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Question 3 – what have you learnt from


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Question 3 – what have you learnt from

  1. 1. Question 3 – What have you learnt from your audience feedback?
  2. 2. As part of question 3 , I thought the best wayto answer the question was to carry out anaudience questionnaire. Using a questionnaireenabled me to get specific answers as I wrotespecific questions in regards my media texts.The answers below is feedback I receivedfrom the questionnaire. From this feedback Iwill be able to say what I have learnt from theaudience.
  3. 3. What do you think about the colour scheme of the ancillary texts?-All the colours used throughout your ancillary texts remained consistent. I was able totell that all the products were advertising the same artist.-I dont think that the colour scheme really matched the genre of your music. I wouldassociate brighter colours such as greens and yellows as more Pop and Indie colours asapposed to blacks and dark reds. It reminded me of RnB.-The colours were a bit dark but it contrasted well with the writing which made thewriting stand out.-Even though the colours did not match the conventional colours of your genre . I thinkthey worked well together as they made the products stand out and look unique.-I think the colours were typical. Majority of music albums these days use basic primarycolours. I think you could have changed the colours to make your products stand outmore and to make it unique.
  4. 4. What do you think about the typography of the ancillary texts?-I think the font looked good because it blended in well with background and images alsobecause the backgrounds were quite dark using that font and the colour of the font madethe writing stand out.-I think the font was a bit to over the top , it made the album cover and magazine advertlooked like there was to much going on and a bit to cramped. Maybe using a simple fontlike Arial would of made it more simplistic and less in your face.-I think because of the size and colour of the font it gave the impression that the albumcover and magazine advert had a bit too much information on it . For me it was a bitoverwhelming.-I think the typography looked good, it fitted in well with the rest of the album andmagazine advert, because you used the colour white it contrasted well with the rest ofthe products making it stand out.-I think the font was quite quirky . It made the whole thing look contemporary andmodern.
  5. 5. What do you think about the images used in the ancillary text?- The images were quite large on the album cover and the magazine advert. This waseffective because it stood out.-I liked the effects you used on the images like the outer shadows and glows it made theimages stand out.-The fact that on the back album cover and the magazine advert you used the same imageand it was close up shots of the artists was effective because I was able to see who theartists were clearly.-I think the image on the front cover was a bit to small because it was hard to tell who theartists were. I think if you used a bigger canvas as the background and enlarged the imageof the artists as well as me other audiences would be able to see the artists more clearly.-I think the effects you used on the images werent that effective as they made the imagesreally dark. This didnt really tie in with the genre of the music as it gave the images a darkand mysterious look which would perhaps be associated with like RnB or Rock music.
  6. 6. What do you think about the overall layout of the ancillary text?-I think the magazine advert was a bit cramped looking because the writing took theemphasis off the main image.-The layout of the front cover was nice because it was simplistic. I was able to see whatwas what and overall it looked quite professional. The back cover of the album and themagazine advert was a bit over crowded. Maybe you could have taken away some of thetext and enlarged the image.-I think as a whole the layout and positioning of the text and images was good. It lookedbold and everything was clearly visible.-I think the front and back cover of the album was effective as the colour schemes andimage layout tied in well with each other. Although I think using less text in the magazinecover would have been a bit more effective.-I think the layout was good all the ancillary texts had similar layouts so they tied in wellwith each other.
  7. 7. Do you think the ancillary texts reflect mainstream products?-I think the album looks like a mainstream product as it has most of the typicalconventions that you expect to see in mainstream music albums. I dont think themagazine advert looks that mainstream because the layout is a bit over crowded.Most magazine adverts are simplistic.-I think the ancillary texts do reflect mainstream products as they all follow typicalconventions that I expect to see in other products that are already out there forexample a main image of the artist, clear album name and artist name.-Some features adhere to mainstream products like the image and album name andartist name , however things like some of the typography do not.-The colours that you used in your ancillary text are really dark , because of thisreason I think the products appeal to a more niche audience as apposed to amainstream audience.-Overall I think that the products do reflect mainstream products as they have thetypical layout as other real media products as well as the promotion icons such asFacebook and Twitter.
  8. 8. What do you think we could have done to improve the ancillary texts?-I think that you could of used images that were less serious and more energetic . I feltthat for a Pop/Indie genre the images used were a bit to serious.-I think you need to improve the colour scheme of the ancillary texts as they were darkand did not reflect the genre of the music or the personality of the artists. You could dothis by maybe using brighter happier colours such as yellow and blue.-I think you could maybe simplify the text for example using a basic fonts. This will makeit more clear to other audiences. I also think you could have used less text again makingit simplistic. Therefore much clearer to audiences. Also use lighter colours . I found theimages very dark.-I think as a whole the ancillary text was quite effective , I also think you could of used abetter colour scheme.-Change the colour scheme and maybe use a different image for the magazine advert sothat it shows the artists in different environments of which audiences can relate to.
  9. 9. What did you like and not like about the music video?-I like the narrative of the video , I felt that I could relate to the storyline. At times I feltthat parts of the video were blurry and I couldnt really see what was happening.Maybe you could of sharpened the quality of the video.-I like the fact that there was a comical element to the video even though the stroryline expressed themes that teenagers go through. However I felt at times thetransitions of scenes were quite jumpy perhaps they could of been a little smoother.-I liked the story line , it was funny and easy to follow. I think however the chorus couldhave been better as it was fairly simplistic in that it was just clips of people singing. Ithink you could have been a bit more creative for example using everyday objects suchas bins and tables to imitate the instruments being played in the music combined withpeople singing.-The use of different locations that teenagers associate with in the video was effective,as being a teen myself was able to relate to them. I thought the different cameraangles was also effective as they showed the characters thoughts and feelings throughtheir eyes. I felt that however that the quality of the video was off at some points,perhaps using a better camera might have improved the quality.