting WorksPlace tracking pixels on key pages and “Thank You” page for each landing pagecampaign or websiteDevelop banner ads and new landing page, designed to bring back earlier visitorswith a new messageMeasure campaign results and conversion lift NuSpark Marketing 74
  75. 75. Examples of Retargeting Message Strategies for B2B• Extend messages of nurturing emails. – Called email retargeting, serve banner ads to audiences who opened and clicked an email link, but did not convert.• Content Marketing. – Promote white papers, webinars, blog posts to audiences who have visited your websites/landing pages• Upsell/Cross-Sell. – Promote complementary offers to those who have requested quotes, downloaded content, or purchased. NuSpark Marketing 75
  76. 76. Vendors are DSPs (Demand Side Platforms) Unlike Retargeting with Google Display Network, DSPs work with many more ad networks and exchanges; reaching almost 100% of the Internet sites that offer ads. Pricing is negotiated CPM, but optimized based on CPL or CPA NuSpark Marketing 76
  77. 77. Site Retargeting Dashboard We’re tracking Click- thru conversions as well as view-through conversions. A view-through conversion is an exposure to an ad that later led to a conversion via another channel. NuSpark Marketing 77
  78. 78. How Search Retargeting Works Search Terms are saved either as cookies or in ID files (depending on platform) Ads are shown based on your targeted keyword on product research sites. Ads are clicked to your landing pages. NuSpark Marketing 78
  79. 79. Search Retargeting examplesand how it works, usingplatform DSP Magnetic NuSpark Marketing 79
  80. 80. Search Retargeting Strategy Serve different creatives depending on keyword selection NuSpark Marketing 80
  81. 81. OK We Have a Name and Email- Now What? A Quick Review of Lead Nurturing
  82. 82. Lead QualificationTeleprospecting Marketing Automation Qualify Prospects: Landing Page Building B: Budget (Exist?) Lead Scoring A: Authority (Role in decision) Email Marketing/Lead Nurturing N: Need (Confirm problem) Closed Loop Revenue Analysis T: Timing (Turnaround time) CRM Integration NuSpark Marketing 82
  83. 83. The Lead Nurturing Process Lead nurturing is the process of building relationships with qualified prospects regardless of their timing to buy, with thegoal of earning their business when they are ready to purchase Deliver relevant content to prospects Increased content engagement and lead score turns prospects into sales-ready opportunities Designed to move the recipient forward in the sales process NuSpark Marketing 83
  84. 84. First Step Lead Nurturing: Content Mapping NuSpark Marketing 84
  85. 85. Content Mapping Matrix We work with you to develop a content matrix, so that we have a guide to content strategy throughout the funnel. We’ll develop your personas, analyze your current assets, and map topics for each buying stage. The matrix helps us determine which content we want to promote on conversion landing pages, and which content to promote within nurturing emails. NuSpark Marketing 85
  86. 86. Aligning Message to Buying Phase A nice matrix from Harte Hanks on message alignment by buying phase; similar to the NuSpark Marketing Content Mapping template NuSpark Marketing 86
  87. 87. Second Step: Develop Goals• Each Lead Nurturing or Drip Campaign Should Have a Goal: – Move Top of the Funnel Leads to Mid-Funnel – Move Mid-Funnel leads to Bottom Funnel (Closer to sales-ready) – Reactivate Old Leads; Re-enter the Funnel NuSpark Marketing 87
  88. 88. Third Step: Prepare Emails• Subject Line: Provide Compelling Offer and Reason Why Email Should Be Opened• Email Headline: Introduce the Offer; Provide a Reason for Readers to Engage• Email Body Copy: Describe Offer (less than 200 words ideal) and clear Call-To-Action (link to landing page)• Tracking URL for Each Link: For Analytics and Measurement NuSpark Marketing 88
  89. 89. Fourth Step: Measure & Optimize• Email Metrics – Open Rate – Click-Through Rate – Landing Page Conversion Rate – Email Unsubscribe Rate• Optimize: Content, Offer, Subject Line, Email Deployment Timing. Update for Future Tactics NuSpark Marketing 89
