Album cover and magazine


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Album cover and magazine

  1. 1. The title of the album cover uses the font Arial. I chose this font because it is simplistic yet bold. This is effective as it stands out amongst the rest of the album cover and will catch peoples eyes. To enhance the boldness of the title , I also used bright colours such as Orange, Blue and Yellow, these colours are associated with Pop music therefore work well. The background of the album cover is Grey. I chose to use this colour as it strongly contrasts the colours used in the band name and the colour of the t-shirts worn by the band members. This makes the band name and the band members stand out amongst the rest of the page. I chose to position the band members in the centre of the album cover so that audience are able to see exactly who they are. The recurring colours used in the band name and the T-shirts the band members wear is effective as it is suggestive of the genre of the music. Within the T-shirt are also letters saying the word CANVAS. This is the albums name which is written in the same Arial font as the title. This again is effective as its bold yet simplistic which gives the whole album cover a chick contemporary look. Overall the contrasting of the colours highlights the main aspects of the album cover which is the band name , the name of the album and also the band members. This makes the album cover look more vibrant and appealing which is likely to catch the audiences attention .
  2. 2. The back cover of the album incorporates the same theme as the front of the album cover. The main image on the back of the album cover is 3 T- shirts which are Orange, Blue and Yellow . These same colours and t-shirts were shown on the front of the cover by the band mates. The usage of the same colour on the front and back of the album cover is effective as audience are able to establish the repetition of colour link , also giving it a sophisticated look in that the page is not cluttered with things. The background colour also is grey just like the front cover. Again I chose to use the colour grey because it contrasts with the other images and typography on the page. I chose to use the colour black for the typography as it is simple, therefore makes it easier to read. Amongst the grey background the typography stands out which will make it easier for the audience to read the information when they pick up the album. On the left hand side of the page is the names and numbers of the track . The font used for this is again Arial. Using this font makes the back of the album look sleek and contemporary.
  3. 3. For the top quarter of my magazine cover I chose to use the colour black for the background. This is so the band name and album cover stand out amongst the rest of the magazine cover. Like the album I chose to incorporate the Orange, Blue and Yellow colour scheme. This is effective as audience are able to relate the colour scheme used in the magazine cover with the album. As the colours used are also quite bold the contrast with the black background make it stand out amongst everything else on the page. The coloured lines represent coloured spot lights. The spot lights again symbolise the three colours I used in the album cover. This is effective as it makes the band members who are directly below the spotlights stand out. The band members are also wearing the coloured t-shirts which help them to stand out. The background behind the band members is different from the background used in the title. Like the album cover I used the colour grey as it contrasts with the colours the band members are wearing on there t-shirts. The typography is written in black Arial font . This is so it is clearly visible to the audience. It also shows the audience that the information is institutional as it is in quotations. The five stars represent the ratings the album has been given from the press. The stars are bigger than the typography as it creates a visual effect. If the audience see the stars they are likely to be drawn in to the rest of the magazine cover as they have seen how highly rated it is.