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Intranet for prctc employees professional development2


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Power Point Intranet

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Intranet for prctc employees professional development2

  1. 1. By Melinda S. Frejkowski, RN, BSNReference:
  2. 2.  Defined: “An Intranet allows employees to communicate, search and share company information via a web browser”Reference: www.
  3. 3.  Purposes: Increases efficiency Cuts cost Valuable business tool Provides greater staff satisfaction
  4. 4. Purposes Cont’d Process specific business applications Management tools Provides employees with tools to share information Manage knowledge in the district Policies and procedures available
  5. 5.  Benefits Easy to use Integrates applications with security features Provides ability to integrate new applications with ease Documentation that provides help for users Easy maintenance and upgrades Can change the way employees interact
  6. 6.  Replaces hard copies-documents easily accessible Reduces time spent searching Reduces duplication effort Promotes employee self-sufficiency Keeps knowledge within the organization Improves staff morale
  7. 7.  Providing Intranet for employees can provide a great information exchange and collaboration The Intranet will become the “one stop shopping” for all users to find the information they need
  8. 8.  Increase staff efficiency Supports internal communication Reduce costs Improves district integration Builds district identity
  9. 9.  Top Features Easy to use Reduces search times Provides opportunity for staff feedback Convenient staff directory with networking capabilities Secure site Integrates business tool use Controls messaging throughout the district
  10. 10.  Provide start-up training along with on-going training Create ways to get staff to use Intranet Add popular applications to increase use Give presentations via the Intranet Email links to Intranet Use marketing teams to help promote
  11. 11.  Bookmark to Intranet Set as the homepage Staff Induction: where to go for answers Send a Welcome message introducing to staff Create Enthusiasm for Intranet
  12. 12.  Provide continual updates Promote an environment of “shared knowledge” Keep information accurate and current
  13. 13. Running and deploying a successful intranet. Retrieved: February 15, 2012 from notice: ©2012 Melinda Frejkowski