  90. 90. Content That Nurtures Nobody here in sales likes to wait so long for the sales process to run its course. We have CRMS to stay up to date with; proposals to write, presentations to make, and our own prospecting and networking. But we’d rather not deal with BAD leads. That’s why we have marketing automation, and the ability to promote content to those leads that are accepted, but need more messaging in order to keep them in the funnel until they areTony, Account Manager indeed ready to engage with us. This is lead nurturing. Here’s my list of lead nurturing content that I hope we’re doing folks. •Email newsletters. Keeps our news, events, blog posts, and more gathered in an attractive email format. Better be mobile-friendly… •Content That Educates. Prepare assets that contribute to problem solving. Content should help our leads improve their current business challenges. NuSpark Marketing 90
  91. 91. Content That Nurtures •Content That Promotes. Don’t be shy- test offers, send them blog subscription requests, in fact, send them relevant blog posts. Maintain engagement. Showcase content on social media too. •Content That Brings Them Back. Sometimes our prospects aren’t engaged with our emails. Let’s try to re-engage. Send them surveys or questionnaires. Send them new industry reports- something! Whatever we send, all this content needs to be tracked and tested. Mix papers, webinars, videos, blogs, etc. Just have a lead nurturing strategy planned logically; and targeted to audience segments. NuSpark Marketing 91
  92. 92. Lead Nurturing Benefits Increase in Qualified Leads Decrease in Sales Cycle (from months to weeks) Decrease in Cost of Sales (10% decrease) Improved Conversion Rates of those leads (1.5 - 3.0x) Increase in Quality of Leads Going to Sales Increase in Transaction Size Increase in Marketing ROI NuSpark Marketing 92
  93. 93. Measuring Conversions
  94. 94. What Are We Measuring with AnalyticsNegative Measures Positive Measures• Bounce Rate: Those who visit • Average Time on Site/ Pages one page and leave versus all per Visit: These metrics visits measure site engagement• Exit Rate: The last page a • Micro Conversions: Key events visitor sees before leaving your that represent engagement- site versus all page visits Video views, PDF downloads,• Abandonment Rate: newsletter sign-ups, RSS Percentage of visitors who subscriptions, Key page visits follow a conversion path but • Macro Conversion: The don’t reach a final conversion ultimate conversion- contact or web form submission NuSpark Marketing 94
  95. 95. More on Bounce Rates Reducing Bounce RatesKeep in mind… • Tech stuff- Check browser performance, page load time.• Average lead generation Remove irrelevant splash pages website bounce rate is 30- • Check segmentation- location, device, new vs. returning visitors, 50%. Shoot for under 40% media source- then ID problem areas• Landing Page and Blogs due • Run Landing page and keyword reports; fix/optimize/remove poor to their nature will have performers. high bounce rates (70-90%). • Content- provide links to relevant content on the landing pages to keep audiences engaged (but don’t go overboard!) • Relevancy- Ensure content relates to audience needs and PPC campaigns. • Call-to-Action- Don’t let audiences guess on what to do; CTAs should be clear and navigation logical. NuSpark Marketing 95
  96. 96. More on Exit RatesKeep in mind… Reducing Exit Rates on Key Pages• Exit Rates determine which • Review that page’s content. pages in your website Is the content irrelevant or “persuasion architecture” doesn’t contribute to your are not performing up to par. “story.”• Contact Us and Conversion • Is there a technical issue with pages will naturally have the page- slow loads? high exit rates. Our goal is • Are there weak calls-to- to limit audiences from actions? Are there limited leaving other pages before opportunities for linking to performing conversions. other content? NuSpark Marketing 96
  97. 97. Setting up Conversion Goals with Google Analytics It’s Steve of Inside Sales. Steve, Inside Sales I think I figured this out- so if you want me to set up conversion goals let me know! We can set up: a. A URL destination goal. To me, this is the macro conversion, the key “thank you” page after someone submits an email address. b. Visit Duration and Pages/Visit. Mostly for websites, rather than landing pages or microsites, these metrics measure quality traffic, because prospects are reading more pages! c. Event. It will be interesting to see what PDFs people download, and what videos they view on our site. This is event tracking. NuSpark Marketing 97
