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  • Since emerged of portal ,internet & search engine technologies it eventually helped us especially student's & teacher's for seeking all kind of information (eg e-book, journal & so on) and actually is making our life more easy to get the information without needed go to library physically. This allow all of us can learn anytime & anywhere!


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HPGD3203 Assignment 2

  1. 1. HPGD3203  Emerging  Technologies   in  Teaching  and  Learning   Assignment 2 Nurul Ismail [Cohort 3] May 2012
  2. 2. The  World  is  Indeed  Open   In his book, The World is Open, Bonk describes through 10 openers how web technology is revolutionizing education. HPGD_3203_Assignment  2_N.  Ismail  2012    
  3. 3. The  World  is  Indeed  Open   This is comparable to how technology is revolutionizing medicine.newmedicaltechnology.org HPGD_3203_Assignment  2_N.  Ismail  2012    
  4. 4. The  World  is  Indeed  Open   This is also similar to how technology is also revolutionizing food production.milkcart.in HPGD_3203_Assignment  2_N.  Ismail  2012    
  5. 5. The  World  is  Indeed  Open   Just like how technology is revolutionizing transportation, too.blog.autoworld.com.my HPGD_3203_Assignment  2_N.  Ismail  2012    
  6. 6. The  World  is  Indeed  Open   As we are most familiar with, technology is revolutionizing communication, dissemination, delivery and receiving of information.coloursoflife16.blogspot.com HPGD_3203_Assignment  2_N.  Ismail  2012    
  7. 7. Selected  Opener     Opener #5: Learning Object Repositories and Portalsflexicontinental.com & mset.org.my HPGD_3203_Assignment  2_N.  Ismail  2012    
  8. 8. What  is  this  Opener  #5  about?  “Portals provide access to information, typicallythrough links. Portals, also called referatories,hyperlink educators and learners directly tocontent and resources.”(Bonk, 2009) HPGD_3203_Assignment  2_N.  Ismail  2012    
  9. 9. A  summary  of  Opener  #5  The web offers immediacy and access to currentinformation almost immediately, through formal orinformal means.When information has been put ‘online’ or is ‘live’,there is a longevity to the information.Viewers and readers can refer to the informationrepeatedly, easily and for a long time to come. HPGD_3203_Assignment  2_N.  Ismail  2012    
  10. 10. A  summary  of  Opener  #5   There is increasing need from students, pupils, learners, instructors, teachers and facilitators of all age range to have and to gain access to information and also on-demand information.minnesota.publicradio.org thestar.com.my HPGD_3203_Assignment  2_N.  Ismail  2012    
  11. 11. A  summary  of  Opener  #5   Then  In previous decades, priorto the Internet being madeavailable for public use,teachers and students hadto search for informationtypically from books or Now  reference materials inlibraries and archives.With the World Wide Web Then  (www), free access toinformation is readilyavailable.
  12. 12. A  summary  of  Opener  #5  “At the same time, as morefactual information is madeavailable to everyone, notionsof what expertise is and whatone needs to do to become anexpert in a discipline will needserious rethinking and debate.”(Bonk, 2009) HPGD_3203_Assignment  2_N.  Ismail  2012    
  13. 13. A  summary  of  Opener  #5  The technology available today enables users to‘travel’ to just about anywhere; to online museums,college campuses, anthropological sites,underwater wrecks and even cultural exhibitions. sites.google.com pcsedu.com HPGD_3203_Assignment  2_N.  Ismail  2012     bsac.com
  14. 14. A  summary  of  Opener  #5  The technology to provide users with theopportunity to explore and experience variousfields is constantly evolving, along with these fieldssuch as the humanities, engineering, geography,medicine, culture, politics. HPGD_3203_Assignment  2_N.  Ismail  2012    
  15. 15. A  summary  of  Opener  #5  The general sentimentand philosophy behindeducation driven portalsare of collaboration, i.e.free and open sharing,publishing anddownloading. worldbank.org HPGD_3203_Assignment  2_N.  Ismail  2012    
  16. 16. A  summary  of  Opener  #5  Besides beinginteractive, web portalsavailable today allowusers to generate contentand contribute.Perspectives,observations and insightscan then be compared,allowing for greaterknowledge exchange. shef.ac.uk HPGD_3203_Assignment  2_N.  Ismail  2012    
  17. 17. A  summary  of  Opener  #5  According to Bonk (2009), “The ultimate goal isfor anyone to have access to high-qualityeducational content at any time and from anylocation… The human species as a whole hasshifted from learning in silos to learning withothers and readily sharing what one has learned…The education world is more open and rich withlearning opportunities for everyone connected tothe Web. And it no longer needs to be a secret!” HPGD_3203_Assignment  2_N.  Ismail  2012    
  18. 18. Of  Portals  and  People   What  is  a  web  portal?   A web portal is a web site that brings together information from diverse sources in a unified way, almost like a directory of resources.Ijangofreesignup.com (adapted from www.wikipedia.org) HPGD_3203_Assignment  2_N.  Ismail  2012    
