Available Jobs for a BSN Degree Holder


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The graduates who completed their curriculum requirements and attained a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from different colleges and universities can find various types of job prospects in the medical field. The U.S Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) states that half of nurses that have BSN degree are working in most of the hospital institutions.

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Available Jobs for a BSN Degree Holder

  1. 1. Available Jobs for a BSNDegree Holder
  2. 2. The graduates who completed their curriculumrequirements and attained a Bachelor ofScience in Nursing degree from differentcolleges and universities can find various typesof job prospects in the medical field. The U.SDepartment of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics(BLS) states that half of nurses that have BSNdegree are working in most of the hospitalinstitutions.
  3. 3. For a more reliable guideline to theavailable job opportunities for BSNdegree, the following is the list ofjob that a Bachelor of Science innursing degree graduate can applyfor.
  4. 4. 1. Long Term and Hospital Care FacilitiesIn a hospital setting, a RN can specialize in any ofthe job titles and wide discipline variety accordingly.Other usual nursing occupations in a hospitalenvironment, filled with nurses with BSN degreesinclude surgical and trauma nurses, obstetric nurse,oncology and radiology nurses, neonatal and criticalcare nurses. Mostly, the Hospital Directors of everynursing service are the ones who completed theirBachelor of Science degree or achieved higher intheir nursing field.
  5. 5. 2. Outpatient NursingIn this work environment a registered nurse canbe a provider of primary care or providers oftrained patient care supervisor. The homehealthcare occupations also allow the nurses totravel, cure patients in, facilities in smallresidences and private homes. Nurses inambulatory care work in the doctor’s clinic andoffice focusing on the preventive care andpatients’ symptomatic treatment.
  6. 6. 3. Business and Consulting NursesThe registered nurses also can work healthinsurance provider consultants, mediabroadcasting, medical publications andpharmaceutical companies. Forensic nursesdeals with the treatment of victims andinvestigations. Health nurses occupation inentities of business uses their skills andexpertise to keep a safe working environmentand avoid injuries. They also give first-aidtreatment and work-related injury assessment inindustrial and manufacturing plants.
  7. 7. 4. Supervisor and EducatorRegistered nurses are also instructorswherein they teach the students in LPN orlicensed practical nurses and educationprograms in RN at college and universitiesincluding vocational schools. They can alsofacilitate instruction in training programs fornursing assistants.
  8. 8. 5. Other JobsBSN will also prepare you for more jobs thatare nursing-related like midwifery,administrator, case manager, nurseanesthetist and case manager. Theseoccupations needs advanced trainingwhether it is educational setting orprofessional development. To be a clinicalpractitioner or NP (nurse practitioner) musthave a more advanced degrees in this field.
  9. 9. Not all registerednurses work inhospitals. In fact,20% of these nursesare older workers andthey prefer to start onsecond career. Oneof the unusualnursing jobs you mayget is in the field ofPediatric HomeHealth Care. It givesthe opportunityworking with parentand children to maketheir lives different.
  10. 10. Center for Blood Donors is another option forregistered nurses. The nurses who specializedparesis can earn a high salary and it also makeyou a great part in life-saving process while OnSite Nursing has a wide field for workers with BSNdegree because they can work on zoos andamusement park and even medical offices at anynational or state park. If you prefer working on siteat camp, you will earn more benefits including yourfamily’s free tuition.