  98. 98. Conversion Goal Examples NuSpark Marketing 98
  99. 99. For Lead Generation Campaigns, Analyze Your Landing Page Conversion Rates; Test and Optimize NuSpark Marketing 99
  100. 100. Conversion Measurement Options Besides measuring specific landing pages, I can measure conversions all sorts of ways: By traffic sources By search engines By banner campaigns By email campaigns By social media sites By visitor location By visitor type- new versus returning By browser and OS By mobile devices I can track each conversion goal by the above- just watch me! NuSpark Marketing 100
  101. 101. Assisted Conversions Didja know with Google Analytics we can track how various channels work together to contribute to conversions? With multichannel analytics and assisted conversion reports, we can judge attribution and affect of other channels that contribute to a “last interaction” conversion. Especially useful for display advertising effectiveness. NuSpark Marketing 101
  102. 102. Additional Landing Page Metrics• Digital Advertising and paid search click through rate. – Can judge if your offer and ad content resonates with your target audience• Visitors-to-Lead Conversion Rate. – Those who become leads by web form submissions• Lead-to-Sale Conversion Rate. – Pipeline conversion metrics through the funnel• All campaigns should be tested and optimized NuSpark Marketing 102
  103. 103. One More Thing! NuSpark Marketing 103
  104. 104. Improve Pipeline Conversions to the Close! Thank you sales team. Your insights on CRO were spot on, and we need to do a better job. But this eBook can’t end until I give you a tool as well. It’s called Insight, and it’s a new app developed by NuSpark Marketing alliance Marseli. Listen up Sales Directors, the app takes all that rough revenue data from Salesforce, and organizes it better so that you can evaluate regional, area, and sales rep pipeline performance. Insight is designed to improve visibility, analysis and management of your sales process – by giving you insight into the behaviors of your sales people andDon, Sr. VP Marketing marketing generated opportunities in each stage of your process. It delivers the up-to-the-minute insight your managers need in order to coach for improved revenue generation and improve marketing’s impact on revenue. Check out these screen shots, and if interested in learning more, contact Paul Mosenson at 610-604-0639! NuSpark Marketing 104
  105. 105. Conversion Activity by Sales Stage NuSpark Marketing 105
  106. 106. Individual Rep Analysis NuSpark Marketing 106
  107. 107. Period Reporting NuSpark Marketing 107
  108. 108. It’s Over! That’s it- lots to think about! Talk to your marketing people- in-house or outsourced, or talk to Paul Mosenson of NuSpark Marketing! Let’s increase conversions the right way! Some housekeeping: a. Go to the NuSpark website under resources, and check out all those other ebooks- Content Marketing, PaidErnie, Sales Assistant Search, Marketing Automation, and more- all about lead generation! That’s b. We mention a number of third party tools and alliances. We can make a deal and act as a conduit, so if there’s a tool you’d like to use, we can resell it to you! NuSpark Marketing 108
  109. 109. About NuSpark Marketing• Digital eMarketing Firm focusing on lead generation, lead management, content marketing• Founded in 2010; Team members average 20 years of experience• Philadelphia based; virtual team of experts• Provides the process, content, and consultation for firms that implement inbound marketing and demand generation NuSpark Marketing 109
  110. 110. Contact Me, Paul Mosenson• I will assess all of your lead generation programs; make strategic recommendations, and help execute what needs to get done. – Media, Paid Search, SEO, Social Media, Content Strategy, Website Conversion Optimization, Landing Page Optimization, Lead Nurturing, Analytics – $5,000 for a full assessment, or free if we work together longer-term. Call me for details (610) 604- 0639 NuSpark Marketing 110
  111. 111. Questions? Need Help? • Contact Paul Mosenson of NuSpark Marketing • • 610-604-0639 • • @nusparkmktgHappy to Help! That’smy Job! NuSpark Marketing 111
  112. 112. Acknowledgements• The following organizations provided good content contributions to my eBook – IonInteractive – WiderFunnel – Kissmetrics – Unbounce – Hubspot – Future Now NuSpark Marketing 112