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Recharging company in decline


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Recharging company in decline

  2. 2. MENU SUMMARY CASE My company face a major budget deficit. So, my company make cuts in  administrative costs  Programs  Perks  Staff to address the problem.
  3. 3. MENU But cutting cost of staff by layoff resulted in more negative effects rather than positive effects. We decided to cut staff cost because this method is effective to the other company. We believe that our human resource will well-manage during this hard time by layoff.
  4. 4. MENU QUESTION 1What factors will consider as you decidehow to make cuts (whether to downsize or to keep employees on board while cutting costs) ?
  5. 5. MENUFactor how to make the cutsPRODUCTIVITY Productivity Of Current Employee •Observe current employees performances •Rating good deed employees •Time duration to complete task •How many products the employees produce •Employees attitude SKILL Skill Of Current Employee •Conceptual , human, technical and motivation to manage skill •Unskilled and skilled labour
  6. 6. MENU ECONOMIC General Economic Condition •Stable / dynamic (many changes occur) •Now the company face economy recessionTECHNOLOGY Technological Advance •Decide to improve technology appliance or workers salary or training cost •This alternative advance no need the labour or less labour (cutting labour cost)
  7. 7. MENU QUESTION 2 What can you do to help employeesmanage the transition to less work or no work?
  8. 8. What the company will do to MENUhelp employees manage thetransition to less work or no work? to employees to help them vent their feelings, rebuild their self- esteem, and deal with stress
  9. 9. MENUto employees to prepare them for what to expect during thedownsizing process, to help them obtain jobs in otherorganizations, or to enhance their skills for employment within or outside the organization to employees seeking new employment
  10. 10. MENUto help separated employees locate new employment
  11. 11. MENU QUESTION 3What concrete steps could you take to maintain morale in your company
  12. 12. STEP TO MAINTAIN MENUMeasure current MORALE first step toward maintaining morale is tolevels of morale determine what the current levels of morale are Identify areas for can easily identify differences improvement Seek input from helpful to find out from specific employees within individual key segments employeesEmployees want to be heard Listen Take what company have learned from Implement interventionssurveys and one-on-one exchanges with designed to meet employees to identify opportunities to identified employees implement interventions needs Measure again to The only way company will really know if determine whether company have been successful is to improvements have measure your progress occurred
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  16. 16. MENUCaseStudy Thank You Question 1 Question 2 Question 3