Character’s used in our video


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Character’s used in our video

  1. 1. Character’s used in our Video
  2. 2. We chose Derek to play the ‘cool boyfriend’ in our video based on his build and looks i.e. he is tall and athletically built. Derek represents a ‘Jock’ type character which we want to use in our video as the video narrative is based on ‘nerdy boy falls for the popular girl who’s popular good-looking boyfriend gets in the way.
  3. 3. We chose Anita to be the popular school girl the ‘nerd’ falls for. This is because she is naturally good looking. Playing the popular school girl will make the video look more realistic as we are using someone who is already confident, natural and has a bold personality therefore suits the character we as a group are trying to build to use in our video.
  4. 4. We chose Najim to play the ‘nerd/geek’ because we want the character to represent a typical funny ‘joker’ nerd/geek. We believe Najim is the ideal person to suit this role as he is naturally humourous.
  5. 5. We chose Matthew to be a band member for our video as he is already a musician. Having this musical ability is useful as it will make the band look more realistic and professional thus representing and actual Pop Band.
  6. 6. We chose Ankit to be a band member for our music video as he has previously had experience playing with an actual band. This would benifit our music video as it will add to the realistic look and professionalism of a Pop group we are trying to portray.
  7. 7. We chose Jordon to be the lead singer in the band as his image is similar to those of other Pop artists e.g. The Kaisercheifs. The audience that are watching the video will be more likely to relate to the video as Jordon looks similar to well known Pop artists. Jordon also has acting experience which will make his role as lead singer more convincible and realistic.
  8. 8. Extra’s <ul><li>Extra’s that are going to be used within our music video do not have main roles but are still present in the video to make our video looks as realistic and conventional as possible. The extra’s are also used to support the narrative of our video. </li></ul>