  19. 19. Of  Portals  and  People   A web  portal contains a whole plethora of information or directories, and it also usually includes a search engine.msn.com HPGD_3203_Assignment  2_N.  Ismail  2012    
  20. 20. Of  Portals  and  People  msn.com HPGD_3203_Assignment  2_N.  Ismail  2012    
  21. 21. Of  Portals  and  People   What  is  a  referatory?   A referatory is the name given to a web application system (also known as a database-driven website). It provides information such as the name and description, reviews, and hyperlinks (metadata) to resources or learning objects in a publishing repository.dspace.org The repository provides the actual resource files, while the referatory is a website pointing at the resources. Generally, the idea of a referatory is derived from the domain of education. (adapted from www.wikipedia.org) HPGD_3203_Assignment  2_N.  Ismail  2012    
  22. 22. Of  Portals  and  People  A referatory and a repository that is familiar to us at theOpen University Malaysia (OUM). HPGD_3203_Assignment  2_N.  Ismail  2012    
  23. 23. Portals  or  Search  Engines?   However, being a search engine does not make asogou.com website a portal, a referatory or a repository.google.com HPGD_3203_Assignment  2_N.  Ismail  2012    
  24. 24. Learning  Object  Repositories  and  Portals  Traditionally, this washow teachers wouldteach. HPGD_3203_Assignment  2_N.  Ismail  2012    
  25. 25. Learning  Object  Repositories  and  Portals  Traditionally, thiswas how studentswould learn. HPGD_3203_Assignment  2_N.  Ismail  2012    
  26. 26. Learning  Object  Repositories  and  Portals  Traditionally, this waswhere teachers andstudents would getinformation from, booksand reference materialssuch as theencyclopedia. HPGD_3203_Assignment  2_N.  Ismail  2012    
  27. 27. Learning  Object  Repositories  and  Portals  With an increasingnecessity foron-demandinformation, manyfree online portalswere founded. HPGD_3203_Assignment  2_N.  Ismail  2012    
  28. 28. Learning  Object  Repositories  and  Portals  While parties have Internet Blogsvoiced concern overthese portals having Forumsbeen mostly community-created or have ‘user- Reviewgenerated content’, the sites Wikisaccessibility, popularity,timeliness and worth ofthese portals cannot bedisputed. HPGD_3203_Assignment  2_N.  Ismail  2012    
  29. 29. Learning  Object  Repositories  and  Portals  There are many portalswhich have strongfinancial backing andare the collaborations ofmany legitimate,established andrespected organisations.These include museums,research institutes, andeven dedicatedindividuals. HPGD_3203_Assignment  2_N.  Ismail  2012    
  30. 30. With  the  advent  of  new  teaching  technology   Teachers Learners HPGD_3203_Assignment  2_N.  Ismail  2012    
  31. 31. Examples  of  Portals  for  Educators  www.teachersnetwork.org   HPGD_3203_Assignment  2_N.  Ismail  2012    
  32. 32. Examples  of  Portals  for  Educators  www.teachersfirst.com   HPGD_3203_Assignment  2_N.  Ismail  2012    
  33. 33. Examples  of  Portals  for  Educators  www.educaRon-­‐portal.com   HPGD_3203_Assignment  2_N.  Ismail  2012    
  34. 34. Examples  of  Portals  for  Educators  www.curriki.org   HPGD_3203_Assignment  2_N.  Ismail  2012    
  35. 35. Examples  of  Portals  for  Educators  hTp://cnx.org   HPGD_3203_Assignment  2_N.  Ismail  2012    
  36. 36. Examples  of  Portals  for  Educators  www.merlot.org   HPGD_3203_Assignment  2_N.  Ismail  2012    
  37. 37. Examples  of  Portals  for  Educators  www.hetl.org   HPGD_3203_Assignment  2_N.  Ismail  2012    
  38. 38. Examples  of  Portals  for  Learners  hTp://learningenglishkids.briRshcouncil.org   HPGD_3203_Assignment  2_N.  Ismail  2012    
  39. 39. Examples  of  Portals  for  Learners  www.ezschool.com   HPGD_3203_Assignment  2_N.  Ismail  2012    
  40. 40. Examples  of  Portals  for  Learners  www.one-­‐school.net   HPGD_3203_Assignment  2_N.  Ismail  2012    
  41. 41. Examples  of  Portals  for  Learners  hTp://ocw.mit.edu   HPGD_3203_Assignment  2_N.  Ismail  2012    
  42. 42. Examples  of  Portals  for     Educators  &  Learners  www.coudal.com/moom   HPGD_3203_Assignment  2_N.  Ismail  2012    
  43. 43. Point  to  Consider  The creation of these portals is “a testament to theimportance of creating high-quality onlineresources that are accessible, sharable andreusable.”Further according to Bonk (2009), “Others want totransform education by creating a community oflike-minded educators who freely share theireducational content… in higher education, in K-12schools, government organisations, or corporatetraining.” HPGD_3203_Assignment  2_N.  Ismail  2012    
  44. 44. Point  to  Consider   While all these suggestions and aspirations are motivating, can they bridge the extensive digital divide that still exists around the globe?www.nytimes.com www.topnews.us HPGD_3203_Assignment  2_N.  Ismail  2012    
  45. 45. Thank  You     HPGD3203    Emerging  Technologies  in  Teaching  and  Learning     Presented  by  Nurul  Ismail   PGDT  Semester  May  2012   Prof.  Zoraini  Wa?  Abas   HPGD_3203_Assignment  2_N.  Ismail  2012