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Art dealing with Augmented Reality: the UX


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'Art dealing with Augmented Reality: the UX' by Evelyn He. Presented at Nulab Drinking Code event on July 24th 2018.

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Art dealing with Augmented Reality: the UX

  1. 1. Bringing Arts into Everyday Life with Technologies.
  2. 2. Leo Castelli (1907 - 1999)
  3. 3. Leo Castelli (1907 - 1999) Roy Lichtenstein Jasper Johns Andy Warhol
  4. 4. Mao 91, Andy Warhol (1972) Art Dealing with Augmented Reality: the UX
  5. 5. Journey of Buying Art for Beginners where to start...
  6. 6. Investigate: User Experience Tones of unprofessional photos of artworks
  7. 7. Investigate: User Experience Take measurement at home
  8. 8. Investigate: User Experience Imagine & visualize
  9. 9. What if… it’s just as easy as a gif
  10. 10. Our Design Thinking Standardize display quality of artworks Enable direct perception Logistically efficient 1. 2. 3.
  11. 11. Adoption of Apple ARKit
  12. 12. video link
  13. 13. “We are excited to announce .. ARKit 2!” Object detection Trigger AR experience with stickers 0r QR codes on the wall Persistent experience Users can continue interior deco from previous session, without starting over again
  14. 14. And beyond: Mixed Reality Microsoft HoloLens
  15. 15. Founding Team Archy Wilhes Co-founder & CTO Evelyn He Co-founder & CEO Web: Fb: E-mail: